Class Book of Natural Theology: Or The Testimony of Nature to the Being, Perfections, and Government of God. Revised and Enlarged ... by C. H. Alden

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Gould, Kendall, and Lincoln, 1838 - 252 oldal

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26. oldal - The works of the LORD are great, sought out of all them that have pleasure therein.
4. oldal - Terrestrial in the vast and the minute; The unambiguous footsteps of the God, Who gives its lustre to an insect's wing, .. . " And wheels his throne upon the rolling worlds.
132. oldal - MY opinion of Astronomy has always been, that it is not the best medium through which to prove the agency of an intelligent Creator; but that, this being proved, it shows, beyond all other sciences, the magnificence of his operations.
155. oldal - That the Deity has superadded pleasure to animal sensations, beyond what was necessary for any other purpose ; or when the purpose, so far as it was necessary, might have been effected by the operation of pain.

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