This is a question which the great American public has a right to ask, and it has also a right to expect a candid, straightforward, and satisfactory reply. The answer shall be given fairly and squarely, from the personal testimony of thousands who have used the Preparation during the last thirty years.

These competent witnesses declare, over their own signatures, that the Preparation will Promptly relieve indigestion, Allay the symptoms of fever, Regulate the flow of the bile, Cure every species of headache, Tranquillize the nervous system, Refresh and invigorate the weak, Promote healthful perspiration, Mitigate the pangs of rheumatism, Neutralize acid in the stomach, Cleanse and tone the bowels, Cheer the depressed spirits, Assist the failing appetite,.. Operate favorably on the kidneys, Purify all the animal fluids,

Keep the brain cool and clear, and correct promptly, and without necessitating any interruption of the ordinary avocations of life, all those minor complaints of the body which, when neglected, too often lead to chronic disorders of a fatal character.

Those who have tested the Preparation in their own cases, or in the cases of their friends, are, of course, the best judges of its merits; and the above summary is simply a condensation of a portion of their testimony, covering a period of about thirty years. Manufactured only by TARRANT & Co.,

278 Greenwich & 100 Warren Sts., N. Y. FOR SALE BY ALL DRUGGISTS.

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