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497. oldal - The offence of burglary at common law is defined to be ' a breaking and entering the dwelling-house of another in the night, with intent to commit some felony within the same, whether such felonious intent be executed or not.
383. oldal - It may be here sufficient to observe, that INDRA, or the firmament, fire, the sun, the moon, water, air, the spirits, the atmosphere and the earth, are the objects most frequently addressed...
765. oldal - INFORMATIONS are of two sorts : first, those which are partly at the suit of the king, and partly at that of a subject ; and secondly, such as are only in the name of the king. The former are usually brought upon penal statutes, which inflict a penalty upon conviction of the offender, one part to the use of the king, and another to the use of the informer ; and are...
57. oldal - I fear, will become soon more difficult to be procured, from the destructive mode pursued by the natives in obtaining it. A magnificent tree of fifty, or more probably 100 years' growth, is cut down, the bark stripped off, and the milky juice collected and poured into a trough formed by the hollow stem of the plantain leaf; it quickly coagulates on exposure to the air; but from one tree, I was told that not more than 20 Ibs. or 30 Ibs. are procured.
105. oldal - A selection of curious, rare and early voyages, and histories of interesting discoveries, chiefly published by Hakluyt, or at his suggestion, but not included in his celebrated compilation, to which, to Purchas, and to other general collections, this is intended as a supplement.
123. oldal - In his voyage out he had observed the fact that the oscillations of a pendulum increase in duration as the instrument approaches the equator. At his return from St. Helena the king granted him a mandamus to the university of Oxford for the degree of Master of Arts, and he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society. This body sent him to Danzig in 1679 to judge of the observations of Hevelius, who maintained the superior accuracy of instruments with simple sights, in opposition to Hook, who advocated...
119. oldal - Apology for the Freedom of the Press, and for general Liberty, with remarks on Bishop Horsley's sermon, preached 13th Jan. 1793,
117. oldal - HAMBACH. 335 his account of a "Voyage of Discovery to the Western Coast of Corea, and the Great Loo Choo Island in the Japan Sea...
281. oldal - Catherine of Aragon — and the marriage of the brutal king, the very next morning, to Jane Seymour, the new beauty, his passion for whom must be regarded as the true motive that had impelled him to the deed of blood. Queen Jane dying on the 14th of October, 1537, a few days after giving birth to a son, was succeeded by Anne, sister of the duke of...
411. oldal - ... his pictures. Sometimes he rose to tragedy, not in the catastrophe of kings and heroes, but in marking how vice conducts insensibly and incidentally to misery and shame. He warns against encouraging cruelty and idleness in young minds, and discerns how the different vices of the great and the vulgar lead by various paths to the same unhappiness. The fine lady in Marriage a la Mode, and Tom Nero in The Four Stages of Cruelty, terminate their story in blood — she occasions the murder of her husband,...

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