The Roman history ... to the destruction of the western empire, 1. kötet

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419. oldal - Pompey's troops upon the flank : this charge the enemy withstood for some time with great bravery, till he brought up his third line, which had not yet engaged. Pompey's infantry, being thus doubly attacked in front, by fresh troops, and in rear by the victorious cohorts, could no longer resist, but fled to their camp. The flight began among the strangers, though Pompey's right wing still valiantly maintained their ground.
90. oldal - He, with the utmost severity, informed them, that he was now general of the Volscians, and had only their interest to consider : that if they hoped for peace, they must restore all the towns which originally belonged to that people, and make them free of the city, ;is the Latins were ; and that be would give them thirty days to consider of it.
362. oldal - Catiline was very desirous to see him taken off before he left Rome; upon which two knights of the company undertook to kill him the next morning in his bed, in an early visit, on pretence of business...
345. oldal - Pompey also, by a decree of the senate, was joined with him in the same commission ; who having united their forces before Lepidus could reach the city, came to an engagement with him near the Milvian bridge, within a mile or two from the walls, where they totally routed and dispersed his whole army.
419. oldal - ... blow, he returned to the camp, and in his tent waited the issue of an event which it was his duty to direct, not to follow ; there he remained for some moments without speaking, till being told that the camp was attacked, " What," says he, " are we pursued to our very "entrenchments?
258. oldal - ... to reduce them to order, directed that they should fall behind, while he brought up his fresh forces to oppose the pursuers. Scipio, upon this, immediately sounded a retreat, in order to bring up his men a second time in good order. And now the combat began afresh, between the flower of both armies. The Carthaginians, however, having been deprived of the succour of their elephants and their horse, and their enemies being stronger of body, were obliged to give ground.
377. oldal - ... military man he had done nothing to merit. Though no man saw through the corruption of the times more clearly than he, yet he cherished the laudable hope of governing so venal a commonwealth without fraud. Though he penetrated into the character of every person he conversed with, yet he suffered himself to be the dupe of many, rather than recede from the rectitude of his aims. It was no wonder, therefore, that Cassar was desirous of expelling from the republic a character so unlike his own.
420. oldal - Tempe, and pursuing the river Peneus, at last arrived at a fisherman's hut, in which he passed the night. From thence he went on board a little bark, and keeping along the...

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