Annals of Philosophy, Or, Magazine of Chemistry, Mineralogy, Mechanics, Natural History, Agriculture, and the Arts, 2. kötet

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Robert Baldwin, 1813

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242. oldal - As described to me, it resembled pretty much our common clocks and clock cases, but less ; for it was not above four feet in height, and of a proportionable breadth. There was a dial-plate at top with figures of the hours. The index was turned by a piece of wood, which either fell or rose by water dropping.
323. oldal - He was blessed with a very happy and vigorous constitution ; he was of a middle stature, and plump in his latter years ; he had a very lively and piercing eye, a comely and gracious aspect, and a fine head of hair, as white as silver, without any baldness, and, when his peruke was off, was a venerable sight.
235. oldal - These several Lectures are so arranged, that no two of them interfere in the hours of attendance; and the whole is calculated to form a complete course of medical and chirurgical instruction.
243. oldal - A secret art my soul requires to try, IF prayers can give me, what the wars deny. Three crowns distinguished here in order do Present their objects to my knowing view. Earth's crown, thus at my feet, I can disdain, Which heavy is, and, at the best, but vain. But now a crown of thorns I gladly greet...
322. oldal - He was exceedingly courteous and affable, even to the lowest, and never despised any man for want of capacity ; but always expressed freely his resentment against any immorality or impiety. He not only showed a great and •constant regard to religion in general, as well by an exemplary life as in all his writings...
77. oldal - Gunsmiths, for a cock for drawing liquor from casks, which produces a stop superior to that which is effected by common cocks, and will continue in use for a longer period of time...
127. oldal - Supposing oxygene and oxymuriatic gas to belong to the same class of bodies; the attraction between them might be conceived very weak, as it is found to be, and they are easily separated from each other, and made repulsive by a very low degree of heat. The most vivid effects of combustion known, are those produced by the condensation of...
322. oldal - He was so little vain and desirous of glory from any of his works, that he would have let others run away with the glory of those inventions which have done so much honour to human nature, if his friends and countrymen had not been more jealous than he was of his own glory, and the honour of his country.
246. oldal - Mr. Overton, the warden of the mint, is made one of the commissioners of the customs, and the king has promised me to make Mr. Newton warden of the mint.
246. oldal - He was a great instrument in persuading his colleagues to persist in the maintenance of their rights and privileges. So strenuous, indeed, was the defence which he made, that the Crown thought proper to drop its pretensions.

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