The Lives of Dr. John Donne; Sir Henry Wotton; Mr. Richard Hooker; Mr. George Herbert; and Dr Robert Sanderson: To which is Now First Added, Love and Truth ...

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Payne & Foss, 1817
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123. oldal - A monument being resolved upon, Dr. Donne sent for a carver to make for him in wood the figure of an urn, giving him directions for the compass and height of it, and to bring with it a board of the just height of his body. These being got, then, without delay, a choice painter was got to be in readiness to draw his picture, which was taken as followeth.
121. oldal - ... he would not doubt that that God, who in so many weaknesses had assisted him with an unexpected strength, would now withdraw it in his last employment; professing an holy ambition to perform that sacred work." And when, to the amazement of some beholders, he appeared in the pulpit, many of them thought he presented himself not to preach mortification by a living voice, but mortality by a decayed body, and a dying face.
203. oldal - ... not an open enemy, that hath done me this dishonour : for then I could have borne it.
64. oldal - There is not one person but myself well of my family. I have already lost half a child ; and with that mischance of hers, my wife is fallen into such a discomposure, as would afflict her too extremely, but that the sickness of all her other children...
203. oldal - Cranmer, took a journey to see their tutor; where they found him with a book in his hand (it was the Odes of Horace), he being then like humble and innocent Abel, tending his small allotment of sheep in a common field; which he told his pupils he was forced to do then, for that his servant was gone home to dine and assist his wife to do some necessary household business.
254. oldal - I have lived to see this world is made up of perturbations, and I have been long preparing to leave it, and gathering comfort for the dreadful hour of making my account with God, which I now apprehend to be near ; and, though I have by his grace loved him in my youth, and feared him in mine age, and laboured to have a conscience void of offence to him, and to all men ; yet, if thou, O Lord, be extreme to mark what I have done amiss, who can abide it...
187. oldal - I should much commend," says the excellent Sir Henry Wotton in a letter to Milton, "the tragical part if the lyrical did not ravish me with a certain Dorique delicacy in your songs and odes, whereunto, I must plainly confess to you, I have seen yet nothing parallel in our language.
243. oldal - I know in whom I have believed.' I am not ignorant whose precious blood hath been shed for me; I have a Shepherd full of kindness, full of care, and full of power...
101. oldal - The Serpent, may, as wise, my pattern be; My poison, as he feeds on dust, that's me. And, as he rounds the earth to murder, sure He is my death ; but on the Cross, my cure, Crucify nature then ; and then implore All grace from him, crucified there before.
203. oldal - ... heart ; that all Kings were the devil's children ; that Satan had now the guidance of the court ; that the Queen of England...

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