Jetzer, Friar, 313.

Reade, lady, 28.
Jurullo, volcano of, 6.

Resemblances, singular, 350.
Kettlewell, Lumley, memoir of, 252. Revenge, fatal, 83.
Lambert, the infant, 334.

Rio de la Plata, phenomenon in, 175.
Mr. Daniel, 878.

Rocking stones, '87.
Langley, Mr., 285.

Russian longevity, 30.
Lesi, Marcus, 239.

Rutland cavern, 271.
Lightning, effects of, 360.

Sabbatei-Sevi, 116.
Lisbon conspirators, 33.

Salt mines in Cheshire, 230.
Lizards in chalk rock, 287.*

Scrap Book, in every number.
Littleness, wonders of, 88.

Scylla and Charybdis, 226,
Lolkes, Wybrand, 225.

Sea, island risen from tbe, 179.
Longevity, anecdotes of, 14, 28, 61, 75, Senses, confusion of the, 72.

92, 107, 119, 140, 156, 187, 237, 267, Seven, mystical number, 244.
284, 346, 426.

Ship on fire at sea, 4.
Lyttleton, Lord, presentiment of, 86. Shrimp-man, musical, 348.
Maestricht, vaults of, 357.

Siva, the Hindoo god, 369.
Mackay the fatalist, 101.

Slave ship, wreck of a, 114.
Maniac, ferocious, 194.

Snakes, American, 296, 299.
Manufacture, celerity of, 10.

Spectre of the Broken, 197.
Marble ponds of Persia, 169.

Spider, the gossamer, 883.
Marriot the glutton, 145.

Starvation, voluntary, 21.
Mapp, Mrs., the bone-setter, 187. Stone-eater, 188.
Martyrdom, recent, 430.

Strength, anecdotes of, 392.
Medusæ, the, 8.

Stukely, the perpetual-motion man, 109.
Mermaid, the, 383.

Sulphur mountains of Iceland, 168.
Microscope, wonders of the, 101.

Swift's ballad on a murder, 7.
Minds, the cats' Raphael, 59.

Strong, the blind mechanic, 141.
Mine of frogs, 131.

Storm, violeut, 286.
Moll Cut Purse, 194.

Stretch, Samuel, memoir of, 347.
Monkeys, mischievous, 191.

Stylites, Simeon, 328.
Monster, American, 437.

Superstition, singular, 255.
Monument of Vulong, 50,

the best doctor, 399.
Moore, Ann, of Tatbury, 257.

Swan, a whistling, 399.
Moran, the ventriloquist, 74.

Sympathies and antipathies, 273, 822.
Mourner, amateur, 26.

Tailor, blind, 111.
Moving earth, 256.

Terrors, midnight, 398.
Mulled Sack, life of, 49.

Theatre of puppets, 174.
Murder in India, 47.

Three, the mystical number, 190.
Russia, 79.

Thunder storms, remarkable, 246.
America, 139.

Tiger and crocodile, fight of, 353.
the Cornish, 327.

Tiquet, execution of Madama, 161.
discovery of a, 333.

Toothless company, 176.
Negro boy, the spotted, 65.

Trenck, Baron, 431.
Negroes, white, 183.

Trial, whimsical, 248.
Negress, white, 303.

for murder, 261.
Nurse, Indian, 11.

Tude, Henry Masers de la, 6.
Oak, extraordinary, 30.

Turpin, the highwayman, 424.
O'Brien, Mary, 30.

Typbon, violent, 146.
Occupations, trifling, 224.

Urselin, Barbara, 113.
Odd family, the, 126.

“Vade in Pace," terrible, 51.
Oliver, Helen, the rustic D'Eon, 171. Vampire of the ocean, 363.
Parr, Old, life of, 107.

Vampires and vampirism, 147, 166, 355.
Parricide punished, the, 54.

Varieties, in every number.
Pasaic, falls of the, 175.

Vegetables, fecundity of, 265.
Patient, a good, 14.

Victims, human, 361.
Patriarchs, 61, 62, 92, 140, 156, 119. Vine-fretter, 373.
Peeke's combat, 81.

Vishnu, incarnation of, 305.
Penitents, procession of, 153.

Volcanoes in the sun, 150.
Pentheney, Mr. A., 268.

Vortex, singular, 341.
Pett, the miser, 167.

War and weather, 222.
Pitch lake of Trinidad, 126.

Warning, supernatural, 123.
Pompey's pillar, 1.

Water-drinkers, 111, spout, 385, quack,
Powder magazine, explosion of, 63.

Pranforce, the fapatic, 102.

Welch, Mr. S. 75.
Presentiment of death, 32.

Well, remarkable, 91.
Pressing to death, law of, 42.

Whirlwinds, 73, 178.
Ptolemy's mirror, 142.

Williamson, Peter, 241.
Pyramids, the, 206, 289, 809.

Winifred's well, St. 85.
Quill, Maurice, memoir of, 396.

Wonders, transatlantic, 266,

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OR, cwonders of the coorld Displaged.

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A world of wonders, where creation seems
No more the works of Nature but her dreams.-MONTGOMERY.

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POMPEY's These jolly sons of Neptune had

been pushing the can about on

board their ship in the harbour The spirit of daring is so pro- of Alexandria, when they determinent a feature in the character mined to go on shore and drink of British sailors, that scarcely a bowl of punch on the top of any thing they undertake can Pompey's Pillar. The eccentriexcite much surprise among city of the idea was sufficient to those to whom their adventur make it be immediately adopted, ous disposition is known ; and and its apparent impossibility a yet the circumstance of a few certain spur for putting it into hardy sons of Neptune drinking execution. On arriving at the a bowl of punch on the top of spot many contrivances were Pompey's Pillar might have stag tried but without effect, and the gered our belief, had not the fact British tars began to despair of been too well authenticated to

success, when the officer who admit of doubt.

had planned the frolic suggested Pompey's Pillar is situated the means of accomplishing it by about a quarter of a league from a paper kite, for which one of the southern gate of Alexandria, the men was despatched to the a city of Lower Egypt, and once city. its capital. It is composed of The inhabitants were by this red granite ; the capital which time apprized of what was going is nine feet high is Corinthian, forward, and flocked in crowds with palm leaves, and not in to witness the exploit. The godented. The shaft and the up vernor of Alexandria was told per member of the base are of that the English seamen were one piece of granite, ninety feet about to pull down Pompey's long and nine feet in diameter. Pillar, but he would not interThe base, which is one solid block fere, saying, the English were of marble, fifteen feet square, too great patriots to injure the rests on two layers of stone, remains of Pompey. He knew bound together with lead. The little however of the disposition whole column is one hundred of the people engaged in the unand fourteen feet high. It is dertaking ; for had the Turkish perfectly well polished, and only empire risen in opposition it a little shivered on the eastern would not perhaps at this moside. Nothing can equal the ment have deterred them. majesty of this monument, which The kite was brought and seen from a distance overtops flown directly over the pillar, by the town and seems as a signal which means a cord was carried for vessels. Approaching it nearer, over the capital. This accomPompey's Pillar produces asto plished, a rope was then drawn nishment mixed with awe : and over, and one of the seamen asthe beauty of the capital, the cended by it to the top, where being length of the shaft, and the ex arrived, other ropes were handtraordinary simplicity of the pe ed to him by the same conveydestal excite the adıniration of ance, and in little more than an all travellers.

hour a regular set of shrouds was It was not however to mere erected, by which the whole admiration that a party of Eng. company went up, and drank lish sailors confined themselves. their bowl of punch amidst the

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