Drink, Temperance and Legislation

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Longmans, Green, and Company, 1915 - 302 oldal

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21. oldal - WHEREAS the loathsome and odious sin of drunkenness is of late grown into common use within this realm, being the root and foundation of many other enormous sins, as bloodshed, stabbing, murder, swearing, fornication, adultery, and such like, to the great dishonour of God, and of our nation, the overthrow of many good arts and manual trades, the disabling of divers workmen, and the general impoverishing of many good subjects, abusively wasting the good creatures of God : II.
173. oldal - There have been concomitant evils of prohibitory legislation. The efforts to enforce it during forty years past have had some unlooked-for effects on public respect for courts, judicial procedure, oaths and law in general, and for officers of the law, legislators, and public servants.
27. oldal - ... and have straw for nothing. They accordingly provided cellars and places strewed with straw, to which they conveyed those wretches who were overwhelmed with intoxication. In these dismal caverns they lay until they recovered some use of their faculties, and then they had recourse to the same mischievous potion...
16. oldal - Wise (AD 570), observing with pain that not only the laity but also the clergy were scandalously given to habits of intoxication, issued some rules to his monks, and ordained that ' if any one, through drinking too freely, gets thick of speech so that he cannot join in the psalmody, he is to be deprived of his supper.
26. oldal - Delight, the Baulk, King Theodore or Corsica, Cholick and Gripe Waters, and several others, to evade the late act of Parliament." Others coloured the liquor, and exposed it in bottles, labelled " Take two or three spoonfuls of this four or five times a day, or as often as the fit takes you.
24. oldal - But there is a general taint of slothfulness upon our poor. There's nothing more frequent, than for an Englishman to work till he has got his pocket full of money, and then go and be idle, or perhaps drunk, till 'tis all gone...
23. oldal - there is, within this city , and in all the towns of England (which I have passed through), so prodigious a number of houses where they sell a certain drink called ale, that I think a good half of the inhabitants may be denominated ale-house keepers. . . . But what is most deplorable, where the gentlemen sit, and spend much of their time drinking of a muddy kind of beverage, and tobacco, which has universally besotted the nation, and at which, I hear, they have consumed many noble estates.
167. oldal - ... and business, debauching their morals, and inciting them to perpetrate all manner of vices; and the ill consequences of the excessive use of such liquors are not confined to the present generation, but extend to future ages, and tend to the devastation...
220. oldal - I can, at any rate, show that the experiments made with it at the end of the seventeenth and the beginning of the eighteenth century fully confirm the high encomium bestowed by Dioscorides upon his indicum.
36. oldal - I saw two coal porters, apparently with women who appeared to be their wives, and a little child, about six or seven years old. These forced their way through the crowd after much struggling ; they got to the bar, and came out again in a short time, one of the women so intoxicated as to be unable to walk; she went against the door-post, and then fell flat on the pavement, with her legs partly in the shop.

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