A Tour 'round the Baltic: Thro' the Northern Countries of Europe, Particularly Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia, & Prussia; in a Series of Letters

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Luke Hansard & sons, 1807 - 452 oldal

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257. oldal - Happiness. I profess myself a Citizen of the World, totally unfettered by the little mean distinctions of Climate or of Country, which diminish the benevolence of the Heart and set bounds to Philanthropy. Before this War began I had at an early time of Life, withdrawn from the Sea service, in favor of "calm contemplation and Poetic ease.
116. oldal - Condemn'da needy supplicant to wait, While ladies interpose and slaves debate. But did not Chance at length her error mend? Did no subverted empire mark his end? Did rival monarchs give the fatal wound? Or hostile millions press him to the ground? His fall was destin'd to a barren strand, A petty fortress, and a dubious hand. He left the name, at which the world grew pale, To point a moral, or adorn a tale.
156. oldal - I have no doubt that he was assassinated. The night was extremely dark, and it was almost an impossibility that a ball from the fort could enter his head at the distance, and on the spot where he stood.
287. oldal - the promiscuous bathing of not less than two hundred persons, of both sexes. There are several of these public bagnios," he adds, "in Petersburg, and every one pays a few copecks for admittance. There are, indeed, separate spaces for the men and women, but they seem quite regardless of this distinction, and sit or bathe in a state of absolute nudity among each other.
288. oldal - ... on an English frame. The greater part of the women were the most hideous figures that I ever beheld, and reminded me of Horace's Canidia, for whom they were very proper companions. I counted half a dozen young girls who appeared tolerably pretty, and they never could have been viewed to more advantage, than near such foils. If I were disposed to study nature, I confess this Is as proper a school as can be imagined, since fancy can hardly figure an attitude which may not be found here ; hut ....
164. oldal - I could have felt in any ordinary employment : though the least dizziness, or even a failure in preserving their equilibrium, must have made them lose their seat, and dashed them to pieces against the rugged surface of the rock beneath.
57. oldal - See nations slowly wise, and meanly just, To buried merit raise the tardy bust. If dreams yet flatter, once again attend, Hear Lydiat's life, and Galileo's end.
287. oldal - ... to breathe in it; and after having remained there till their bodies are in the most violent state of perspiration, they instantly either plunge into the cold water of the Neva, or else throw a quantity of it over them from little buckets, with which they are all provided for that purpose.
189. oldal - ... for a considerable time, after which it is thrown into a furnace, and when reduced to fusion, is poured into a mould of sand, about three yards in length. These pigs, as they are then denominated, are next put into a forge heated to a prodigious degree ; they break off a large piece with pinchers when red hot, and this is beat to a lesser size with hammers. It is put again into the fire, and from thence entirely finished by being laid under an immense engine resembling a hammer, which is turned...
165. oldal - The weather above was very warm ; but here the whole surface of the ground was covered with ice; and I found myself surrounded with the colds of the most rigorous winter, amid darkness and caves of iron. In one of these, which ran a considerable way...

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