The Battle of the Books in Its Historical Setting

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B.W. Huebsch, Incorporated, 1920 - 223 oldal

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140. oldal - Way of using Books at present, is twofold: Either first, to serve them as some Men do Lords, learn their Titles exactly, and then brag of their Acquaintance. Or Secondly, which is indeed the choicer, the profounder, and politer Method, to get a thorough Insight into the Index, by which the whole Book is governed and turned, like Fishes by the Tail.
46. oldal - I am labouring to lay the foundation, not of any sect or doctrine, but of human utility and power.
145. oldal - ... by a lazy contemplation of four inches round, by an overweening pride, feeding and engendering on itself, turns all into excrement and venom, producing nothing at all, but flybane and a cobweb ; or that which, by a universal range, with long search, much study, true judgment, and distinction of things, brings home honey and wax.
203. oldal - From these and all long errors of the way, In which our wandering predecessors went, And, like th' old Hebrews, many years did stray, In deserts but of small extent, Bacon, like Moses, led us forth at last : The barren wilderness he past ; Did on the very border stand Of the blest promis'd land ; And from the mountain's top of his exalted wit, Saw it himself, and shew'd us it.
146. oldal - As for us the Ancients, we are content with the bee to pretend to nothing of our own, beyond our wings and our voice; that is to say, our flights and our language. For the rest, whatever we have got, has been by infinite labour and search, and ranging through every corner of nature.
57. oldal - There was but one course left, therefore— to try the whole thing anew upon a better plan, and to commence a total reconstruction of sciences, arts, and all human knowledge, raised upon the proper foundations.
140. oldal - By these methods, in a few weeks, there starts up many a writer, capable of managing the profoundest, and most universal subjects. For, what though his head be empty, provided his commonplace book be full ; and if you will bate him but * Herodot.
145. oldal - I am glad, answered the bee, to hear you grant at least that I am come honestly by my wings and my voice ; for then, it seems, I am obliged to Heaven alone for my flights and my music ; and Providence would never have bestowed on me two such gifts, without designing them for the noblest ends. I visit indeed all the flowers and blossoms of the field and...
145. oldal - I know, have been labour and method enough; but, by woful experience for us both, it is too plain the materials are naught; and I hope you will henceforth take warning, and consider duration and matter, as well as method and art. You boast indeed of being obliged to no other creature, but of drawing and spinning...

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