Making Globalization Good: The Moral Challenges of Global Capitalism

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John H. Dunning
OUP Oxford, 2004. szept. 16. - 400 oldal
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Gordon Brown, Jonathan Sacks, Joseph Stiglitz, Hans Kung, Shirley Williams, and a dozen other leading thinkers in international business and ethics identify the pressing moral issues which global capitalism must answer.How can we develop a global economic architecture which is efficient, morally acceptable, geographically inclusive, and sustainable over time?If global capitalism -- arguably the most efficient wealth creating system currently known to man -- is to be both economically viable and socially acceptable, each of its four constituent institutions (markets, governments, supranational agencies, and civil society) must not only be technically competent, but also be buttressed and challenged by a strong moral ethos.The book includes contributions from leading academics, politicians, and moralists. Recognizing that solutions will not come from any one quarter, and that any serious discussion of a just and equitable system will touch on questions of ethics and faith, the book approaches the issues from a range of different disciplines and forums.

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John Dunning is Emeritus Professor of International Business at the University of Reading, and State of New Jersey Professor of International Business at Rutgers University. He has been researching into the economics of international direct investment and the multinational enterprise since the 1950's and has authored, co-authored or edited numerous books on this subject and on industrial and regional economics.

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