fion and Death of Christ, He will as verily forgive them all their fins, as they are made Partakers of his Sacra. ment. Fourthly, To be a Sign, Symbol and Pledge of the most near and effectual Communion which Christiansha e with Christ;. fo near a Union, that God esteems them as Members of his Dear Son : from which there flow to the Frichtul many unspeakable Benefits : 1, Christ took by imputation all their Sins and Guiltiness upon Him to fitisfy God's Justice for 'ems and He freely gives by impu: tation unto them all his Righteousness in this life, and all his Right unto eternal life when this is ended : and count. eth all the Good or Ill that is done uoto :hem, as done unto his own person. 2, There flows from Christ's Nature into their Nature united to Him, the lively Spirit and breath of Grace, which Renews them to a Spiritual life; and so fanctifies their Minds, Wills and Affections that they daily grow more and more conformable to th’ Image of Chrit. 3, He bestows upon them all saving grace necefTary to attain eternal Life, as the ser.se of God's Live, tieaf. furance of their Election, with Regeneration, Justification, and grace to do good works, cill they come to live with Him in his heavenly Kingdom. 4, from the former Communion 'wixt Christ and Christians there flows another Communion 'twixt Christians among themselves, co:firm. ing a League of Love and Friendship with all their Brethren. Fifthly, To be an assured Pledge to us of our Re'surrection :'l; the Spiritual Resurrection of our souls from the death of Sin, cali'd the First resurrection; 2, the Corporal Resurrection of our Bodies at the last Day, callid the Second Resurrection.Sixthly,to feed the Souls of the Faithful in the Hope, and seal unto’em th’Asurance of Everlasting Life. S. 4. Of Judging my self before the Communion.

I Must Examine the whole course of my life by the Decalogue, or Ten Commandments, as aiso by my Baptismal vow, and the New Covenant ; inquiring narr

rrowly what

Breaches thereof have been, both for Kinds and Degrees, by sins of Omission and Commission, of Know.' ledge & careless Ignoranc., of wilfulness and ot "Weaknel, in Thought, Word, and Deed; and indeavor to put msy Soul into that order and state of good things, as if I were that day to dy, and suppose my self standing before the



E 3

Tribunal of God's Judgment; and finding what makes me most afraid, both of Omissions and Commissions, learn to make provision accordingly, by grieving for all my fins, resolving to amend all, and actually to watch and

pray against all, well considering where I fail ofrenelts, from what Principle, what are the best Remedies, and stedfastly purposing to pass to the real and vigorous use of 'em, and to indeavor to stir up every Grace which I am to exercise in my Conversation, and to thrust my self forward in zeal of those Graces, not only to quit all my Actual fins, but also to amend my Lukewarmness, and repair my Neglects. And to eff Et all i his, I molt ist. Have the presence of God frequently in my thoughts. 2dly, Indeavor to bring it to pass to have such a great Dread and Reverence of God, that I' may be more ashamed and really troubled , and confounded to fin in his presence, than in the light and obfervation of the best and severest Men. 3: Punish my felf with some proportionable Affliction of the Body, or Spirit, for every Breach of ihe Sabbath, Excess in eating and drinking, or any other irregularity, or return of indecency, in that instance in which I set iny self to mortify any one special Passion, or Temptation, 4, Firmly purpose in every thing which is not well, not to stay a minuit, but to repent instantly of it, severely to condema it, and to do something at the first opportunity for amends. si Refolye against an Instance of Infirmity for fome short, fure, and conquerable periods of time : as not to Curse; swear, or take God's Name in vain for a day; or for a day not to dlander, backbite, quarrel, or what else I'm given to; or not to come into such bad Company, or Drink such a Liquor, for a Week; or for a Month not to be Drunk, or Fuddled, &c: and then sometimes for two Days, two weeks, two Months; and fo dyet my weak Soul with little portions of food, till it be able take in and digeit a full Meal. 6, Meditate often every day of Death, or the Day of judgment. 7, I must be fure to be ashamed. and humbled for my want of Indisposición and flow Progreflion in the Discipline of Chrit; and if I be truly humbled for my want of Improvement, 'tis certain í have improv'd; and if I come with Fear and trembling, it is.' very probable I shall come in the spirit of Repentance and Devotion to this most comfortable Sacrament of the Body and Bloud of Chrift,

S. 5. HERE follow brief Hearts of Examination upon each of the Commandments; all which I mult carefully apply, and ask my Heart seriously at every one. Have I not been such a One? Done this evil? Neglected this dury? And when my Conscience answers, Yes, then I must most pallionately cry out, Lord have mercy upon me, and forgive me this or that Sin; and being afraid to transgress here after, and therefore defiring never more to offend, I must add, Lord incline my heart to keep this Law.

$. 6. I. Commandment. THO' I have not Atheistically deny'd the Being of God, of wickedly renounced Him by Apostacy: Yet, have I noc lor'd, defired, and delighted in other things more than God? Have I not fear'' Men more than God, and fion'd against Him to avoid their displeasure, or outward sufferings? Have I not trusted in Man, and rely'd on outward Means more than on God, in my Wants, daogers, and distresles. Have I neither neglected Lawful means, nor used Unlawe ful means to bring meout of Troubles? Havel not despair. ed of God's mercy fo as to neglect my Duty; or, by prefuming upon it, incouraged my self to go on in Sin? Have I not been fearless of the Divine threatniogs; and yet discontented with, impatient under, and unreform'd by God's corrections? Have I not been unthankful for good things or ascribed the praise of what I am , haye, of can do, to fortune, my felf, or any other creature? Lord have mercy upon me : and incline my heart to keep this

$. 7. II. Commandment. THO' I have not Worthipped God by Images , rer Have I not entertain'd grofs, and false conceptions of God and worshipped Him fo as is unbecomin; his Divine Na. ture? Have I not fail'd in any of the parts of Religious Worship? Have I nor either omitted, or nigh:ly perform d Morning and Evening Prayer, and Reading the holy Scriptures? Have I not been indifferent and cultomary, as to my going to the Publick Worship? Have I not behaved my felf there without reverence and Devotion, forgetting the Prefence of th' invilible God whom I serve? Have I not by defign, or carelesly neglected the Lord's Supper, or come to it ignorantly, rathly, and without



E 4

Preparation? Have I not receiv'd it irreverently, and without Spiritual affection, or broken the Vows and Pro. mises I then made? Lord bave mercy upora me : and incii. ne donc.

§. 8. III. Penitential Palm, 38. PUT me not to rebuke, O LORD, in thine anger: neither chasten me in thy heavy displeasure. For thine arrows' stick fast in me : and thy hand presleth me fore. There is no wealth in my felh, because of thy displeasure: . neither is there any rest in my bones, by reason of my sin. For my wickednesses are gone over my head : and are like a fore burden, too heavy for me to bear. My wounds stink, and are corrupt : through my foolishness. I am brought into so great trouble and misery, that I go mourn ing all the day long. For my loyns are filled with a fore disease : and there is no whole part in my Body. I am feeble and fore smitten : I have rored for the very difquietness of my heart. LORD, Thou knowest all my desire : and my groniog is not hid from Thee. My heart pinteth, my strength hath failed me: and the sight of mine eyes is gone from me. My lovers and my neighbors. did stand looking upon my trouble : and my kinsmen stood atar off. They also that fought after my life, laid snares for me: and they that went about to do me evil, talked of wickedness, and imagined deceit all the day long. As for me, I was like

a deaf man,

and heard not: and as one that is dumb, who doth not open his mouth. I became even as a man that heareth not : and in whose mouth are no reproofs. For in Thee, O LORD, have I put my trult : hou fhalt answer for me, O LORD my God. · I have required that they, even mine enemies, should not triumph over me : for when my foot Dipt, they rejoyced greatly against me. And I, tiuly, am fet in the plague: and my heaviness is ever in my light. For I will confess my wickedness : and be forry for my sin. But mine eneo mies live, and are mighty : and they that hate me wrong. fully are many in number. They also that reward evil for good, are against me: because I follow the thing that good is. Forsake me not, O LORD my God : be not Thou far from me. Haste Thee to help me : O LORD God of my Şalvation. Glorp be to the Father C. As it Das Oc.


4. 9. 1! Divine Colloquy. Soul. LORD, wherefore wouldi Thou begin thy Pallion in a Garden ? Christ. Be• cause that in a Garden fin took first beginning. so. Lord, why did thy three select Disciples fall fast

alleep when Thon beganst to fall into thy Agony? Chr. To show that I'alone wrought the work of thy Redemptiom. so. Why, Lord, were there to many Plots and snares laid for Thee? Ch. That I might make thee to escape all the snares of ihy Ghostly Hun ter." So. Lord, why wouldn Thou suffer Indas (betraying Thee) to Kiss Thec? Ch. That by induring the words of difíembling Lips, I might there begin to expiate sin, where Satan first brought it into the world. so. Lord, wherefore wou'dft Thou be sold for thirty pieces of silver? Ch. That I might free thee from perpetual Bondage. So. Lord, 'why didft Thou pray with fuch strong crying and tears ? Ch. That I might quench the fury of God's Justice, which was fo fiercely kindled against thee. S. Wherefore, Lord, waft Thou so afraid and cast into such an Agony? C, That sufferiug the Wrath due to thy fins, thou mightest find more Comfort in thy Crosses, and be more secure in thy Death.s, Lord, wherefore didit Thou pray fo ofe, and so earnestly that the Cup might pass from Thee? C. That thou mightest perceive the horror of thar Curse and wrath which, being due to thy Sins, I was then to drink and indure for thee.s.Lord, why didst Thou, after thy Wish, submit thy Will to the Will of thy Father? C. To teach thee what thou thou’dít do in all thy afflictions, and how williagly thou shnu'ult yield to bear with patience that Cross which shou leeft to come from the just hand of thy heavenly Father. $. Lord, wherefore didst Thou sweat such drops of water and bloud? C. That I might cleanse thee from thy stains, and bloudy fpots. S. But, Lord, why wouldīt Thou be taken when Thou mightest have escaped thine enemies? C. That thy spiritual enemies shou'd nor take thee; and cast thee into the Prison of utter darkness. S. Lord, wherefore wouldīt Thou be forsaken of all thy Disciples? C. That I might reconcile Thee unto God, of whom thou walt forsaken for thy Sins, S. Wherefore, Lord, wouldīt Thou stand to be apprehended alone? C. To show thee that my love of thy Salvation was niore than the love of my Disci. ples.

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