eed he fear that he shail want, that is 1o well provided should e murmur or repioe, who has such fulness? Is there any aufe of anger, if our Father be not angry? shall we be uviharitable to any, who partake of such great charity ? We nuft warch, and walk circumspealy, that we lose not luch

xceeding abundant grace, as this which is bestowed on us; siad go forthin this new strength and comfort which we have received, and perfect our conquests over the World, the Flesh, and the devil; and Resolve that nothing shall separate mihes from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Roma

Well may we staud to this Resolution, if we remens ber that He is our Father: for what is it that has tempted us, and drawn our hearts at any time froin Hini? nothing buci a litele fhort pleasure; nothing but a vain, and many times, foolish breath of mortal man, whose breathis in his noftrils, and must shortlydy, and all his thoughts perish ;. Ifa 2, 22. Pf. 146.4. Nothing but that which thc Moth can corrupt, or the Rust consume, or a Thief despoil us of; nothing but a fading Beauty, which fickness or time will certainly, bring to decay. What are all thefe to the pleasure ot plealing God? to the commendation and praise which comes from unerring and eternal wisdom? to the durable Riches, Honor and Beau ty, which our heavenly Father will give us for our Porion? Our hopes in Him now are infinitely better than any hing elfe. The love of fuch a father is more worth than all thao the whole world can do for us. Let us value our fel es highly then upon this account; and never call Him Rather more bit with the grearest joy and contentment of heart, Be careful for nothing: but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let our requests be made known unio God; Phil.

Look often into our hearts, and ask wber, er He be there; and say, it is enough; God is our Father, in this will we rejoice; And tbe peace of God which pasech alt understanding, shall keep our heares and minds ehro Chrift Jesus v.7.

AND here we may take up a Resolution to Meditate - daily all this Month upon the great FAITH and Confidence

which He reposed in his heavenly Father, and expreffed when He died; faying, father into thy hands i commend my spirit.s.Luke 23 46. Herrusted Himtelf with Hiris, ha he thopuluh.ve bleffe i Resurrection. His flesh rested in hopesha. He woulin100 leave his foulin. bello neither fuffer his holy

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Aits 2, 26, 27. Tho' He was then'scorn'd,"abused , made the vileit of men, and shamefully put io death upon a Gibbet: yer he took God's word for it, that He should rise , and reign, and be glorified eternally ; triumphing over all his enemies, Hell and Death it felf. We must labor to imitate Him in this holy Faith. both for all the things of this Lite, and of that which is to come ; form our felves to an habitualTruft in God'i careful Providerce, and precious promiles; commit our selves to Him in well doing, I S. Pet.4.19. take care of that only, and leave all the rest, with an assured con. fidence, to Him. Let our conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as we have : for He huih said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee. So that we may boldly fay, The Lord is my helper , and I will not fear what man shall do unto me. Heb. 13. 5,6. This is: hepromise thar He hath promised us, even eternallife. 1-9. John 2: 25. These things faith the Amen, the faithfuli and true witness, the bes ginning of the creation of God; If any man hear my voice, und open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with Me. To him that overcometh wili I grant to fit with Me inmy throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne. Rev. 3.14. 20, 21.

So II. JUL Y. WHAT makes us sigh oow that we have been with our Savior? Is it because we are departed from that holy place where we saw his glory, and beheld how He loved us? Alas! we cannot indure always to dwell in his house; we are too weak, while we are in this fleshly Tabernacle, to remain in the heights of Love. Si Paul came down again when he had been caught up into Paradise, and could not stay in the midst of those joys. But we are afraid we shall forget Him. now that those sensible representations are remov'd from our eyes, and that our Love and our joy will yanish now that we are gone from his blessed presence. Let: us be of good comfort, for He is every where, and will not absent Himself if we arc fo desirous of his company. The word is nigh thee every in thy mouth, and in thy heart, Rom. 10. 8. Let us look iato his holy Gospel, and read again and again the story of his Love;and look into ourselves and see what He has already done for us, and He will not fail to be ever doing more. He has given us a well of water springing up into ever. lafling life S, Fon.4.14. if we believe the Gospel, the word of

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ris grace. Ads 20.32. and we may feed, continually on ihe Remembrance, wkich He has now given us of Himself. He lefires we would make Him like our daily bread, and be ever Irawing life and power, and joy from Him the Fountain of Life. Does He not love Holiness better than we can?

is not his own life, his image, his nature form'd in us? - Did He not live, did He not dy, did He notfrise again, and

is Henot at God's right hand, and has He not an unchangeable Priesthood, that He might bring us to God; I S. Pet. 3. 18. mo purify 10 Himself o peculiar people zealous of good works. Titus 2. 13. We may be consident of this very thing, that He which bath begun a good work in us, will perform it untill the day of Jesus Christ. Phil. 1.6. Let Him but know every day that we love righteousness, and hate iniquity, and He will crown us with more of his grace : for it is the Character He has given of Himself; Heb. 1.9. and He will love to beautify his own image, and make is fairer and clearer wherefoever He finds it. Let us but work out our own salvation with fear and trembling, left we should negle&t so great falvation, Heb. 2. 3. now that he worketh in us, both to will and to do of bisgood pleasure. Phil. 2. 12, 13. and we need not fear but that he will continue to work in us for ever. That little light which is in us shall increase to a perfe& day. Our love, thos but like a spark, shall burn and flame, and we shall thine as lights in the world in the midst of a crooked' and perverse nation: holdiug forth the word of life. v. 15, 16. Faithfull is He that calleth us. who also will do it. i Theff. 5. 24. And therefore Hejopce in the Lord alway : and again I sin rejoyce. ch.4. 43 For the joy of the Lord is our strength : Neb. 8. 16. And then that rejoyce greatly in his comforts go from strength to ftrength, cvery one of them in Zion appeareth before God. Pfalo

AND here we are to remember that the more we can fora : go our own Wills to sasisfy his, the more assured we shall

grow that he delights in us, and will rejoyce over us to do us good; and so we can never fail to find onr joy in him to be full. Therefore we may fix our purposes of frequent Meditation, this Month , upon our Lord's absolute RE.. SIGNATION to his Fathers Will in all chings : of which he has giveu such a perfect Example from the beginning to. th' end of his life. When He cometh into the world , He faith, Lo, I come to do thy will O God. Heb. 8.0.57. When.


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He preached among nien Hc protested, saying, can of mine owon jelf do nothing because I seek not mine omon Will, but the Will of the Father which has sent me. 5, 7oh. 5. 39. And when he was an hungred, He protested again , jeg meat isto da the Willof Him that sent me, and to finish. his work. ch. 4. 34.

And when He was in his bitterelt Agony , from which Nature was paffionately, averse, He submitted himself nevertheless with the greatest meekoefs, saying, at what I will but what Thou wilt. S. Mar. 14. pot my: will, but thine be done. S. Luke 22.4.2. Let us labor to form our selves to the same mind, and dispofition, both in doing, and in suffering; remembring the word that He said unto his Apos tles, The servant is not groater than the Lord. S.Fob. 196 20. It is enaugh for the. Disciple that he be as his Master, and tha fervant as his Lordi S, Mat. 10. 25.

S. 12. A U GUST. SEEING it has pleas'd, oor Lord to ty us to himself by one Bond nuore, and we have added a new Resolution to all the rest, and made choice of him again for ouronly Master: how caretulought we to be that we prove nog talle Disciplest Have we never read, or heard of an holy Man: ,, who never uled the Name ot Jefus, but he immediately added, not: without th? appearance of singular pleasure, MY MASTER. This was his glory; this he thought the highest hohər upon earth that he served such a Master. Let this be one of oun Thoughts every day : let it work in our minds , till the sense of these words be in graven on every one of our hearts, My Mafter JESUS. Considering when we were Baptized. we were dedicated to his holy Service, and when we own'd and Confirm’d that sacred Covenant, We renounced all other Malters, the devil, the World, and the Flesh , and profeffed we would be servants of Jesus; and every time we have been athiş Table, we have done this over again, and protested We willjhave no other Master, but ouly Him, It there any cause, do we think, to repent of our choice of following: his service? Is it not a great preferment to be one of his Fam. ily, who is Lord of Heaven and Earth's 1h Hein af allrhings; the Prince of all the Kings of th Earth; the Lord of Life; and the King of Glory? Do we not profels in our daily Prayers, thac bis Service is perfed freedoms can any reward their fervants like to the blessed and anly Potentate, whu

, only has immortala ity? do any servants in the world servein fuch hopes,opinjoy:


fuch promises, or receive such earnests, as He is pleased to be i ftow on his? Is'notdeath the ages of fun, but the Gift of God eternal life: Rom.6.23.

What servants are admitted to such familiarity 3 with their Lord, as we are at his Fable? Who are entertain'd

with such a Feaft, or live upon such delighes, as we d at se ceine bis. Body and Bioud ? And yet bow zealous, how diligent, how forward are they to do their Master's Will, who ferve only for the Wages of unrighteousness? how proud is a Mae of the honor to foliow the Court of an earthly Prince? but if he should be adganced to eat continually at his Table, the World wou'd envy bis too great happiness. Wbat a saame will it prove then, if we are not ferbeut in Szirit: ferus ing the Lord, Rom. 12. 11. if we don't wink our selves hona or'd enough, and are not well contented in any Condicion, who follow fach a glorious Mafter? We shall not pardon our

felves if we areantaishful to Him, or disgrace his Service by e murmwing, repining, dejection of spirit, or any unwors

thy behavior towards Him : for wbat Mat rever merited fo much at his Servants hands? We have heard of servants that have died for their Masters; but where did me ever read or hear of a Mafter that freely died, even for his rebellious Ser. vaats! The business was, Jesus would purchase us to Him. feli by, his owa bloud; and make us, if she bave but any good nasuredus, to be most ineirely devoted to leis melt chearful obediace. Let us ask our felves cherefore every morning, Whole servants are we? What did we promile ous Matter fuck a day? If we call him Lord and Mafter, why don't we in ebe things that he faith. And ihall we go about our Maler's bulisels with a drooping countenaoce, and a heavy heart? fhall any of his Commandments leem grievous to us, after so folema proteilions of love to him? God forbid that we fanul cift such reproach upon him, We have not so learned Christ Jefus, whose we are; and whom we serve · who has fail, if any man serve Me, him will my Fainer henor? s. Joh. 12 26, caa here be words of greuer grace than thele? Sod be ivanked that we were the servants of fun , but we have obeyed from the heart that form of Dokume which was delivered us. Riin. 6. 17. It is a fivor to be the servants of righteousness. 6. 18. We ought to account it an honor to recewe his C-nimands : ariro itu ly to do his Will on, earth, as it is done in heaven : how comfortably then lhali selise, how comfortabiy ihail we dg : how will it make our hearts to leap for


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