vice, be it Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday, if my Circum: Stances will admit of no other day : büt elle rather Wednesday, Fryday, or Saturday, for a Reifonin.ch. 4, S. 2; and because then we hays commonly Prayers at Chuch before the Sacrament; and because ou those days, all the casual Fafts of our Church, and the settled days of Abftinence too are ap. pointed to be kept; except the Monday and Tuesday before Ho. ly Thursday, and the Vigils before Christmas, and before the Saints.days when they happen otherwise by the day of the Month; And fo the 3o 7anuary for the Martyrdom of King CHARLES I, Anno 1645. And the 2d September for the dreadful Fire of LONDON, 40.1666. But never on Sun. days. As all the accidental Thanksgiving-days, and the fixed Feasts are always observ'd on Sunday, Munday, Tuesday, or Thursday, except the 5 November, for the discov. ery of the Gunpowder Treason Ao. 1605.and the 29 May for the Restauration of K, CHARLES II. AQ. 1660. and Christmas, and the Saints.days when any of’em, by the day of the Month fall on Wednesday, Fryday, or Saturday. See the Tables after the Kalendar.

AFTERNOON. 9. 40. 3 1Bill go to my Father, and will say unto Him, Father, I have finned against heaven, and before Thee; And am no more worthy to be called thy Søn. $. Luk. 15.

18. 19.

$. 41. A General Confef10n. O Almighty God, I thy poor sinful creature, full of anguish and confusion for my Ofences against thy Majesty, do make bold to come upto Thee because Thou are the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, and for his fake inclinable to show ine mer cy; Thou art the Maker of me, and all things, and Thou hateft nothing that Thou hait made, but hast pity on ali ne works of shy bands; fo that I am incouraged to make my Supplication unto Thee, o Thou fudge of all men, tor it is in ihy power forever to acquit or to condemn me: I tremble and blúsh to be found a linner against fo infinite a Power and Goodness,but I mut not add Hypocrisie to my Dilabedience; wherefore I acknowledge freely, and bewail most bitterly rry manifold offences of all kinds, from the least of my fins to the greatest of my crimes and wickedness. All and every one of which Ilong and frequently from time to time with many pro

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Yoking aggravatioas most grievously have commited: 0 Lotd,

who can tell how oft I have offended , * By Here I must thought, in vain and evil imaginations, by call to mind some Word, in fälle, uncharitable, or blasphe. of the greatest of my particular lins mous Speeches, co by Deed, in ungodly, in thoughts,

unjust, or intemperate actions? For alas, by words, or actions. all and every one of these ways I have daily

finned against thy Divine Majesty turning there. by thy Loving-kindness into Displeasure; and provoking Thee to anger, I have given Thee cause most juftly to let loose shy wrath and indignation against me to my utcer ruine, if thy' mercy do not help me : My guilt is evideni , my danger ap. parent, and my estate is most deplorable; wherefore i do mnost passionately and carnestly repent me that ever I did commit them. And am heartily forry with all my foul for these my fo many and fo abominable misdoings. When I look upon the basenefs and presumption of these vile offences The Remem. brance of them doth pierce my heart with shame and forrow, andis most grivous unio me. When I behold thy.favor which I have forfeited, and eternai Damnation which I have deserve ed thereby, the burden of them presleth down my soul with alord of terror and amazement that is intollerable. Yet since Thu callest all that are heavy laden, I must not despair of thy pit! , but in this great disiress I do beseech Thee to Have mer. cy:spon me, and since my necessity forcesh me to be importunite, I will cry again Have mercy upon me. I know Thou are a most merciful Father, & tho'by fin I am unworthy to be calied thy child, yet I hope thy bowels will yern upon me; I ly proftrate and helpless, begging of Thee for thy dearly beloved Sonour Lord Jesus Christ's fake, and by the merits of his Cross and Passion to forgive me freely and fully for all that is past, from the beginning of my life untill shis present moment. Lord, make me an Instance of thy mercy, and grant when I have received so excellent and undeserved a favor, that I may be so ingaged thereby. as that for ever hereafter I may beware of falling back into the like fin and misery:Convert me, I be. seech Thee, as well as pardon me, and inable me molt obediently to serve and most intirely to please Thee by spending the rest of my time in newness of life, and all holy conversation, which, thro'the help of thy Grace; I do here vow and resolve upon; that this mighty change may tend to the Honor and clory of thy Name, who haft so wonderfully delivered me. All

which I most heartily beg through Jesus Christ our Lord, to whose intercession for medo Thou say, Amen, and it ihall be to me according to thy word. Amen.

S. 42. Lord I beseeeh Thee, mercifully to hear my Pra. yers, and spare me, and all those who cunfess their fins unto Thee, that I and they whose conscienees by sin are accused, by thy merciful Pardon may be abfolved, thro' Jesus Chrift our Lord. Amen.

. 43., CHOU has promise), O Lord, that before we call Thou wilt answer, and whilst we are yet speaking Thou wilt hear. Ifa. 65. 24.

WJD now in the anguish of my soul I cry unto Thee:hear Lord, and have mercy. Baruch 3.1, 2.

$. 44. propEG Plalms, the 31. 39, and 40. THESE and all the Psalms' referr'd to in this Treatise to be of Mr. Tindall's Translation, as in our Liturgy.

S. 45. LORD, hahe mercy upon me. CORIST, have mercy upon me. * I pray to, be*. LOAD , have mercy upon me.

caulelhave offen* Many, by mistake, Speak ont the 3d af- help of, every

ded, and need the ter the Minister,

Person in the Trin-9.46.Out Father which art in Heaven ; ig, as 8. 27. Hallowed be thy Name.Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Give us day by day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespafles', as we forgiveti em that trespass againitus. And lead us not into tempotàrion; but deliver us from evil. Amen. S. Luke ili

* 47. O Lord, lave thy servant; That puttech his trust in Thee.

SEND bim help from above; Andevermore mightily de. fend him.

HELP me, O God my Savior; And for the glory of thy. Name deliver me: be nrerciful to me a finner for thy Names and-fake.

LOAD, hear my prayer; and let my cry come unto Thee. 4. 48: THE firit Leflon, Ifa: 53. Who hath believed &c. S. 49, PSALM 44. We have heard with our ears &c.

Saso. QE second Leffon, Heb. 13• 35. Others were tortured &c to with tearsch. 12. v. 17.

I. 51. PSALIN2 56, Be miercitul unto me,

I, 52. TH’Apostles Creed (as after my Almanack) stand. ing, as our Church injoyns; and, when fay it in the Church

O God,&c,

we turn towards the Communion Table, as is'our ancient Cufiom.

I BELIEVEin God the Father Almighty &c.
Glorg be to the Father, and doc.

S. 53. DOCTOR Comber in his Comp. to the Temple, (after having prov'd that the twelve Apostles were the Cornposers of Ibis Creed, and delivered it down by Tradition, [as we bare the Sunday Sabbath, Baptism of Infants, ege. ] By Authority By Reason, and By answering the contrary Arguments urged by some against this ancient Truth, ) bas this Notion, „I do w not see (Jays he) any inconvenience, if we shall believe the „ Creed Divinely inspired; that as there are three Persons ia »the Trinity , andthree Principal Graces, Faith, Hope, and ,, Chariry; so each Person may give us a proper Rule for each „, ofthefe Graces. The Father hath given us the Commandments „ to direet our Charitys The Son the Lord's Prayer to exercise ,, our Hope; and, it is probable that, the Holy Ghost indited ,,his Creed for the entertainment of our Faith: Nor will this „ be derrogatory to the Holy Scripture, since it is the fame „Doctrine which is in Scripture; We all grant the Holy „Ghost indited the Parts, why then not the whole ?

S. 54. J Reverently Itand up at making a Confeilion of my Christian Faith, to show that I fight under Christ's Banner, and am ready to spend my Life and Fortune in his Service, to vindicate the Honor of his Name, and his Religion, And I how at the Name of Jesus, (as the Cuftiom of our Churchis) to declare my belief of his Divinity by externally Worshipping Him, and to ack.owledge his Authority and Power,

$55: AND 1, I give my positive and particular assent to the whole Creed, and every Article thereof, as an undoubted Oracle from his Mouth who neither will nor can deceive me. And altho’the words, I believe, be but twice actually rehearse!, yet 1 conceive them virtually prefixi to every Arricle, anå to every part, or single Truth contained in that Article, as I believe in God. I believe that God to be the Father. I believe that Father to be Almighty. &c. 2, I make a partice ular applicerion of every Article, that it may produce those Effects, and serve those Ends for which it was reveald, viz. to assist my Devotions, and direct my Life, as after my Ka. lendar. 3, 'I heartily thank my gracious God for making these Divine Truthsfo manitelt to me, which are fo neceflary that I cannot be without them; fo evident that I am infinitely af. sured of them; and yet fo Mysterious that all the Wisdom of


the World (without the help of Revelation) could never have discover'd them unto me. For which cause I feţ the Glorin Patri at the end of it.

S. 56. INSTEAD of th' Apoftles, I say s. Athanafius's Creed (as after my Almauack) if I happen to Fast on the Eve or Vigil of Christmas: Easter- Ascenfion-or Whitsun-day, or of th’Epiphany, S. Matthias, S. John Baptist, S. James, S. Barıholomew , S. Matthew, S. Simon and S.' Jude, S. Andrew, or Trinity-Sunday; it being ordered to be said on those days by our Church.

$. 57. S. Auguftine faith, THERE be two kinds of wicked Men; Wicked Believers, anil Wicked Unbelievers; The wicked Infidel Believes contrary to the Faith of Christ : The wicked Believer Livescontrary to it. And it shall be more tollerable for the men of Sodom in the day of Judgment than tor such.

S. 58. TURN Thou me, o good Lord, and so fhall I be turned : Be favorable, O Lord, be favorable tome who turn to Thee in weeping, fasting, and praying : For Thou art a merciful God, Full of compaffion, Long-suffering, and of great pity. Thou sparest when I deserve punishment, And in thy wrath thinkest upon mercy. Hearme, O Lord, for thy mercy is great, and after the multitude of thy mercies look upon me; thro’the merits and mediation of thy blessed Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

S. 59. GAINE , Lord, I beseech Thee, that the course of this world may be so peaccably ordered by thy Gover. Dance that thy Church may joyfully serve Thee in all goly quietness thro, fefus Chrilt. Amen.

9. 60. 1 Yield Thee bumble thanks, OJeavenly Fa. ther, that Thou haft vouchsafe to call me to the knowledze of thy Grace, and Faith in Thee; increase this knowledge and confirm this Faith in me evermore, for the Love of thy only Son our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

Here I add, if i faft on a Wednesday, this Prayer. S. 61. Thou my crucified Savior, Glory be to Thee for caufing thy Sufferings to be registred in the Gospel, there have read and remember the Wonders and Triumphs of thy Almighry Love, for which I will always adore and praise Thee. I Remember, Ogracious Lord , how Thou, who thoughtest it no Robbery to be equal with God, waft made in the fashion of frail Man, of the vilest and most contemprible of Men; For Thou tookeft upon Thee the from ot a very


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