fit to lay upon me: and is nothing else but an Effect of fincere and cordial Lore, and is made very Neceffary by shefe important Points; 1, Hereby the Glory of God is fiz. nally advanced, and there by my Honor, as being the Means. 2, The not conforming my Will to his Will is a tacie Denial of his Providence, and Self refignation is the way to see a happy Ilue of my Afflictions. If I chearfally fudb writ, God will Treat me As his Child, if not He will use me as bis Slave: for He is Almighty, and will do his Will upon me wherher I will of no. 3, I can give no better, so greater Demonftration of my Wisdom, than in denying my own Judgment and Will, and fubmitting them to the Wifdom of God. As the whole world is govern'd by th' infinite Wisdom of God, so Man in a particular manner, and especially those that fear Him ; and whether God Commands me añy thing, or will have me fuffer any thing, it is till for the Noble Ends, even his Glory, and by erernal Salvation.

$. s: 1T is now particularly to be exercised and praco rifed, because I, This is to imitate my Bleffed Savior,

who before He went to Dy, refign’d'his will to his father's Will, 3. Luke 2 2. 42. Nos my Will but thine be done, and to Imitate Him in all his Actions, except the Miruculous, is my Duty and Glory : and if I do not, He will not own me for his Disciple. LEAR.N of me. (S. Mat.. ! 1, 29. contains the whole Duty of a Chriftian. 2, Without thiş, one great End for which I pretend to come to this Sacramenr, is not to be obtaiod, which is to learn to Imitate Chrift Jefus, in his Patience under all sorts of Sufferings, and 3. The coming with this Şelf resignation, would not only prevent Disconterits, fretfulness, repimings, and Melan, choly, but be a preparative for greater Gites, for larger Effusions of the Holy Ghost, and richer Communications of loward Comforts.

$. 6. VII Commandment. IF I have escaped the groffer Acts of Adultery and For. nication; Yet, Have I not neglected to use the Means to preserve my own and others Chality? Haye I not, by Glationy , or Drunkeness, paniper'd my Lody, or by cherithing Unclean thoughts, purposes, and delires, defi led my soul? Have I not run ipto any Occafions, or used


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any Provocations to Wantonnels? Have I not used, or listened to Fikhy talking, or boen guilty of Linmadest garbs, or Vachafte behavior ? Lord have mercy deco

S. 6. VIII Commandment. IF I have not been guilty of notorious Scealing, or Robbery; Yet, Have I not, by Negligence in my partic. ular Calling, run into Debt, without hopes or purposes of Repayment? Have 1 'not Wafted my own estate, and Rumed my family, by Idleness, or Prodigality? Have I pot cheated my Neighbor in buying or felling, breaking may covenants , fraudulent Writings, or fallfying my Word? Have I not by violeuce or Oppression Exacted of my Inferiors, or by unreasonable Ulury taken Advantage of others Neceffity? Have I not Walted or linbezellid that, which was committed to my Trust; Retufed to Restore the Pledge; Abufed wbat was Lent; or Deny'd that which was found by me? Lord, have mercy upon me, And incline boc,

$. 8. A Prayer for Self-Reignation. O Almighty Lord, who never faileft them that trust on Thee; give me gtace.. I beseech Thee, in all my Diffi. culties and Diüreles to have recourfe to Thee; Thou shalt keep bira, O Lord in perfe&t peace , whose mind is ftaied on Thee. O les me always reft on this firm pillar, and never exchange it for the broken reeds of Worldly fuceours: fufer noe my heart to be overcharged with the cares of this lite, taking thought what I fhall eat, or what I shall drink, or wherewithal I shall be clothed; but grant that, having by bonef Labor and Indruftry done my part; l.may

chcarfully Commit my felf to thy Providence, Casting all my cane upon Thee, and be careful for nothing but to be of the number of chose Thou owneft and careft for, event such as keep thy Testimonies, and think upon thy Commandments to do them. That feeking first thy Kingdom, and the Righteousness thereof, atl chefe Outward things may be added unko me in fuch a measure as thy Wisdom knows best for me. Thy Wisdom is infinite to chuse, and thy Love forward to difpenfe Good things to us. O let me aluvaies fully and intirely Relign my Self to thy Disposals, have no delives of my own, but a perfect fatisfa&tion in thy choices for mye; that fo in whatsoever flate I am, I may be


therein content. Lord, grant I may never look with 'mur muring on my own condition, nor with envy on other mens; and to that End, I beseech Thee, purge my heart of all coverous Afections; O let me never yield up any corner of my heart to Mammon; but give me such a con. tempt of these fading Riches, that whecher they increase or decrease, I may never see my heart upon 'em, but that all my care may be to be rich cowards God, to lay up my Treasure in heaven; that I may fu set my affections on things above, that when Christ, who is my Life, shall appear, I may also appear with Him in Glory, Grant this, O Lord, for the Meri:s of the fame Jesus Christ. Amen.

8. 9. VI Penitential Psalm, 1 30. QUE of the deep have I called unto Thee, O LORD: LORD hear my voice. O let thine cars confider well: the voice of my complaint. If Thou, LORD, will be extreme to mark what is done amifs : O LORD, who inay abide it? For there is mercy with Thee : therefore shalt Thou be feared. I look for the LORD, my soul doth wait for Him: in his word is my trust. My soul fleeth unto the 1.0 D : before the morning watch, I say, befose the mo ning watch. O Israel trust in the LORD, for with the LORD there is mercy : and with Him is plenteous Redemption. And He shall redeem Ifrael : from all his fins. Glory be the Father once. As it was egc.'

S. 10. V Divine Colloquy. Soul. WABREFORE, Lord, walt Thou condema'd, seeing nothing could be prov'd against Thee? Christ. That thou might know chat it was not for my faulc but thine that I suffer’d, Sou. Lord, wherefore wast Thou led to suffer out of the City ? Chr. That I might bring thee to thy Rest in the heavenly City. So. Lord, why did the Jews compel Simon of Cyrene, coming out of the field, to carry thy Cross? Ch. To show the weakness whereunto the burden of thy sin brought Me; and what inult be every Christian's case which goes out of the field of this world towards the heavenly Jerusalem. So. But why, Lord. walt Thou stripe of thy Garments ? Ch. That thou mightst see how I forsook all to Redeem thee. S. Lord, wherefore wouldit Thou belifted lupon a Cross? C. That I might lift thee up with me to Heaven, S. Lord, why didft Thou hang upon a cursed : Tree? Co


That I might fatisfy for thy sin, committed in eating the forbidden fruit of a Tree. S! Wherefore, Lord, wou'dit 'Thou hang between two Thieves ? Chi That thou, my dear soul mightst have place in the midst of heavenly Angels. s. Lord, wherefore were thy Hands and Feet rail,d to the Cross? C. To inlarge thy Hands_to do the works of rightcous. ness, and to set thy Feet ar liberty, to walk in the Way of Peace. S. Lord, why did they crucify Thee in Golgotha the place of dead men's sculis? C. To assure thee that my Death is life unto the Dead. S. Why, Lord, did not the Soldiers divide thy Seamless.coat? C. To fhow that my Church is One, without Rent of Schism. S. Wherefore, Lord, didit Thou tiste Vinegar and Gall? 6. That thout mightest eat the Bread.of Angels, and drink the water of Lite. S. Lord, why faidst Thou upon the Crofs, it is finished ? C. That thou mighst know that by my Death the Law wus finished, and thy Redemption effected. S. Lord, wherefore didst Thou cry out on the Cross, Jag God, my God, why haft Thon forsaken Me? C. Left thou, being forsaken of God, shouldst have been driven to cry in the pains of hell, wo and ala:, for evermore. S. Lord, why was there such a general Darkness when Thou didft", suffer, and cry out on the Cross? C. That thou mightít see an Image of those hellish pains which I suffer'd to de. liver thve from th' endless pains of Hell, and everlasting chains of Dirkoefs. s. Bui why, Lord, woulift Thou have thine Arms nailid abroad? C. That I might imbrace thee more 'lovingly, my sweet Soul. S. Lord, wherefore did the Thief, that never wrought Good before, obtain Paradise upon so Short Repentance ? C. That thou mayst see the Power of nıy Death to forgive them that Repent, that no finner needs Despair. S. But why, Lord, did not th' other. Thief, which hanged as near Thee, obtain the like mercy? C. Because I leave whom I will to harden themselves in thcir Lewdness to destruction, that all should i fear, and none. Presume. S. Lord, wherefore didit Thou cry with such a loud and strong voice in yielling op the Ghost? C. That it might appear chat no man took my Life from Me, but that I laid it down my self. 8. Wherea fore , Lord , didit Thou commend thy Soul into thy. Fathers hands? C. To teach thee what Thou sliou'dit do being to depart this Life, s. Lord, why did the Veil of

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the Temple rend in owain at thy Deach? €. To show that the Levitical Law should be no longer a Partition-wall be: tween fews and Gentiles, and that the way to Heaven is open to all Believers. s. Lord, wherefore 'did the Earth quake, and the lones cleave at thy Death? C. For horror to hear their Lord dying; an:! to upbraid the cruel hard. ness of Sinners, S. Lord, why did not the Soldiers break ghy Legs, as they did the Thieves who hanged at the right hand and left? 6. That thou may ft know that they had no power to do any more unto Me than the Scripture had foretold that they shou'd do, aod I shou'd suffer to fave thee. S. Wherefore, o Chrift, was thy side openet with a spear? C. That thou mighest have a way to come nearer my heart. S. Lord , wherefore ran there out of thy precious fide bloud and water? C. To assure thee that I was flaia indeed, seeing my heart bloud gulhed out, and the water which compassed my heart flowed forth after it, which once spilt, man must needs dy. S. Lord, why ran the bloud by it self, and the water afterwards by it felf out of thy blefied Wound? C. To aflure thee of two things; 1. That by my Bloud-lhedding Justification and Sanétification were effected to save thee. 2, That my Spirit, by the conscientious use of the Water in Baptism,and Bloud in th' Eucharift, will effe&t in thee Righteousness and Holinefs, by which thou shalt glorify Me.

$. 11. A Prayer on Christ's Passion. O My God and Savior,

I am very fenfible that I have great Obligations to love Thee upon Account of my Cre. ation, Preservation, and daily Blessings which I receive from thy liberal hand; but that which even forces me, works upon me powerfully, and, as it were, pushes me forward, and compels me to love Thee, is the bitter Cnp of thy Sufferings, which, for my fake, Thou did it drink off, and the mighty Work of Redemption, which renders Thee altogether kwely to my Soul. That admi. rable and incomparable Testimony of thy Love is a stronger attractive, makes a greater impulse, and is a sweeter and softer Cord to bind my heart to thy Service. To ef. fect this Work Thou hast taken more than ordinary Pains when Thou didit first Create me, it coft Thee no more <h20 a Word Speaking; but to re-instate me ia that Bliss I


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