come thereto, being so lovingly called and bidden by God, Himself. Ye know how grievous and unkind a thing it is when a man hath prepared a rich feaft, decked his table with all kind of provision, so that there lacketh nothing but the guests to lit down, and yet they who are called (withoat any cause ) moft unthankfully refuse to come. Which of you in such a cafe would not be moved? Who would not think a great injury and wrong donc unto him? Wherefore most dearly beloved in Chris, take ye good heed , lest ye withdrawing your felves from this holy Supper, provoke God's indignation against you, It is an caly matter for a man to fay, I will not communicate, because I am otherwise hindred with worldly business: But such excuses are not so easily accepted and allowed before God. If any man say, I am a grievousfinger, and therefore am afraid to come : Wherefore then do ye not repent and amend? when God calleth you, are ye not afhamed to say you will not come ¿ When ye should return to God, will ye excuse your selves, and say ye are not ready? Con- . fider carnestly with your felves, how little fuch feigned excufes will avail before God. They that refused the feast in the Gospel because they had bought a farm, or would try their yokes of oxen, or because they were married, were not so excited, but counted unworthy of the heavenly Feaft. I for my part shall be ready, and according to mine office, I bid you in the Name of God, I call you ia Christ's behalf, I exhort you, as you love your own lalvation, that ye will be partakers of this holy Communion, And as the Son of God did youchsafe to yield up his soul by death npon the cross for your salvation : so it is your dury to receive the Communion, in remembrance of the facri6ce of his death, as He himself hach commanded : which it shall negle&t to do, coi lider with your selves, how great injury ye do unto God, and how sore punishment hangeth over your heads for the same; when ye wilfully abstaja from the Lord's table, and separate fron your brethren, who come to feed on the banquet of that most heavenly food. These things if ye earneitly consider, ye will by God's grace return to a better mind! For the obtaining whereof, We sholl not cease to make our humble petitions unto Almighty God our heavenly Father. See.

ch. 1. §. 9. Title. d $. to.

Part 1

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lip $. II. Psalm ror.

TA My song shall be of mercy and judgment : uoto Thee, O LORD, will I sing. O let me have understanding: in Go the

way of godliness, When wilt Thou come uoto me: 1 Gi will walk in my house with a perfect heart. I will take no wicked thing in hand; I bate the lins of unfaithfulness : there shall no such cleave unto me. A froward heart shall depart from me : I will not know a wicked person. Whoro privily Nandereth his neighbor : him will I destroy. Whoso hath also a proud look and high ftomack ; I will not suffer him. Mine eyes look upon such as are faithful in the land: that they may dwell with me. Whoso leadeth a godly life: he shall be my servant. There shall no deceitful person dwell in my house: he that telleth lies shall not tarry in 1 my fight. I shall foon destroy all the ungodly that are in the land : that I may root out all wicked doers from the city of the LORD. Glory be to the Fathtr doc.

$. 12. IV Penitential Pralm 51. HUDE mercy upon me, O God, after thy great gcode nefs: according to the multitude of thy mercies, do away mine oftençes, Wash me throughly from my wickedness : and cleanse me from my fin. For I knowledge my faults; and my fin in ever before me. Against Thee only have } finned, and done this evil iu thiy fight : that Thou mightest be justified in thy saying, and clear when Thou art judged. Behold, I was shapen in wickedness : and in sin hath my mother conceived me. But lo, Thou requirest truth in the inward parts: and shalt make me to understand wisdom fecretly. Thou shalt wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow : Thou shalt make me hear of joy and gladness: that the bones which Thou hast broken 'may rejoyce. Turn thy face from my fins : and put out all my misdeeds. Make me a clean heart, O God, and renew aright fpirit within me.Caft me not away from thy presence: and take not thy Holy Spirit from me. O give me the comfort of thy help again : and stablish me with thy free Spirit. Then fhall I teach thy ways unto the wicked : and finners shall be converted nnto Thee. Deliver me from bloyd-guiltiness, O God, Thou that art the God of my health: and my tongue shall sing of thy righteousness. Thou shalt open my

lips, O LORD : and my mouth shall shew thy praise. For Thou desirest not facrifice, else would I give it Thee: but Thou delightest not in burnt offerings. Tae facrisice of God is a troubled fpirit : a broken and contrite heart, O God, shilc Thou not despise. O b favourable and graci. ous unto Sion : build Thou the walls of Jerusalem. Then Thalt Thou be pleased with the facrifice of righteouness, with the burnt-offerings and oblations: then shall they offer young bullocks upon thine altar. Glorp be to the Father, and to the Son : doc.

§. 13. III Divine Colloquy. Soul. WHEREFORE Lord, was the young man caught by the Soldiers, and stript of his linnen, who came out of his bed, hearing the ftir at thy apprehension and leading to the High-Priest ? Chrifto To show their outrage in apprehending Me, and my power in preserving out of their outragious hands all my Disciples, who had been otherwise worse handled by them than was that young man. so. "Lord, wherefore wouldt Thou be bound? Chr. That I might loose the cords of thine iniquities. 8. Lord, why wast Thou denied of Peter? Chr. That I might confess thee before my Father, and thou mightest learn that there is no trust in man, and that falvation proceeds of my meer mercy. S. Lord, wheretore wouldst, Thou bring Peter to repentance at the crowing of the cock? Ch. That none should despise the means which God has appointed for their Conversion, tho’they feen never so mean. S. Wherefore, Lord, didit Thou at the Cock-crowing tura and look upon Peter? Ch. Becaufe thou shou’dst know that without the help of my Grace no Means can turn a Sinner unto God, when he is once failen from Him, so, Lord, why walt Thou covered with a purple Robe?, Ch. That thuu mightest perceive that it was I that did away thy Scarlet fin

s. Lord, wherefore wouldlt Thou be crown'd with thoros? C. That by wearing thorns, tsie first fruits of the Curse, it might appear that it is I which take away the Sins and Curse of the world, and crown thee with the crown of Life and glory. S. Lord, why was a Reed put into thy hand? C. That it might appear that I came not to break the bruised Reed. s. Lord, wherefore wast Thou nocked of the Jews? C. That thou mightest insult over devils, who otherwise would have inocked thee as the Philifines did Simpson. S. But why, Lord, wouldt Thou

have thy bleffed face defiled with spittle. C. That I might cleanse thy face from the shape of sin. S. Wherefore, Lord, were thine Eyes hoodwinkt with a Veil? C. That thy spiritual Blindness being remov'd, thou mighteft behold the face of my Father in leaven. S. Lord, wherefore did they buffet Thee with lists, and beat Thee with staves ? Ch. That thou mightest be freed from the strokes and tearings of infernal fiends. So. Why, Lord, woul.ft Thou be revited ? Chr. That God might speak peace unto thce by his Word and Spirit.

g. 14. A Prayer for Repentance. O Holy Lord, who art a merciful Imbracer of truc Penitents, but yet a consuming fire towards obstinate Sinnets, how shall I approach Thee, who have so many provoking fins to inflame thy wrath, and so little fincere Repentance to incline thy mercy! O be Thou pleased to foften and melt this hard obdurate Heart of mine, that I may heartily bewail th' iniquities of my life; strike this rock, O Lord, that the waters may fow out, even flouds of tears to wash my pollated Conscience. My drowsy Soul has too long nept securely in Sin, Lord, awake it tho' it be with Thunder, and lec nie rather feel thy Terrors, than not teel my Sin. Thou seatest thy Blessed son to heal the broken hearted, but, Lord, what will that avail me if my heart be whole? O break it that it may be capable of this healing vertue; and grant, I beseech Thee, that have ing ooce tasted the bitterness of fin, I may fy from it as from the face of a Serpent, and bring forth fruits of Re: pentance to amendment of Life, to the praise and glory of thy Grace in Jesus Christ our Blessed Redeemer. Amen. Now I use the Preparatory Prayer, ch. 1. §. IS: $. 15. An Ejaculation before I sleep. any Night.

THE Lord's Name be prais'd for preserving me this Day; Lord keep me this Night in fasery : give me quietaud refreshing Neep, and raise me to the Lighe of another Day in Health, if it be thy will. and make me truly thank. ful and obedient, for Jesus Christ his fake, Amen.


CHAP. VII. THURSDAY, or 3 days before this beaven.

ly Banquet. $. 1. An Ejaculation in rising, any Morning,

Pap unto day uttereth speech, and Night unto night fhoweth knowledge. 3 laid me down and dept; I awaked. for the LORD sustained me. wp voice fhalt Thou hear in the morning, O LORD; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto Thee, and will look up. Defend me with thy favorable kindness, as with a shield, that I may walk in thy fear all the day long. Amen.

S. 2. V Argument for Communicating often : FROM its iogagement to an Emulation of the Vertuous Life of Chrifts and promoting of fervent Charity. That Society a man free quently resorts to, gives a tincture to his Nature and Inclination; and consequently the frequentseeing and conversing with the Holy and Gracicus festes in this Sacrament is very likely to have the same Effect' : forin this Ordinance we do not only come to fee Him in infinite Charity bleeding and dying for his Enemies, but to look upon his other eniment Vertues too; his wonderful Meeknels, his deep llumility, his unparelleled Patience, his chearful Sub. mission to the will of God, his admirable felf resignation, his unshaken Contentedness, his generous Contempt of the World, and his steady living in the thoughts of future Bliss and Glory. Can I see these Vertues shine in his noble foul, and not be sensible that they are set before me to raise my Desires of being like Him? or not believe that God expects and requires of me to tranfcribe them on my Temper? Can I see how lovely, how amiable. how beau. tiful these Graces are, how in the midst of all his Troubles they proclaim Him to be the Son of God, and in defpite of all the Contempt and scorn of Men and devils speak Him to be a favorite of Heaven? Can I sec bow in the midst of all tho affronts, derisions and indignities He in dured, these Graces still made Him amiable, glorious in a form, bright in that dismal Night, illustrious in Misery, and magnificent in Poverty? Can I fee all this, and continue stubborn and Obftinate, and an Enemy to chofe Vertues? Is not this enough to make me inamour'd with 'em,


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