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some other of Knowles's dramas, but all sion. Lord John Russell, in the slow I learned was to enjoy dramatic poetry and discontented drawl which was his more keenly. Moore, he said-for that ordinary method, declared that nothing was the name he was known by on the had been done because it was not destage would have been one of the fin- sirable to do anything. The lord lieuest actors in England if he had per- tenant and other persons in Ireland, sisted. But one must respect his mo- with the best information, assured him tives; he had religious scruples, because that there was no longer need for legisthe Catholic Church censured the stage. lation; there was a good harvest; a Knowles told us that he himself had friendly feeling existed between landlatterly taken to preaching (under the lord and tenant; and the question was influence of madame, we may surmise) settling itself. On the face of God's in a Baptist chapel, and was to hold earth there was not a country so misforth that night. Our host proposed erable and hopeless as Ireland at that that we should adjourn from the table time. The population were flowing out to the tabernacle and bring back of it like water from a vessel which had linowles to supper. The service was been staved. The workhouses startling, stretching to the very borders crammed with inmates stricken with of melodrama; in the prayer,

the the diseases that spring from want and preacher held a colloquy with his Cre- neglect; the landlords were still levelator which was probably unique in pul- ling homesteads and rooting out the napit oratory. "O God,' he said, 'who tive race; and nothing was to be done hast graciously selected Thy servant to for remedy alleviation. Nothing do Thy work, and peremptorily drawn was to be done, and three-fourths of the him away from the fascinating pleas representatives elected by the stricken ures of this world for Thy service, be people assented in silence, and threepleased to ordain,' etc. I never heard fourths of the bishops, born and bred Mr. Knowles again!"

among them, sanctioned the perfidy. I all not obtru into th sketch of Against all these reverses fortune suptransactions in the House of Commons plied one signal set-off. In Mr. Sadthe proceedings which in Ireland under- leir's contest for Carlow, Mr. Dowling, mine the authority of the party of in- an elector who refused to support him, dependent opposition. All the landed and threatened to canvass his tenants gentry, the coalition government, the against him, was arrested by one of majority of the Irish bishops under the Sadleir's election agents on his way to influence of Dr. Cullen, Archbishop of the hustings and carried to the local Dublin and papal delegate, were op- office of the Tipperary Bank. There posed to them at every point, and, under were bills of his in the bank which had the influence of the latter, priests who not come to maturity, and he had given had given an active assistance to the to a friend who endorsed them a bond League were directed to abstain from as a counter-security. On this unripe politics. As this order was considered bond he was arrested. As no attorney ultra vires, an appeal to the pope against could sign the certificate in such a transthe archbishop was carried to Rome by action without risk of being struck off Frederick Lucas, but the appeal was not the roll, the name of a dying attorney successful; the Irish party were beaten was forged to the instrument. In these at every point by those upon whom they proceedings it was proved that Mr. were entitled to rely. To win the Irish Sadleir had intervened, not merely constituencies without the help of the through agents, but personally by direclocal clergy was as hopeless as it would tion and assistance. When he came to have been for the Stuart pretenders to be examined, however, he denied everyraise the Highlands without the help thing and repudiated everybody, but the of the local chiefs.

jury disbelieved him, and found a verWhen Parliament met the natural dict for the plaintiff. When the news consequences followed.

The governo was flashed throughout the empire the ment were asked, on behalf of Mr. sensation

intense. One of the Napier, what they had done with his queen's government directing a fraudubills, of which they had taken posses. lent arrest, supported by deliberate










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forgery, was an unheard-of scandal; but was clergyman, but he
it was still worse to have such an offi- not priest, but Presbyterian
cial disbelieved on oath by a respectable minister! There an anonymous
jury. He was compelled to resign his speech indeed in the collection
office and quit Downing Street forever. particularly objectionable to Irish
In most civilized countries this exposure landlords, and it might seem impossible
would have ruined and scattered the to relieve Maynooth of the imputation
political connection which he had cre- of having trained this unnamed speaker
ated, but in Ireland it ruined

at any rate. But I undertook to prove a but Mr. Sadleir. His most intimate negative even in that case. (Oh! oh!) confederates still held up their heads, Yes, I really could not allow Maynooth and not one bishop or ecclesiastic of to run away with the credit or reproach any rank abandoned the Sadleir-Keogh of this performance, for I recognized in party.

it a policeman's version of a speech Mr. Sadleir was still occasionally sui- which I had myself delivered in the moned to vote on party divisions. Haj- Tholsel of New Ross. pily villainy is not an agreeable pursuit. The conclusion of this parliamentary I saw him on one of these occasions, and campaign is a piece of history with his face was appalling. He had always which English readers are imperfectly been a dark, mysterious person, but acquainted. now he looked wild, haggard, and repul

C. GAVIN DUFFY. sive. None of us had any suspicion that he was an undetected forger and a swindler, but it seemed that thwarted ambition had turned his blood into liquid mud.

IN NATURE'S WAGGISH MOOD.2 I have not disinterred from Hansard a line of the speeches of the leaguers in

BY PAUL HEYSE. Parliament, but there is a little story

Translated for THE LIVING AGE by Harriet worth recording as an illustration of

Lieber Cohen. the sort of evidence on which English

PART III. opinion as respects Ireland is sometimes founded. Sir Francis Head, a retired Magnus stood before the house door governor of Upper Canada, published a for a moment, hesitating, then turning book entitled “A Fortnight in Ireland,” to his little friend said, in a more confor which the Irish constabulary fur. ciliatory tone, “I would like to make a nished materials in the shape of violent proposition to you Mr. Hinze: You speeches delivered at tenant-right meet- would find it a rather difficult underings, and reported by them to headquar- taking to keep step with me, and I am ters. Most of these speeches were not accustomed to measure my strides made by the reverend this or that, and with companions—large or small. If they were naturally cited on a May- you do not object to such a beast of burnooth debate to illustrate the discipline den, you can sit on my shoulder, and of that institution. Was a system to be I guarantee to carry you the whole distolerated which produced firebrands tance, and it is not a short one, as comlike these reverend orators? When my fortably as though you were astride a time came to speak I took up the repre- horse.” hended speeches and read three or four

“Or like a monkey astride an eleof the strongest of them amid ironical phant,” cried the dwarf, in merry mood. cheers. The sentiments seemed to me,

“Not at all, Mr. Magnus; I shall not I said, not unjust or unreasonable under think such a means of transportation at the circumstances which existed in Ire- all beneath my dignity. I shall be so land, but in any case, I submitted, that much nearer your ear and shall not need it would be rash to hold Maynooth to raise my voice if I make any interresponsible. (Oh! oh!) I would only esting remarks en route. trouble them with a single fact in sup

Without further words the tall man port of this conclusion. Every speaker without exception whom I had quoted 1 Copyright by The Living Age Company.

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stooped, and carefully lifting his chanced

upon lonely farmhouse friend, set him squarely on his left where sat a peasant and his wife before shoulder, instructed him to put his right the door. To these simple folk he told arm well about his neck, grasped his his story, and asked if they could not feet firmly, and taking his cane from for the night at least give him a place him, set forth with long and easy to sleep; on the morrow he would seek strides.

more permanent lodging. The man and “This is the pleasantest way of gets his wife, distrustful yet not unfeeling, ting on in the world I have tried yet,” led him to a large walled-in enclosure cried the jolly little fellow, entering about a gunshot from their cottage. heartily into the humor of the situation. This, they told him, was a deserted The streets were deserted, and in a brick-kiln; the owner had been burnt short half hour the two comrades had out and, finding a better spot nearer the left the town and were out in the fields town had not taken the trouble to reand lanes, where the moon cast a white build. Doubtless he would be glad to radiance over houses and cottages, and have a tenant for the blackened walls silvered all the landscape. The peace- he could no longer use. ful beauty of the night enthralled them, “And there I have remained,” conand neither felt the need of speech. tinued Magnus, “although it is a bare, From time to time the dwarf whistled cheerless hole. But there are no louts softly, no song or melody, but musical to stare at me open-mouthed, and I have notes, now high, now low, like some a friendly hand near by in case of need. bird tilting on a wind-tossed bough and The peasant and his wife have kept my singing because it must.

secret well. Fancy, their servants and The whistler ceased suddenly as his children do not dream that the deserted. conductor turned abruptly into a grove kiln has an occupant, and my only inof firs whose tall branches shut out the tercourse with the world is through my moonlight, and Magnus, thinking that good neighbors. What provisions I perhaps his little friend needed some need they bring me, and they would bite diversion up aloft there in the dark, en- their tongues off rather than betray to tereu into an account of his melancholy any one the whereabouts of the once life; telling how, after his mother's famous 'big Christopher.' My wants death, he had had a large sign printed are few, what I want least of all is assoannouncing that the performance would ciation with my brother-man-who fails be discontinued; had then buried the to understand me. For many years I body at midnight, sent the personal have not had the least desire to venture effects to a charity hospital, packed his near the town. I have always feared own belongings in a knapsack, and coming into collision with the police; tuned his back on the town-his sole but up to the present time the head of thought to lose sight at once and for- the department, a humane man, is the ever of the spot where he had endured only one of the force who knows of my such ignominy. The last weeks of his existence, and to him I wrote and gave public appearance—“in the pillory," as an account of myself. My main care, he termed it-had provided him with naturally, is to avoid all sight of my means for present support. The small fellows during the day. When the fortune left him by his parents he had world is asleep I ramble up hill and deposited in a bank. In truth, this down. Sometimes when the weather legacy weighed heavily on his conscience is particularly bad I tempt fortune and and he had vowed to touch it only at wander about the town. Yesterday the sorest need. So then he had begun night was one of those occasions, and it his wandering life, walking only in tue gave me the pleasure of your acquaintfriendly night, and a voiding the dwell- ance." ings of men. In a week he had grown “And how do you pass the weary time, weary of this irregular mode of exist- my friend ?” whispered the little confience with uncertain shelter and insuffi- dant. cient food, and, reaching this part of “During the day I sleep mostly. At the country he had, late one evening, night I do all sorts of work-for I have


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made pretty much all I needed for my made of unhewn posts and boards, on den-and I read. I have bought a num- it a straw bed, some cushions and coverber of books, my peasant-neighbor act- lets. Further along the wall was ing as go-between, for—I fancy you joiner's bench; over it hung axes and have discovered this sovereign remedy other carpenter's tools. Opposite this as well as I–there is no memory-killer hung a rude book shelf, well filled with like a book. And, thank God, many plainly bound books. wooden screen have been written in which wise men in a chimney corner evidently concealed have unfolded in the clearest manner the larder; Magnus disappeared behind the truth that this world is at best badly it, and in a few minutes emerged with a arranged and that happiness is but a ham, a loaf of bread and some apples, figure of speech, a chimera, a lifeless which he laid on a table by the open conceit with as little substance as the chimney-place. treasure which a superstitious fool digs “I don't know how you feel,” he said, out of the earth at midnight and which and for the first time something like a resolves itself in the sunshine into a smile softened the stern mouth, "but I bundle of withered leaves. If I am not am accustomed to taking a bite at midmistaken, you are shaking that saga- night if I am not prowling about the cious little head of yours. When we are country. True the hour has passed, but better acquainted 1-but here we are at my appetite has gained by the delay and my summer and winter palace. It has if you do not disdain my coarse fare—" at least one advantage, my head never He pushed a wooden bench up to the comes in contact with the roof.”

table and sitting down invited his They had emerged from the woods guest to make himself comfortable as and about a hundred paces before them, well. But the rudeness of the surroundin the middle of an open field, l'ose a ings and the strangeness of the whole dark, window less structure with situation were too much for our little slanting roof; about it lay fallen chim- friend, and what appetite his wakefulneys and piles of rubbish unremoved ness inspired had fled. He had removed since the fire. Near by, overhung by his hat on entering, like the well-bred stunted willows, crawled stream little gentleman that he was, but the scarce deserving the name of river, so night air blew in so sharply, through sluggish and swampy had it grown. rafters and trap-doors, that with a murOn a piece of rising ground to the right mured excuse he put it on again. Then, lay the neighboring farm-yard, its while the hungry man was busy with barns, out-houses and shade trees his knife-forks and plates seemed a standing out in silhouette in the moon- superfluity-Hinze made a closer inlight.

spection of the apartment-if it may be Reaching his dwelling-place Magnus dignified by that name-looked narset his charge gently on the ground, rowly at its scanty furniture, one or two took a key from his pocket and turned it of the books and, climbing up on the in the rusty lock of the roughly-hewu bench by his friend, whose appetite was door. The little man stood doubtfully being but slowly appeased, said:on the threshold. His stout heart sel- "Mr. Magnus, if I lived for a single dom failed him, but the first glance into week in this wretched place my bitterthe gloomy room, in which for the mo- ness of spirit would be as great as yours, ment nothing but darkness was visible, my reviling of God and man as shame. did not tempt to rashness. When, how- ful. You are not living here like a man. ever, his guest had lighted a lamp that You are living like a criminal and a stood on the rough brick chimney-piece, coward, hiding here in this hole while he summoned courage to venture a few the sun is filling the world with beauty, steps within.

and-and-reading ungodly books by Two trap-doors in the roof, which night. Why, you are without a stove! even the giant could not open without How do you manage when your legs are the aid of a long pole, let in the moon

stiff with cold and there is no sun to light. Against the wall opposite the thaw them out? Or do you sleep durhearth was a clumsy stand or trestle ing the winter like a marmot?"



The little man had been trying during enough from satisfying my ambition.. this speech to adjust his short legs to Your craft is a pretty one and suits you the broad bench, and had finally com- well. I could not adapt myself to it. promised matters by sitting astride My only gift is to speculate and ponder of it.

and trace my thoughts in those of “I have a stove,” returned Magnus, others. As a writer I might have sucquietly munching his supper. “It is be- ceeded, but I am not fitted for that, for hind the partition. The weather has I have never been to school in my life, not been cold enough yet to bring it out, have only picked up a little here, scraped but when I need it I set it there by my together a little more there, and as to my bed and the smoke finds its way out by Latin, it came to an untimely end before the trap-doors. Then sometimes I light I had fairly begun it.” a fire on the hearth; it is in good condi- For a while there was silence. The tion, and the place is tolerably weather- two stared gloomily before them, each proof. But, pray tell me, what would a prey to his own melancholy. Magnus you have me do? Forwbat sort of had taken off neither the blanket-cloak work am I fitted? To supply horse- nor the disfiguring felt cap, and his power in some factory and be stared at? companion had crept as far as possible I do not want you to think I despise inside his overcoat, for he was shivering honest labor. On the contrary, I have and his little nose was red and shining. not been above doing my peasant neigh

“I cannot feel my way now to a proper bor many a secret service when the har- solution of the problem," said the dwarf vest was waiting to be gathered in and at last, shaking his head sadly, “but this he was short of hands. Often enough much I do know—undersized little gnat have I mowed a meadow for him in a as I am-that not a single one of us has night, or ploughed a couple of acres, or the right to twirl his thumbs idly in his sawed a cord of wood, and laughed as I lap and let fate deal with him as she thought of the stupid servant staring chooses. It has been no easy matter for next morning and ascribing it to a regi- either of us to snatch a passing joy, and ment of underground dwarfs. But I without a friendly word or a kindly know that I am of better stuff than goes greeting, even a dog's life is not worth. to the making of the day laborer; I living. And-you must not think mat.. know that my stepmother Nature has ters have always gone smoothly with given me as good a brain


We all have our desperate hours. crowned her smaller nurslings, and And it avails us nothing to say to the yet, what can come of my trying to take dear Lord above, or to stepmother Naadvantage of it? Better far to yield to ture or whatever we choose to call thethe fate that shuts me off from man- Supreme Power: 'It will serve you right: kind; better far to creep into my hole if I misuse my mortal powers. Whyand there dream and sleep my wretched have you played me this scurvy trick, existence away. No, I will not cry out why have you made me as I am ?' No, my misery from the house-tops.”

my dear friend, we must set our teeth He threw his knife down and pushed and take a fresh start for the jump over the ham aside. His anger had driven the hedge. And you have the legs for appetite away. “Look you,” he went it-I am not saying this in jest, but in on, “all the things in this room I made sober earnest. Let me with my own hands, and rude as they thing very plainly,- you must quit this are they are not so badly put together. bare, bleak, frightful prison that you My writing, too, is passable, and I make bave made for yourself and draw a litno doubt I could scrawl a prescription tle closer to your fellow-beings if you or draw up a law paper or write a ser- are ever to get at the right way of leadmon; but who would want to be cured ing a human existence. Ever since by me, or represented by me, or edified Michaelmas there has been a studio to by me from the pulpit on Sundays and let in our house; it is directly beneath holidays? And yet, the longing for a me, the one I found too large—it will higher life strong within me, and to suit you to a nicety. You must rent it, plane a board or make a table is far then I shall have you near me and we

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tell you


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