Universal History, Ancient and Modern: From the Earliest Records of Time, to the General Peace of 1801, 6. kötet

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Isaac Collins and sons, 1804

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67. oldal - Being at length entered the senate-house, where the conspirators were prepared to receive him, he met one Spurina, an augur, who had foretold his danger, to whom he said, smiling, " Well, Spurina, the ides of March are come." " Yes," replied the augur,
119. oldal - it was not by proxy that I served you at the battle of Actium.
44. oldal - ... which seemed preparing to sail, in which he embarked, the master of the vessel still paying him the homage which was due to his former station. From the mouth of the river Peneus he sailed to...
312. oldal - Whenever he took horse, all the way between his apartment and the place of mounting was covered with gold and silver dust, strewn at his approach. In short, all his government, actions, dress, and furniture, testified the extravagant folly of a vicious boy. Thus he was seen at one time driving elephants yoked to...
79. oldal - As soon as the soldiers appeared, the servants prepared themselves to fight, being resolved to defend their master's life at the hazard of their own ; but Cicero commanded them to set him down, and to make no resistance...
38. oldal - The single circumstance of the manner of their fighting determined the fate of the battle. Pompey's cavalry, who consisted of the younger part of the Roman nobility, valued themselves upon their beauty, and dreaded a scar in the face, more than a wound in the body. They were therefore frightened from the field by the unusual mode of attack, and thus the day was lost to Pompey and the republic.
48. oldal - Cornelia shrieked so loud as to be heard to the shore ; but the danger she herself was in, did not allow the mariners time to look on ; they immediately set sail, and, the wind proving favourable, fortunately they escaped the pursuit of the Egyptian galleys.
22. oldal - Caesar, who would not wait the conclusion of his speech, generously replied, that he came into Italy not to injure the liberties of Rome and its citizens, but to restore them.
41. oldal - Pompey's infantry being thus doubly attacked, in front by fresh troops, and in the rear by the victorious cohorts, could no longer resist, but fled to their camp. The flight
8. oldal - Caesar so intimidated them with repeated victories, that they no longer resisted in the plains, but fled to the forests. Here, however, they were unsafe, and soon yielded to the necessity of suing for a peace. In the course of nine years this ambitious general and waster of huro^o life conquered, together with Britain, all that country which extends from the Mediterranean to the German sea.

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