dying villager, 636-Sir Allan's wooing,


Poor, Brougham and Chalmers on the edu-
cation of the, 419

Pringle family, correspondence of the, 262
Prometheus unbound, 679
Promotions, appointments, &c. 115, 229,
340, 459, 581

Propertius, translations from, 614
Proserpine, the rape of, a poem, 28
Publications, monthly list of new ones, 107,
219, 333, 449, 572, 695

Pugilism, sketches of, by one of the fancy,

Recollections, No IV. Mark Macrabin, the
Cameronian, 48-No V. 157-No VI.
277-No VII. 374-No VIII. 508, 651
Red snow of Baffin's Bay, notice regarding
the, 590

Reflections on a ruined abbey, 492
Remarks of a liberal Whig, 21-On Jeremy
Collier and the opponents of the drama,
387-On Brougham and Chalmers on
national education, 419-On the Caledo-
nian Canal, 427-On the study of natu-
ral history, 618-On Tabella Cibaria, or
the bill of fare, 667

Review of Brown's philosophy of the hu-
man mind, 62-Of Milman's fall of Je-
rusalem, 123-Of Hogg's tales, 148-Of
sonnets by Wordsworth, 206-Of An-
ster's poems, 312-Of Knickerbocker's
history of New York, 360--Of advice to
Julia, a poem, 520--Of essays and
sketches of life and character, 528--Of
thoughts and suggestions on the educa-
tion of the peasantry of Ireland, 534-
Of Shelley's Prometheus Unbound, 679
Richard I. adventures of, in his return from
Palestine, 605

Rousseau, extract of a letter relative to the
death of, 26

Ruins, reflections on, 648

Sandwich Islands, death of the king of, 566
Scientific and literary intelligence, 103, 214,
330, 442, 566, 688
Sea-side reverie, a, 622

Selections from the St Priest MSS. No II.


Semihoræ Biographica, No I.-To Chris-
topher North, Esq. 610-Letter from
Mrs C. to Q. Z. X., 612-Extract of a
letter from John Nichols, Esq. 613-
Letter from Mr R. S. Kirby, &c. ib.
Silent eve, the, 272

Simplicius on the state of Ireland, 637
Sketches of life and character, review of, 528
Sketches of village life and character, 631
Snow storm, the, 37

Songs and song-writers, essay on, 32
Sonnets, 162, 436

Southern or Antartic Continent, discovery of
a, 566

Special commission for the trial of treasons
in Scotland, thoughts on the proceedings
of the, 561

Specimens of translations from Horace, 369

Speech of Mr Canning on his re-election for
Liverpool, 11

St Priest MSS. selections from, 25
Standard, battle of the, in 1138, 142
Stanzas written on a child five years of age,
72-On the re-interment of Robert the
Bruce, 623

Steam-ships, account of a new one at New
York, 444
Storm, the snow,

Suggestions on the education of the peasan-
try of Ireland, 534

Suicide, on the prevalent disposition to,

Surgical operation, account of a grand one,


Tabella Cibaria, or the bill of fare, re-
marks on, 667

Tale, new one, for a melo-drama, 347
Tales of the cloister; tale first, 132-Tale
second, a lesson for Mr Braham, 135–
Tale third, ib.

by the Ettrick Shepherd, review of,
Tammeamea, king of the Sandwich Islands,
account of the death of, 566

Testimonium, the, a prize poem, betwixt
346 and 347

Thoughts on the education of the poor in
Ireland, 534

on the proceedings of the special
commission for the trial of treasons in
Scotland, 561

Tims, King, an American tragedy, by Peter
Corcoran, 297

Translation of a letter from Oehlenschlaeger,
the Dane, to, 674

Translations from the less familiar classics,

Tunis bark, the, and the Dervis of Smyrna,

Vegetable poisons, antidote for, 445
Verses on a winter morning, 36
Versification, on sweetness of, 641
Village life and character, sketches of, 631
politician, the, 631

boy, young hopeful, the, 633
Virginius, a tragedy, criticism on, 307
Virtuoso pedant, the, 494
Voltaire, letter relative to the death of, 26
Wandering Jew, legend of the, 608
Warder, the, No VI. 11-No VII. 90
Wastle, Mr, extracts of his diary, 317, 663
Whig, letters of a liberal, No III. 21
Wile of Juno, the, 355

Witch of Ae, the, 277, 374, 508
Woodland Glen, the, 46

Wool-goat of Cashemere, importation or
into France, 442

Wordsworth, Mr. review of sonnets by, 206
Works preparing for publication, 105, 217,
332, 447, 570, 693

Wrangham's works, glimpse into the third
volume of, 176-Specimens of his trans-
lations from Horace, 369
Yngurd, King, a German tragedy, 407,
Zechariah, the vision of, 276



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