Military Memoirs of Mr. George Thomas; Who, by Extraordinary Talents and Enterprise, Rose from an Obscure Situation to the Rank of a General, in the Service of the Native Powers in the North-West of India

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Reprinted for John Stockdale, 1805 - 383 oldal

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223. oldal - So, where our wide Numidian wastes extend, Sudden, th' impetuous hurricanes descend, Wheel through the air, in circling eddies play, Tear up the sands, and sweep whole plains away. The helpless traveller, with wild surprise, Sees the dry desert all around him rise, And smother'd in the dusty whirlwind dies.
227. oldal - Coarse are his meals, the fortune of the chase, Amidst the running stream he slakes his thirst, Toils all the day, and at the approach of night On the first friendly bank he throws him down, Or rests his head upon a rock till morn...
127. oldal - I established a mint, and coined my own rupees, which I made current in my army and country...
373. oldal - Journal of a Voyage performed in the Lion Extra Indiaman, from Madras to Columbo, and Da Lagoa Bay, on the Eastern Coast of Africa; ( where the ship was condemned) in the year 1798.
374. oldal - Field of Mars : being an Alphabetical Digestion of the principal Naval and Military Engagements, in Europe, Asia, Africa and America, particularly of Great Britain and her Allies, from the Ninth century to the present Period.
374. oldal - A Journal of the forces which sailed from the Downs in April 1800, on a Secret Expedition under the command of...
128. oldal - Sikh territories, I wished to put myself in a capacity, when a favourable opportunity should offer, of attempting the conquest of the Punjab, and aspired to the honour of planting the BRITISH STANDARD on the banks of the Attock,
105. oldal - Thomas, is fingular ; after performing the requifite duties of their religion by ablution and prayer, they comb their hair and beards with peculiar care, then mounting their horfes, ride forth towards the enemy, with whom they engage in a continued...
104. oldal - Consumptis hic forte aliis ut vertere morsus exiguam in Cererem penuria adegit edendi, et violare manu malisque audacibus orbem fatalis crusti patulis nec parcere quadris: 115 «Heus! etiam mensas consumimus», inquit lulus, nec plura adludens.
90. oldal - Begam Samru is about forty-five years of age, small in stature, but inclined to be plump. Her complexion is very fair, her eyes black, large and animated. Her dress perfectly Hindustani and of the most costly materials. She speaks the Persian and Hindustani languages with fluency, and in her conversation is engaging, sensible and spirited

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