Foreign Policy and Foreign COMMERCE,

Fanny FAIRFIELD. IN THREE Parts. Part I.
The Trojan Horse; or SIEGE or Troy EXPLAINED,
Winter SKETCHES. By Delta,





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In our last number we took occa- immortality in the page of history. sion to lay before the public a more Rich, however, as we are, in all that full and detailed relation of the Prus. constitutes a nation's honour, safety, so-Germanic Custom house League, and happiness, our stored up treaits contemplated objects, its probable sure may not be idly played with or prospective operation, with the frau. dilapidated. It is the half ruined dulent pretences on which it was gamester only that puts all to habased, and by which it was sought to zard on one throw in a paroxysm of be justified, than bad hitherto appear. blind passion, and the forlorn chance ed. With the evidence of facts and of revenge; it is Quixote redivivus figures, in their main conclusions un- alone that would range the world to impeachable, the utter groundless- redress the wrongs of kingdoms or ness of the charge which has been the of peoples. We cannot afford to saeternal theme of half-witted econo- crifice sense to sensibility, por to mists at home, and designing states- squander national resources for the men abroad, imputing the restrictive sole object of succouring the oppresrigours of foreign commercial sys. sed of other realms and crushing a tens to the illiberality of our own, heartless oppressor-wealthy though was, in the case of Prussia at least, we be, and powerful as wealthy. for our labours extended no farther, Deeply as we sympathize with the decisively demonstrated.

wrongs-profoundly as we venerate Dismissing the chimerical conceits the patriots-dearly as we love the of war. hunting philosophy, we turn gallant people-of Poland, we would to matter more worthy our consi- not have counselled war with the deration. There is scarcely any Autocrat and his powerful neighquestion of foreign policy into the bours leagued against her in her solution of which the concerns of ill-timed though holy insurrection, foreign commerce do not largely because it becomes not the rulers of enter. There is no nation upon an empire to hazard its permanent earth so purely commercial in its welfare for the gratification of symcharacter and pursuits as this, and pathy and feeling alone. Nor would pone with so large a stake of mate- we bave warred to impose compulrial interests risked upon the issue sory freedom on Belgium, Portugal, of every political movement. We and Spain. No state may safely dishave do dreams of restless ambition solve the bonds of various alliance, to be indulged-no conquests save and abandon the interests of self for those of industry to pant after-of such indulgence. But when the the resplendent trophies of succes. necessity of self. preservation comful war and national glory we hare bines with the generous sentiments enough and more than enough for of nature, then may the statesman



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unlock the treasured-up remem- cour or mediation, with ample offers brance of the injuries of a noble of commercial privileges for indemrace, and, whilst he stretches forth nity ; a threat would have stayed the arm of might to avenge them, the Egyptian in his career-twomensolace himself with the grateful re- of-war off the coast of Syria or the flection that he is exacting also a port of Alexandria would even, in merited retribution for insult offered the case of recusancy, have enforced or damage caused to the land with obedience; nor threat, nor mediawhose destinies he is specially tion, nor succour was yielded to recharged. That moment may, or may scue the Turkish enipire from imnot be fast approaching-portentous pending destruction. On Wednessigns are abroad-let us in that case day, the 29th August, being the pray for a pilot skilled and courage- last day but one of the Session 1833, ous to weather the storm, under the explanation, shameful ag snivel. whose guidance we may confident. ling, of Lord Palmerston to Parlia. Jy dare the raging elements, without ment was, that “without giving any fear of the quicksands and shallows very detailed explanation of the on which it has been our luckless matter, he would only remind the fate so often to have latterly ground. House that then we were embarked ed.

in naval operations on the North Sca, Whilst, therefore, as our prece. and on the coast of Ilolland, and were ding observations are intended to under the necessity of keeping up demonstrate, we disclaim all come another naral force on the coast of munion with the agitators who pro- Portugal ; ” therefore we had not a claim a crusade of principles or of ship to spare. We were blockading chivalry; whilst we maintain with or observing two petty states, with earnestness that our policy ought to which, but for silly intervention, we be eminently peace and conserva- could have had no relations but tion abroad, no less than at home, it those of amity, and out of our vaunt. is impossible to dissemble the fact ed naval force could not find where. that ihe designs of Russia, scarcely with to furnish a commodore's pendisguised, combined with her past nant for a service more vitally imusurpations, seem so closely to threat- portant to our interests than Holland, en the continuance of the social and Belgium, and Portugal in the lump. material prosperity of the empire. This was not all; the secretary farthat it is time to familiarize our minds ther stated that, so far even from with the possibility of closer con- “ Russia having expressed any jea. Alict than the interchanges of diplo. lousy as to granting that assistance, macy. The British minister that the Russian Ambassador officially should stand quiescently by whilst communicated to him, while the reshe possessed herself of Constantin quest (of Turkey) was still under nople, and finally closed the Dar- consideration, that he had learned danelles againstourmarine, commer- that such an application bad been cial or royal, would deserve to ex- made, and that from the interest taken piate on the scaffold his treachery or by Russia in the maintenance and preimbecility. We have now, indeed, servation of the Turkish empire, it and we have had, men of state that would afford satisfaction if they (the have bid high for the penalty ; for Grey Ministry) could find thema. no man, whatever his feelings of selves able to coinply with the reparty, with a spark of patriotism in quest." Could folly go farther than his breast, will deny that the treaty this arowal ? Could the nakedness of Unkiar Skelessi is a monument of of the land or its rulers be more eternal disgrace to Earl Grey and ingenuously exposed? Yet the ReLord Palmerston, as it is of disho- formed House cried " Hear, hear !” nour and degradation to their coun- and the Birmingham patriot was try. The facts, well known as they " thankfulto the noble Lord. The are, may, for the sake of connexion, fact was, that the cunning Egyptian be simply repeated. After the vic- had thrown the dust of the desert tory of Koniah in 1832, Ibrabim into the eyes of the man of State ; Pacha was advancing upon Constan under the tutelage of Bontenieff, tinople. The Porte applied to Eng. dazzling offers were made on his land as to its oldest friend for suc- part, and thence the disinterested

proffer of Lieven, and the compli- Europe were entitled to look upon mentary rejection of aid by Palmer- as a matter in which their own inteston. Ships of war there were rot- rests were directly involved," and ting in harbour in plenty; there the other winds up the allusion to wanted recently po application to the departure of the Russians from

no Parliament to job Lord Durham and Constantinople, and Ibrahim Pacha his suite to St Petersburg in two from Kutaich, with the bombastic men-of-war. Individually and gene- announcement that “it is the busirally our inclination leads us to speak ness of the British Government to as to think of Earl Grey with respect take care that neither shall return as an honourable man and a consist- again.” Magnificent bravado! Bella, ent statesman; age had impaired his horrida bella, should the Autocrat faculties, and the clamours of a fa- again presume to accept an invitamily brood, interminable in its rami- tion contemptuously declined by us; fications, preyed upon his weakness, and nothing less than war, with its if not upon his affections. Under expenditure and horrors, is to be vi. cover of the Reform mania, he had sited upon us on the recurrence of an gorged them with place and sinecure event, the primary occurrence of which to an extent such as Minister never might have been averted by a mesbefore had dared towards kinship; a sage to Grand Cairo, and its echo to show of public economy was deemed Asia Minor, borne by two of the necessary to coatover the extravagan- men-of-war which were ingloriousces of nepotism; maritime succour to ly tossing to and fro in the fogs off Turkey, therefore, wasrefused on the the Scheldt, or riding for months at ground of expense, when one year's anchor, under one Captain Grey, in salary of all the Greys would have the pleasant bay of Naples, whilst detrayed it twice over. The sequel Lord Ponsonby was perfecting his is soon told. Upon our refusal the preparatory studies for Turkish Sultan, en dernier resort, threw himself diplomacy amidst the Neapolitan into the arms of Russia. Soon from witcheries of “ opera, play, and Sevastopol a fleet and army an- ball.” The war and the waste of chored in the roadstead of the Sera- war is only in prospect as yet; but glio; Ibrahim retired at the Musco- we have a foretaste already of its vite command, and the grateful Ot- sweets, and an apt illustration of the toman was but too happy to get rid economy of candle-ends and cheeseof his hated Russian guests, by signa parings,” in the usual Whig fashion ing any thing and every thing. By of abolishing a score of place patroa secret article of the treaty of Un nage and originating commissionerkiar Skelessi, the passage of the Dar. ships by bundreds. For whereas the danelles to the ships of all nations navy of Great Britain was ransacked was made contingent on the good in vain in 1832 for a brace of war pleasure of the Czar; and of that boats, in 1834 and since we have had secret article, so excellently well whole squadrons parading it in the was the Foreign Office administered Levant, now peeping into the Darabroad as at home, that Lord Pal. danelles, now careening at Smyrna. merston was not ashamed to declare, It is not our object in this paper to in the face of the Commons of Eng- enter upon an examination of the land, that he was indebted for the designs of Russia, or into a disquisiknowledge of it, not to the undecei- tion upon the course of policy or of vable penetration of an ambasda- action by which she bas, with no undor, but to the masterly correspond- skilled hand, advanced them. The ence of a newspaper (the Morning former indeed require no illustraHerald) from the Turkishe capital. tion, since their gradual accomplishIn the official manifesto of the Go- ment forms no small portion of the vernment, entitled the “Reform history of Europe and Asia for the Ministry, and the Reformed Parlia- last sixty years. Neither of one or ment,” published at the close of the the other have we any fresh revelaSession 18:33, the whole of this dis- tion to make at present, whatever graceful business is skimmed over hereafter we may purpose on more in two paragraphs, one of which ad- convenient Occasions,

We may, mits that the Eastern question was however, previous to commencing one which the “ Governments of the second branch of our subject,

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