Universal History, Ancient and Modern: From the Earliest Records of Time, to the General Peace of 1801, 6. kötet

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Isaac Collins and sons, 1804

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44. oldal - ... desired by the messenger, whose tears more than words proclaimed the greatness of her misfortunes, to hasten, if she expected to see Pompey, with but one ship...
119. oldal - you seem as if you were offering something to an elephant, and not to a man :— be bolder.
79. oldal - They soon cut off his head and his hands, returning with them to Rome, as the most agreeable present to their cruel employer. — Antony, who was then at Rome, received them with extreme joy, rewarded the murderer with a large sum of money, and placed Cicero's head on the rostrum, as if there once more to reproach his vile inhumanity.
304. oldal - ... new emperor, with the tribunes and centurions, to be brought before him. Though all were willing to court the favour of the young emperor, such was the authority of Severus, that none dared to disobey. They appeared before him confounded, and trembling, and implored pardon upon their knees. Upon which, putting his hand to his head, he cried out, " Know, that it is the head that governs,
138. oldal - ... in debaucheries at the table; and he appointed Pomponius Flaccus and Lucius Piso to the first posts of the empire, for no other merit than that of having sat up with him two days and two nights without interruption. These he called his friends of all hours. He made one Novelius Torgnatus a praetor, for being able to drink off five bottles of wine at a draught.
168. oldal - However, she was not less remarkable for her cruelties than her lusts, as by her intrigues she destroyed ' many of the most illustrious families of Rome. Subordinate to her were the emperor's freedmen ; Pallas, the treasurer; Narcissus, the secretary of state ; and Callistus, the master of the requests. These entirely governed Claudius, so that he was only left the fatigues of ceremony, while they were possessed of all the power of the state.
188. oldal - Its size and splendor will be sufficiently indicated by the following details. Its vestibule was large enough to contain a colossal statue of the emperor a hundred and twenty feet high; and it was so extensive that it had a triple colonnade a mile long. There was a pond too, like a sea, surrounded with buildings to represent cities, besides tracts of country, varied by tilled fields, vineyards, pastures and woods, with great numbers of wild and domestic animals. In the rest of the...
45. oldal - Having taken in Cornelia, he now continued his course, steering to the southeast, and stopping no longer than was necessary to take in provisions, at the ports that occurred in his passage. He was at last prevailed upon to apply to Ptolemy, king of Egypt, to whose father Pompey had been a considerable benefactor. Ptolemy, who was as yet a minor, had not the government in his own hands, but he and his kingdom were under the direction of Photinus, an eunuch, and Theodotus, a master of the art of speaking.
48. oldal - Pompey's murderers having cut off his head, caused it to be embalmed, the better to preserve its features, designing it for a present to Caesar. The body was thrown naked on the strand, and exposed to the view of all those whose curiosity led them that way.
248. oldal - This oath he observed with such sanctity, that when two senators had conspired his death, he sent for them, and carried them with him to the public theatre. There presenting each a dagger, he desired them to strike, as he was determined not to ward off the blow.

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