The Miscellaneous Works of Joseph Addison, 4. kötet

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D. A. Talboys, 1830

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95. oldal - Within a long recess there lies a bay : An island shades it from the rolling sea, And forms a port secure for ships to ride : Broke by the jutting land on either side, In double streams the briny waters glide, Betwixt two rows of rocks : a sylvan scene Appears above, and groves for ever green : A grot is form'd beneath, with mossy seats, To rest the Nereids, and exclude the heats.
122. oldal - Sirens' cliffs, a shelfy coast, Long infamous for ships and sailors lost, And white with bones. Th' impetuous ocean roars, And rocks rebellow from the sounding shores.
ii. oldal - Whoever wishes to attain an English style, familiar but not coarse, and elegant but not ostentatious, must give his days and nights to the volumes of Addison...
33. oldal - Do you think that, without a mystery, the first present that God Almighty made to man was of you, O ye fishes ? Do you think that without a mystery, among all creatures and animals which were appointed for sacrifices, you only were excepted, O ye fishes ? Do you think there was nothing meant by our Saviour Christ, that next to the paschal lamb he took so much...
154. oldal - The Palatine, proud Rome's imperial seat, (An awful pile ! ) stands venerably great : Thither the kingdoms and the nations come, In supplicating crowds to learn their doom ; To Delphi less th...
132. oldal - And the sea trembled with her silver light. Now near the shelves of Circe's shores they run (Circe the rich, the daughter of the sun), A dangerous coast! — The goddess wastes her days In joyous songs ; the rocks resound her lays : In spinning, or the loom, she spends the night ; And cedar brands supply her father's light.
75. oldal - It was indeed the most proper place in the world for a fury to make her exit, after she had filled a nation with distractions and alarms ; and I believe every reader's imagination is pleased when he sees the angry goddess thus sinking, as it were, in a tempest, and plunging herself into hell, amidst such a scene of horror and confusion.
127. oldal - Bajan mole, Rais'd on the seas, the surges to control — At once comes tumbling down the rocky wall; Prone to the deep, the stones disjointed fall Of the vast pile; the scatter'd ocean...
1. oldal - We were here shown at a distance the Deserts, which have been rendered so famous by the penance of Mary Magdalene, who, after her arrival with Lazarus and Joseph of Arimathea at Marseilles, is said to have wept away the rest of her life among these solitary rocks and mountains. It is so romantic a scene, that it has always probably given occasion to such chimerical relations...
135. oldal - And rolled his yellow billows to the sea. About him, and above, and round the wood, The birds that haunt the borders of his flood, That bathed within, or basked upon his side, To tuneful songs their narrow throats applied.

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