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Chapman and Hall, 1866 - 115 oldal

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8. oldal - The Inferno. A Literal Prose Translation, with the Text of the Original printed on the same page. By John A. Carlyle, MD 5*. — The Purgatorlo. A Literal Prose Translation, with the Text printed on the same page.
20. oldal - English Writers : The Writers before Chaucer. With an Introductory Sketch of the Four Periods of English Literature.
11. oldal - ... presents a text very materially altered and amended from beginning to end, with a large body of critical Notes almost entirely new, and a Glossary, in which the language of the poet, his allusions to customs, &c., are fully explained, "THE BEST TEXT OF SHAKESPEARE WHICH HAS YET APPEARED. Mr, Dyce's edition, is a great worh, worthy of his reputation, and for the present it contains the standard text."— TIMES.
7. oldal - CARLYLE— HISTORY OF FRIEDRICH THE SECOND, called FREDERICK THE GREAT. By THOMAS CARLYLE. With Portraits and Maps. Third Edition. Vols. I. and II., demy 8vo..
6. oldal - THE ILLUSTRATED LIBRARY EDITION, Beautifully printed in Post Octavo, and carefully revised by the Author. With the Original Illustrations.
13. oldal - OUTLINES OF THE HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. For the Use of the Junior Classes in Colleges, and the Higher Classes in Schools. By GEORGE L. CRAIK. Fourth Edition, revised and improved. Post 8vo., cloth. 2«.
20. oldal - Ridge — Health and Disease, their Laws, with PLAIN PRACTICAL PRESCRIPTIONS FOR THE PEOPLE. By BENJAMIN RIDGE, MD, FRCS Second Edition. Post 8vo, cloth. 12s. Robert Mornay. By MAX FERRER. Post 8vo, cloth. 9*.
2. oldal - We may here say that Mr. Molesworth has performed his task admirably. He has constructed his narrative with great judgment, and with a clear appreciation of what was necessary to record, and what might safely be omitted. His arrangement is perspicuous, and his style is both easy and forcible. Reformers will find in it a faithful account of their tremendous triumph, which, like the Bill, was not a victory, but a conquest; while Conservatives may read it without exasperation, and, possibly, with profit."...
13. oldal - Outlines of the History of the English Language. For the Use of the Junior Classes in Colleges, and the Higher Classes in Schools. Fourth Edition, revised and improved. Post 8vo, cloth, z».
4. oldal - LORD WILLIAM LENNOX. Drafts on My Memory : Being Men I have Known, Things I have Seen, Places I have Visited. BY LORD WILLIAM LENNOX.

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