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149. oldal - But the most renowned of the Peruvian temples, the pride of the capital, and the wonder of the empire, was at Cuzco. where, under the munificence of successive sovereigns, it had become so enriched that it received the name of Coricancha, or
149. oldal - The interior of the temple was the most worthy of admiration. It was literally a mine of gold. On the western wall was emblazoned a representation of the deity, consisting of a human countenance looking forth from amidst innumerable rays of light which emanated from it in every direction, in the same manner as the sun is often personified with us.
157. oldal - tis not so deep as a well, nor so wide as a church-door ; but 'tis enough, 'twill serve : ask for me tomorrow, and you shall find me a grave man. I am peppered, I warrant, for this world. A plague o...
175. oldal - Black (like coffins for dead letters) — " Ceylon ! " At each of the one hundred and ninety announcements thus made, the cocked hats nod gracefully ; not so much out of respect to Her Majesty's mail-boxes, as to enable the gentlemen, under them to record each colour in its proper column on the printed form. The mails are, in fact, given into their charge. They are called •
18. oldal - Gules, three legs armed, conjoined in fesse at the upper part of the thighs, flexed in triangle, garnished and spurred, or.
66. oldal - Then slily he added a little NB, ' If they'd have him in Paris he'd not come to me ! ' The Manager rings, And the Prompter springs To his side in a jiffy, and with him he brings A set of those odd-looking envelope things, Where Britannia (who seems to be crucified,) flings To her right and her left, funny people with wings Amongst Elephants, Quakers, and Catabaw Kings...
126. oldal - I love to see each yellow time- stain' d page! They tell of joys that are no more — of hopes that long have fled, — Old letters ! oh, then, spare them ; they are sacred to the dead. They tell of times, of happy times, in years long, long gone by, Of dear ones who have ceased to live, but in the memory ; They picture many a...
126. oldal - Old paintings! who would not spare them? they are priceless for their age : 0 spare them ! they are sacred to the dead ! They tell of times, of happy times, in years long, long gone by ; Of dear ones...
175. oldal - ... busy, little steamer. That is the Overland Mail. I had long wished to see the Overland Mail. I never had a notion what the Overland Mail could be like ; whether it was a coach, painted red, with a blazing royal arms, attended by a gold-laced guard ; or a portable .post-office, to be conveyed by rail and ship from the Waterloo station to India and China. But now, the entire broadside of the horse-box being let down, the Overland Mail bursts upon me like a trick in a pantomime. The huge van is...
169. oldal - ... congregation of the Council which multiplied its fresh amendments, that the Constitution on the Roman Pontiff was completed. It was confirmed and promulgated twenty-four hours before the breaking out of the Franco-German war. 12. Having now come to the end of this brief story of the Vatican Council, it may not be out of place to add a few words on the consequences which have either followed or have been supposed to follow from it. Six years are now past since the 18th of July, 1870, and certain...

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