Internet Management Issues: A Global Perspective: A Global Perspective

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Haynes, John D.
Idea Group Inc (IGI), 2001. júl. 1. - 352 oldal

The Internet is a vast multi-disciplined array of information that potentially invades and affects the very essence of our lives. Our lives are becoming inextricably bound into the Internet: we now need to manage our lives and our interests vis-à-vis the Internet. Internet Management Issues: A Global Perspective is a collection of papers that addresses a number of perspectives on how the Internet can both work for and against society.

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The Power of the Mobile Internet
eCommerce and the User
What Are the Implications for Global Electronic Commerce?
Chapter V International User Interfaces
Section II eCommerce eBusiness Internet Strategic and Management Issues
Chapter VI Electronic Business Strategic Orientation
Chapter VII Human Factors and eCommerce
Chapter VIII Virtual Absenteeism
An End to Classical Decision Modeling?
Thinking with Heidegger on the Essence of Information Technology
Section IV Internet Online Data Issues
Chapter XV Internet Data Mining
Characterizing Business Structures with Online Data Collection
Section V Internet Health and Banking Issues
Chapter XVII EHealth and Online Medical Transactions
The Last Five Years

New Thinking for a New Era
Section III Internet Management Sustainability and Philosophical Issues
Chapter X The Internet Sustainable Development and Ecosystems Management
Intercultural Communication and the Idea of Sustainability
Chapter XII Only Connect? The Impact of the Internet on Lived Experience
Chapter XIX Banks and Financial Consulting in the Internet Age
About the Authors

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John D. Haynes is currently Professor of Information Systems in the College of Economics, Management and Information Systems at the University of Nizwa in Oman. Immediately prior he was Visiting Professorial Fellow at the University of New South Wales in the School of Information Systems and Management and Professor of Information Technology and Head of the School of Information Technology at Charles Darwin University (Australia). Formerly, for four years, he was a Long-Term Visiting Professor of Management Information Systems at the University of Central Florida. Prior to that and in the early part concurrent with, for four years, he was tenured Professor and Chair in Information Systems, Faculty of Humanities and Business at UCOL, Universal College of Learning, Palmerston North (New Zealand). Prior to his UCOL appointment in June 1998, he was at Bond University (Gold Coast, Australia) for just under nine years, where he was foundation Head of Artificial Intelligence (which he inaugurated in 1990). Also, in 1990, he jointly set up the Cognitive Science course in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Bond where he (also) lectured in Philosophy of Mind (Cognitive Science). Prior to 1989 he was Head of Department of Computing and Information Systems at the Hunter Institute of TAFE (formerly Newcastle Technical College), Newcastle, NSW, where concurrently, for eight years, he had a private practice as Managing Director of Mediware Pty Ltd (tailor-made software design, implementation and programming for the medical profession). Professor Haynes has four books. Two are single authored — Meaning As Perspective: the Contragram and Perspectival Thinking: for Inquiring Organisations, both published by ThisOne and Company Pty Ltd New Zealand and Perspectival Thinking: For Inquiring Organizations published by Informing Science Press as a second printing. He has single edited Internet Management Issues: A Global Perspective, published by Idea Group Publishing, USA and his fourth book is jointly edited with James F Courtney and David B Paradice, Inquiring Organizations: Moving from Knowledge Management to Wisdom. His papers have appeared in (Australian) Practice Computing, The Australian and Australasian Journal of Information Systems, IEEE Computer Society Press, Information Systems Frontiers, International Journal of Business, the (Journal of) Decision Support Systems, Encyclopaedia of HealthCare Information Systems, Journal of the Arab Society for Medical Research, and the International Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology. He has a (combined) PhD in Information Systems and Artificial Intelligence. His research interests are e-business and e-business strategy, Knowledge management, medical information technology, ethics, strategic management, expert systems, the philosophy of information technology, inquiring organizations, artificial neural networks and phenomenology. [Editor]

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