The Blue Poetry Book

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Independently Published, 2020. febr. 7. - 225 oldal
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Andrew Lang's famous colored fairy books were in fact only part, rather less than half, of a larger series of storybooks for children. Among the undeservedly neglected books of the larger series is this book about real princes and princesses.These boys and girls don't have fairy godmothers or singing animal friends, but they still have all sorts of exciting adventures. Here you can read about famous people when they were still children, about people like Marie Antoinette, or Elizabeth the First, or the great conqueror Napoleon Bonaparte. There are also other princes and princesses you probably don't know, and their thrilling adventures and escapes, like Duke Richard of Normandy, who fled his castle hidden in a bale of hay, or Princess Henrietta Maria of England, who had to be dressed as a boy to slip past the Roundheads who wanted to kidnap her.

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