The Hippie Trip

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iUniverse, 2000 - 372 oldal

“A new, colorful, and fascinating drama has emerged on the American scene. The action involves ‘love,’ ‘spiritually free sex,’ dope as a religious sacrament, and a new work ethic.” And so sociologist Yablonsky begins his novel, giving the reader an opportunity to join him on his “hippie trip”. Yablonsky delves into the hippie movement as a sociologist, a “hip” interviewer/reporter, and as an involved person. This book includes experiences and perceptions from all three of these integral facets of Yablonsky’s personality.

Yablonsky combines an extensive, coherent report on hippie life with a thorough look at the movement in relation to the wider societal issues of the time. The book begins with a Preview, an introduction into the scene, and then moves onto The Trip, Yablonsky’s actual journey. Part III, Analysis, examines the hippie movement in its own right and within the framework of American society. Part IV, The Appendix, is a presentation of data from questionnaires filled out by over seven hundred hippies. And there is, of course, a Glossary for all of you readers who may not be familiar with the terminology of the psychedelic movement.

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