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The World Unmask’d. A SATYR: Against all Vain

Pretenders, their Hypocrise, Affectation, and
Vanity; which generally make Men disappoint their
own Ends, by their own Defires.

AIN Men seek but Appearances to save,
Not Credit so much to deserve, as have;

The less their Worth is, or their Virtue's Store,
Their Affectation of 'em is the more;
So Bullies prove, for Bragging most, less stout,
Hypocrites least Saints, seeming most devout;
Falle Courtiers least Friends, by most Courtesie,
Lovers less true, for open Vanity,
And great Professions, which true Faith belie;
Both Men and Women, who most strict appear,
Are given on their Honour most to Swear,
Dissemblers, or Faith-breakers soonest are;
But the more real is their Truth or Passion,
The less of either is their Affectation;

Professions greater Falfhood prove,
And give that Diffidence, they wou'd remove;
For Men who conscious of most Falshood are,
To the least Truths, are given most, to Swear;
Whose Words, or Oaths unask'd, unquestion'd too,
(By which, they more Sincerity wou'd show,)
Are rather Vouchers of their Falsity,
And for their Truth against it, testifie;
Who being conscious of their little Troth,
Must to their Word give Credit, by their Oath;
So, whilst they'd clear Suspicion, give more Doubt,
Of Truth, which needs an Oath, to make it out;
Whilft True Men, who stand most upon their Troth,
Disparage least their True Faith by their Oath;
But Lyars most incredulous appear,
Of others Faith, as theirs is less sincere;


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Others, from their own Falseness, most suspect,
Whose Words, as more, prove less still in effect;
Thus, out of Int'rest, Custom, Vanity,
Most Men professing most Truth, most will lie,
Whose Oaths, their Words, Affertions moft deny;
Have, know, think least, of what they talk of most,
Vain, empty Gamesters of small Winnings boast,
The Cunning brag of more than they have lost;
Prodigals, boasting much their lavish'd Store,
But prove their Sense less, as their Losses more;
Misers their Gains, on t'other side, belie,
And, for their Credit, will their Wealth deny,
Glory more in Affected Poverty;
Which by their Avarice, is truly such,
Of Wealth have but too little, as too much,
Which as more, they more, to their own Use grutch;
The Cully for a crafty Knave wou'd pass,
The true Cheat for a Bubble, and an Ass,
Better to bring his Knavish Ends about;
The Cowards brag most, but because least stout,
Talks moft, and most big, to be least found out;
The silent Braves, who no Flesh dare to fear,
To Brag, or Lie, for Life nor Honour dare;
Vain Fools, more to their Shame, set up for Praise,
Old Fumblers for brisk Whore-masters wou'd pass,
Boast their Abilities, to their Disgrace;
Young Lusty Whore-masters, for Fumblers too,
And Impotent, with Men will often go,
But with their Women to have more to do;
Exactest Beauties affect Carelesness,
Nature's neglected, as their Beauty's less,
Affect ftill more Exactness in their Dress;
Each Strict Dame in her Carr’age is more free,
The Loose in hers, seems more constrain'd to be;
More to be with her Friend, in private, loose,
Abroad, reservedness, to 'scape Scandal shows,
Fools, but to stop our Ears, their Silence break,
The True Wit's dumb, whom we wou'd court, to speak;
As the good Voices, and best Singers are,
More giv'n to hold their Tongues, whom we wou'd hear,
Mouths we wou'd stop, from singing can't forbear;
The Single Man, most fain wou'd Marry'd be,
The Marry'd Man, more fain from Marr'age Free;

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