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author of "Now It Can Be ToldPresents an arresting picture of the world today



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With the brilliance of the greatest of living journalists and with the sincerity of
a witness and prophet, Philip Gibbs paints in this book the world that was, the
agony it went through, and the things we must face if we are to save the future.
Particularly valuable is his analysis of the factors that menace present and
future. No detail escapes him, from the Dawes Report to the Ku Klux Klan;
both the countries of Europe and America are held in his world-view.
Here is no confusing clutter of day-by-day journalism, but a perspective on all
the difficult problems the world faces today. Yet there is something beyond this
lucidity and grasp; there is the profound emotion, the passion for truth that
so distinguished "The Middle of the Road" and "Now It Can Be Told."

No one who takes his twentieth century seriously
can afford to miss this challenging document.

$2.50 DORAN GEORGE H. DORAN COMPANY DORAN BOOKS 244 Madison Avenue, New York



By UPTON SINCLAIR The most revolutionary criticism of literature and the arts ever penned. 400 pagos, cloth $2.00, paper -bound $1.00, postpaid

UPTON SINCLAIR, Pasadena, California



"HE peace and charm of rural life were


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CHEN one of the chapters in this book

this human, wise little book. Rusticus, kindly observer and critic of nature, takes you about his country home, where you make the acquaintance of the farm folk of whom he is justly proud: Cerberus, oneeyed dog and perfect companion; the pig, "the humorist of the farm, an incorrigible wag and nature's most perfect clown"; The Field Marshal of the poultry yard, “the bird who never has had and never will have an 'inferiority complex'"; the tranquil cow, "a bovine ruminant in three letters." and the Incomparable One, who understands and loves them all. A book of whimsical wit and philosophy that every essay-lover will want to read aloud.

appeared in the Atlantic Monthly the response was so tremendous that the entire edition of the magazine was sold at once and we received hundreds of requests to reprint it. This remarkable personal record is an important contribution to the religious thought of the day.


8 Arlington Street, Boston

Charmingly illustrated. $1.50

8 Arlington Street, Boston

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It has been suggested that an advance copy of the puzzle on the
opposite page must have found its way to Mr. Dawes's room in the
Hotel Willard on a certain disastrous afternoon some three weeks
ago. Try it yourself and see how readily it might beguile anyone
who, like the Vice President or the average Living Age reader, is
thoroughly posted on every angle of politics, literature, geography,
and culture throughout the length and breadth of the civilized world.

lololololololololo 1000000

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7. Thus.


pro nobis.


8. First president of the German Republic.
9. To deliver in trust for a special purpose.
11. A city of Central Russia.

Ruska, a town in Austria.
13. Afresh.
20. One of a South American tribe of Indians.
24. Food for animals.
25. What poor Nicholas used to be.
26. And (Fr.)
27. Czech dramatist, author of R. U. R.
28. Indian soldier employed by a European

29. What travelers long to find in a desert

30. A watch.
31. Turkish vilayet in Asia Minor.
32. Homer's immortal cpic.
33. do-well.
41. A sca between Europe and Asia.
42. German port, after which a famous sub-

marine was named.
47. A province in South Africa.
48. The gentle Elia.
50. A Persian poet of the 13th century.
52. English writer, recently knighted, famed for

his Life of Shakespeare and the author of a

new life of Edward VII.
53. Second person singular, present indicative,

of verb to be" in Italian.
54. What you'll get into, intellectually, if you

neglect your Living Age.
55. Japanese prince and noted statesman.
56. German for "out."
57. Uganda Agrarian Society (abbr.).
58. Legend on the stop light of an automobile.
60. Thou (Ger.).

14. What the natives are said to do to the tour

15. A Living Age author and French literature s

chief ornament who recently died (two

16. First name of an American actress now play-

ing in a Vajda comedy.
17. Famous German operatic soprano (initials).
18. Female of the sheep.
19. What you write before James M. Barrie now.
21. A city in Tuscany.
22. A recent British Prime Minister.
23. Abbreviation for Trinitrotoluene.
25. Bohemian.
34. Ex-Empress of Austria, and a contributor to

The Living Age.
35. Concerning.
36. What The Living Age is to foreign under-

37. Initials of a famous Mexican general and

38. Initials of the chief American newsgathering

39. South Georgia (abbr.).
40. Cold as

42. To

or not to

43. On many traffic signs.
44. One (Ger.).
45. A river in Switzerland.
46. An Archipelago north of Scotland.
49. Privy Seal (abbr.).
SI. A seaport in South Eastern Spain.
56. One of the Triple Entente.
59. A city in British India.
60. A town in Kamerun, W. Africa.
61. A paid publicity notice.
62. A 20th century Caesar who wears a black

shirt - and is of course a Living Age contrib-
utor (two words).

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