FAIRS and exhibitions of various sorts come into their own in the month of May, as Europe begins to gather way for its summer activities. Of prime importance is the reopening of the British Empire Exhibition for its second season, which will last until October; but there will be other exhibits of great interest in Europe, among them the Agricultural Machinery Exhibit and the Exhibition of Building Trades, both at Breslau; the Fair of German Invention at Manheim, May 1 to 7; the Munich Art Exhibition from May to September; the Vienna Exhibition of Arts, from May to June 30; and the International Exhibition of Hygienics — also at Vienna — April 1 to June 30; the Austrian Arts and Industry Exhibition in London, opening in May and continuing until October; a Horse Fair at Asti, in Italy; the International Tobacco Exhibition at Amsterdam during May and June; an Exposition of Agricultural and Horticultural Products at Avignon, April 25 to May 3; a similar display at Rennes during April and May; and the International Water Power Exhibition at Grenoble, May to October. London will hold a Printing Exhibition at Agricultural Hall May 16 to 30.

Gothenburg will hold its Eighth Swedish Fair May 8 to 10, and there will be a Furniture Exhibition in Berlin April 30 to May 9, while in Paris the International Philatelic Exhibition will be in progress one day longer, and the Entreprise Générale will display furniture throughout the month. Both Paris and Milan will hold International Exhibitions of Modern Decorative Art, in which Belgium will participate, from May to October. Prague has arranged an Agricultural Exhibition May 15 to 21, and Marseille an Exhibit of Inventions and Radio May 15 to June 30. The Stuttgart Agricultural Exhibition, which will include both live stock and seeds, will begin May 27 and end on June 1. Posen will hold an International Sample Fair May 3 to 10.

One of the most interesting German events will be the Millennial Anniversary Exhibition of Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle), which will continue through June and July. Coblenz will hold the One Thousandth Rhineland Anniversary Festival throughout May.

The Spring Salon will continue in Paris until June 28, and there will be numerous smaller artexhibits at various galleries, among them drawings by Picart le Doux at the Nouvel Essor, April 28 to May 12; paintings by Fautrier at the Galerie Visconti on the same dates; and lithographs by J. Laboureur at the Nouvel Essor, May 14 to 31. Antwerp will combine an Exhibition of Art with an Exhibition illustrating the history of the city, from May to October. Of especial interest to musicians are the Mozart Festival at Baden-Baden which begins in May, the International Musical Competition which opens at Cannes May 31, with 100,000 fr. in prizes, and the International Music Festival at Prague, May 15 to 19.

During May there will be a number of those quaint religious festivals known in Brittany as 'Pardons,' among them the Pardon at Spezet, May 3; the ‘Pardon of the Birds,' at Quimperlé, May 10; the ‘Pardon of St. Yves,' at Paimpol, May 19; a Pardon and a torchlight procession at Montcontour, May 30; and a two-day Pardon at Chapelle St. Carré (Côtes du Nord), May 31 to June 1.

In Italy there will be several celebrations of great religious interest, including the ebullition of St. Gennaro's blood at Naples; a celebration in honor of Our Lady of Divine Love at Rome; the Festival of the Grillo at Florence; the Festival of the Candles at Gubbio; the Festival of St. Nicholas with the traditional procession and the blessing of the sea at Bari; the Festival of St. Luke at Bologna; and the Festival of the Bucintoro at Venice. The Procession of the Holy Blood will take place at Bruges May 4.

· Horse-racing will be in full swing all through the month. Special events are the Grand Prix Ambrosiano (100,000 lire) and the Grand Prix (250,000 lire) on the San Siro Race Track at Milan; the trotting-races (500,000 lire) at Trieste; and races for the Florio Cup and prize at Palermo, which will also have horse races and a flower show; and motor-boat races on Lake Maggiore at Stresa. British sporting-events will include race meets at Newmarket, May 1; Hurst Park, May 2; Chester, May 6; Kempton Park, May 9; the Newmarket Stakes, May 13; the Derby, May 27; and the Oaks, May 29; plus the Amateur Golf Championship, May 20. Austria will offer the Semmering Motor Races on May 24.

Tokyo announces a general tournament in Kenjitsu (fencing) and in wrestling.

At Heemstede, near Haarlem, the International Flower Show will continue. Special displays for May include the Belgian Flower Show by the Société Royale d'Agriculture et Botanique de Gand, April 24 to May 3; the exhibition of bouquets, flowers, baskets, and cut flowers, May 6 to 10; and the International Flower Show, May 15 to 21.

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