The Official Kalendar, by J. Burke

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John Burke

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827. oldal - Treasurer of the Exchequer. Speaker of the House of Commons. Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.
281. oldal - The Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Common Council, Of the City of London...
241. oldal - In such freemen as have served seven years' apprenticeship to one and the same trade in the city or suburbs, and do not receive alms or weekly charity, such freemen being duly sworn and enrolled ; 20th November, 1722—2,400.
657. oldal - COMMANDERS. To each of the first 150 on the List .. 0 10 0 To the remainder 0 8 6 LIEUTENANTS. To each of the first 300 on the List ..070 To each of the next 700...
523. oldal - The new badge for the military classes of the Order is a gold Maltese cross, of eight points, enamelled argent, in the four angles, a lion passant guardant, or; in the centre, the rose, thistle, and shamrock, issuant from a sceptre between three imperial crowns, or, within a circle gules; thereon the motto of the Order, surrounded by two branches of laurel proper, issuing from an escrol azure...
113. oldal - Parliament, the right of electing being vested in thirtv-six persons paying scot and lot, and inhabiting houses built on ancient foundations. The electors were notoriously influenced by the Duke of Rutland and Lord Calthorpe. Among them, -however, were some men of integrity, as was gloriously evinced during the contest of 1786, when a cottager rejected a proffered bribe of £1,000; it was, however, disfranchised by the Reform Bill in 1832.
661. oldal - His Royal Highness Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex, Earl of Inverness, and Baron of Arklow.
771. oldal - supporting and educating the children of soldiers, sailors, and marines, natives of •Scotland, who have died or been disabled in the service -of their country ; and of indigent Scotch parents, resident in London, not entitled to parochial relief.
645. oldal - Officers; and the Ratings of every Description both of Seamen and Marines allowed to each Class of His Majesty's Ships, with their Rates of Nett Sea Pay respectively ; and distinguishing the several Classes for sharing the produce of Seizures.
391. oldal - Esquires, men thereunto especially recommended for their worthiness and sufficiency, without any stain or taint of dishonour, or disparagement in blood. Her Majesty and other Princes her predecessors have found great use of their service, as well in the guard and defence of their royal persons...

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