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36 The Mind of Shakspeare. Quotations on 500 Subjects.

By the Rev. AARON A. MORGAN, M.A. 37 Sir Walter Scott's Poetical Works. With Memoir. 38 Shakspere, Complete, with Poems and Sonnets. Edited by

CHARLES KNIGHT. 40 Milton's Poetical Works. From the Text of Dr. NEWTON. 41 Sacred Poems. A Selection from the Poets, Devotional and

Moral. 42 Sydney Smith's Essays. From the Edinburgh Review. 43 Choice Poems and Lyrics. From 130 Poets. 44 Cruden's Concordance to the Old and New Testament.

Edited by the Rev. C. S. Carey. 572 pp. Three Columns on a page. 45 Tales of a Wayside Inn. H. W. LONGFELLOW. Complete. 46 Dante's Inferno.

Translated by H. W. LONGFELLOW. 47 Purgatorio.

With extensive Notes. 48

Paradiso. 49 Household Stories, Collected by the Brothers GRIMM.

Newly Translated. Comprises nearly 200 Tales, in 564 pages. 50 Fairy Tales and Stories. By HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN.

Translated by Dr. H. W. DULCKEN. 85 Tales, in 575 pages. 51 Foxe's Book of Martyrs. Abridged by BUCKLEY. 52 Sir Walter Scott's Tales of a Grandfather; Being Stories

taken from Scottish History. Unabridged. 640 pages. 53 The Boy's Own Book of Natural History. By the Rev.

J. G. WOOD, M.A. 400 Illustrations. 54 Robinson Crusoe. With 52 Plates by J. D. WATSON, 55 George Herbert's Works, in Prose and Verse. Edited by

the Rev. R. WILLMOTT. 56 Gulliver's Travels into Several Remote Regions of the

World. By JONATHAN Swift. 57 Captain Cook's Three Voyages Round the World.

With a Sketch of his Life by Lieut. C. R. Low. 512 pages. 58 Evenings at Home. By Dr. Aikin and Mrs. BARBAULD.

Edited by CECIL HARTLEY, M.A. 59 Walton and Cotton's Complete Angler, with Additions

and Notes by the Angling Correspondent of the Illustrated London News. 60 Campbell's Poetical Works.

[Many Illustrations. 61 Lamb's Tales from Shakspeare. 62 Comic Poets of the Nineteenth Century. 63 The Arabian Nights' Entertainments. 64 The Adventures of Don Quixote. Translated by JARVIS. 65 Adventures of Gil Blas. Translated by SMOLLETT. 66 Pope's Homer's Iliad and Odyssey. Complete in i Vol. 67 Defoe's Journal of the Plague Year, and Great Fire of 68 Wordsworth's Poetical Works.

(London. GEORGE ROUTLEDGE & SONS, Broadway, Ludgate Hill.

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