The Jester's Magazine: Or, The Monthly Merrymaker, 1-15. kiadás

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S. Bladon., 1767

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244. oldal - As the lark, with vary'd tune, Carols to the evening loud ; Mark the mild resplendent Moon, Breaking through a parted cloud! Now the hermit Howlet peeps From the barn, or twisted brake: And the blue mist slowly creeps, Curling on the silver lake.
18. oldal - ... we can in this way. Cruel and unmerciful as they are, by habit and long example in war, yet whenever they come to give way to the native dictates of humanity, they exercise virtues which Christians need not blush to imitate. When they once determine to give life, they give every thing with it, •which, in their apprehension, belongs to it.
203. oldal - The old man, who regarded her as one of his own children, had her instructed in dancing and music by the masters who attended the rest of his family ; thus she continued to improve till he died, by which accident she was once more reduced to pristine poverty.
243. oldal - IN the barn the tenant cock, Close to Partlet perch'd on high, Briskly crows, (the shepherd's clock!) Jocund that the morning's nigh. Swiftly, from the mountain's brow, Shadows, hurs'd by night retire ; And the peeping sun-beam, now Paints with gold the village spire.
75. oldal - Cymon, because people of that sort had always been most to his mind. Residing there, and doing all sorts of drudgery pertaining to that kind of life, it happened one day, as he was going, about noon-tide, with his staff upon his shoulder, from one farm to another, that he passed through a pleasant grove, which, as it was then the month of May, was all in bloom.
243. oldal - Darting through the one-arch'd bridge, Quick she dips her dappled wing. Now the pine-tree's waving top Gently greets the morning gale ; Kidlings, now, begin to crop Daisies, on the dewy dale.
244. oldal - O'er the river, rock, and hill, Cannot catch a single sound, Save the clack of yonder mill. Cattle court the zephyrs bland, Where the streamlet wanders cool, Or with languid silence stand Midway in the marshy pool.
433. oldal - The above method is the only one which they take to avoid the effe&s of this fatal blaft ; and when it is over, they get up and look round them for their companions, and, if they fee any one lying motionlefs, they take hold of an arm or a leg, and pull and jerk it with fome force...
244. oldal - FERVID on the glitt'ring flood, Now the noontide radiance glows : Drooping o'er its infant bud, Not a dew-drop's left the rose. By the brook the shepherd dines, From the fierce meridian heat, Shelter'd by the branching pines, Pendent o'er bis grassy seat.
318. oldal - Come, dear Amanda, quit the town, And to the rural hamlets fly ; Behold ! the wintry storms are gone : A gentle radiance glads the sky. The birds awake, the flowers appear, Earth spreads a verdant couch for thee; "Tis joy and music all we hear, 'Tis love and beauty all we see. Come, let us mark the gradual spring, How peeps the bud, the blossom blows; 'Till Philomel begins to sing, And perfect May to swell the rose.

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