The Statesman's Year-book

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Frederick Martin, Sir John Scott Keltie, Isaac Parker Anderson Renwick, Mortimer Epstein, Sigfrid Henry Steinberg, John Paxton, Brian Hunter (Librarian), Barry Turner
St. Martin's Press, 1898

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9. oldal - The executive government of Great Britain and Ireland is vested nominally in the Crown ; but practically in a committee of ministers, commonly called the Cabinet, which has come to absorb the function of the ancient Privy Council, or 'the King in Council...
108. oldal - Money, Weights, and Measures. The weights and measures of Ceylon are the same as those of the United Kingdom. The money of the country is the rupee of British India with cents in place of annas and pice ; thus Ceylon has a decimal coinage.
293. oldal - Secondary education is entirely under the control either of private persons or proprietary bodies, usually connected with some religious denomination. There were in 1894-95 867 private schools in Victoria, with 2,141 teachers, and attended by 38,062 scholars.
150. oldal - In the ten financial years from 1878 to 1887, the value (in tens of rupees) of the new coinage was as follows: — On July 16, 1861, an Act was passed by the Government of India, providing for the issue of a paper currency through a Government department of Public Issue, by means of promissory notes. Circles of i.ssue were established from time to time, as found necessary, and the notes were made legal tender within the circle...
29. oldal - According to a return of 1882 the Church of England possessed 14,573 registered churches and chapels, in which marriages could be solemnised. Since 1818 the Church Building and the Ecclesiastical Commissioners have formed upwards of 3,000 new ecclesiastical districts. Each parish has its church, presided over by an incumbent or minister, who must be in priest's orders, and who is known as rector, vicar, or perpetual curate, according to his relation to the temporalities of his parish. Private persons...
639. oldal - Parliament is not sitting, it is represented by a committee of twelve persons, consisting of the presidents of both Chambers, two members of the Upper, and eight of the Lower House. A special court of justice, called the Staats-Gerichtshof, is appointed guardian of the constitution and of the rights and privileges of the Houses of Parliament.
402. oldal - In the northern provinces the Indian element preponderates, while in Pernambuco, Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, and Minas the negroes are numerous. At the seaports, the chief part of the population is of European descent.
220. oldal - The sovereign, of the weight and fineness now established, four dollars and eighty-six and two-third cents ; the crown piece, one dollar and twenty cents ; the half-crown piece, sixty cents ; the florin, forty-eight cents ; the shilling, twenty-four cents; the sixpence, twelve cents.
117. oldal - ... the revenues of India, both in India and elsewhere, shall be subject to the control of the Secretary of State in Council; and no grant or appropriation of any part of such revenues...
783. oldal - Resident and his assistants exercise almost absolute control over the province in their charge ; not, however, directly, but by means of a vast hierarchy of native officials. There is a regular and unceasing personal intercourse between the native chiefs and the Controleurs, who act as the immediate agents of the Resident. The native officials receive either salaries or percentages on the amount of the taxes gathered from the natives. In the

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