The Statesman's Year-book

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MacMillan Press Limited, 1890

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242. oldal - The control of native affairs, and the entire responsibility of dealing with questions of native government were transferred in 1863 from the Imperial to the Colonial Government. In 1865, the seat of Government was removed from Auckland to Wellington, on account of the central position of the latter city.
385. oldal - By its provisions, the executive power is vested in a President, elected for a term of four years...
114. oldal - State are, under the direction of the Secretary of State, to conduct the business transacted in the United Kingdom in relation to the government of and the correspondence with India ; but every order sent to India must be signed by the secretary, and all despatches from governments and presidencies in India must be addressed to the secretary.
829. oldal - I. The representatives of the people, assembled at Bucharest, proclaimed Roumania's independence from Turkey, May 21, 1877, which was confirmed by Art. 43 of the Congress of Berlin, signed July 13, 1878. Constitution and Government. The constitution now in force in Roumania was voted by a Constituent Assembly, elected by universal suffrage, in the summer of 1866.
191. oldal - Dominion shall be similar in principle to that of the United Kingdom ' ; that the executive authority shall be vested in the Sovereign of Great Britain and Ireland, and carried on in her name by a GovernorGeneral and Privy Council ; and that the legislative power shall be exercised by a Parliament of two Houses, called the ' Senate ' and the
327. oldal - To give validity to bills passed by the Reichsrath, the consent of both Chambers is required, as well as the sanction of the head of the State. The members of both the Upper and the Lower House have the right to propose new laws on subjects within the competence of the Reichsrath ; but in all other matters the initiative belongs solely to the Government.
146. oldal - The units of weight and measures of capacity shall be, for weights, the said ser ; for measures of capacity, a measure containing one such ser of water at its maximum density, weighed in a vacuum.
30. oldal - Church is a perfect democracy, all the members being equal, none of them having power or pre-eminence of any kind over another. There is in each parish a parochial tribunal, called a kirk session...
6. oldal - Act of 1867 settled that the Parliament ' in being at any future demise of the Crown shall not be determined by such demise, but shall continue as long as it would otherwise have continued unless dissolved by the Crown.
7. oldal - The Lower House of legislature, representing, in constitutional theory, all the ' Commons of England,' has consisted, since 49 Hen. III., of knights of the shire, or representatives of counties; of citizens, or representatives of cities; and of burgesses, or representatives of boroughs, all of whom indistinctly vote together.

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