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well as for dear friends in one place and another until it was bed time, and I feared I should hinder the family, &c. But, O, with what reluctancy did I feel myself obliged to consume time in sleep! I longed to be as a flame of fire, continually glowing in the divine service, and building up Christ's kingdom, to my latest, my dying moment.

May 23. "In the morning, was in the same frame of mind as in the evening before. The glory of Christ's kingdom so much outshone the pleasure of earthly accommodations and enjoyments, that they appeared comparatively nothing, though in themselves good and desirable. My soul was melted in secret meditation and prayer; and I found myself divorced from any part or portion in this world; so that in those affairs which seemed of the greatest importance to me with respect to the present life, and in those with which the tenderest feelings of the heart are most sensibly connected; I could only say, "the will of the Lord be done." But just the same things, which I felt the evening before, I felt now, and found the same freedom in prayer for the people of my charge, for the propagation of the gospel among the Indians, and for the enlargement and spiritual welfare of Zion in general, and my dear friends in particular now, as I did then; and longed to burn out in one continued flame for God. Retained much of the same frame through the day. In the evening I was visited by my brother JOHN BRAINERD; the first visit which I have ever received from any near relative since I have been a missionary. Felt the same flame of spirit in the evening, as in the morning; and found that it was good for me to draw near to God, and leave all my concerns and burdens with him. Was enlarged and refreshed in pouring out my soul for the propagation of the gospel of the Redeemer among the distant tribes of Indians. Blessed be God. If ever I filled up a day with study and devotion, I was enabled so to fill up this day.

May 24. "Visited the Indians, and took care of their secular business; which they are not able to manage themselves, without the constant care and advice of others. Afterwards discoursed to some of them particularly about their spiritual concerns. Enjoyed this day somewhat of the same frame of mind which I felt the day before.

Lord's day, May 25. "Discoursed both parts of the day from John xii. 44-48. "Jesus cried and said, He that believeth on me, &c." There was some degree of divine power attending the word of God. Several wept, and appeared considerably affected, and one, who had long been under spiritual trouble, now obtained clearness and comfort, and appeared to rejoice in God her Saviour. It was a day of grace and divine goodness; a day wherein something I trust was done for the cause of God among my people; a season of comfort and sweetness to

numbers of the religious people; although there was not that influence upon the congregation which was common some months ago."

This week, at least the former part of it, he was in a very weak state, but yet seems to have been free from melancholy, which often had attended the failing of his bodily strength. He from time to time speaks of comfort and inward refreshment this week.

Lord's day, June 1, 1746. " Preached both forenoon and afternoon from Matt. xi. 27, 28. The presence of God seemed to be in the assembly; and numbers were considerably melted and affected under divine truths. There was a desirable appearance in the congregation in general, an earnest attention and an agreeable tenderness; and it seemed as if God designed to visit us with further showers of divine grace. I then baptized ten persons: five adults, and five children; and was not a little refreshed with this addition made to the church of such as I hope will be saved. I have reason to hope that God has 1 lately, at and since our celebration of the Lord's supper, brought to himself several persons who had long been under spiritual trouble and concern; although there have been few instances of persons lately awakened out of a state of security. Those comforted of late seem to be brought in, in a more silent way; neither their concern, nor consolation being so powerful and remarkable, as appeared among those more suddenly wrought upon in the beginning of this work of grace.

June 2. "In the evening, enjoyed some freedom in secret prayer and meditation.

June 3. "My soul rejoiced, early in the morning, to think that all things were at God's disposal. Oh, it pleased me to leave them there! Felt afterwards much as I did on Thursday evening last, May 22, and continued in that frame for several hours. Walked out in the wilderness, and enjoyed freedom, fervency and comfort in prayer, and again enjoyed the same in the evening.


June 4. Spent the day in writing, and enjoyed some comfort, satisfaction and freedom in my work. In the evening, I was favoured with a sweet refreshing frame of soul in secret prayer and meditation. Prayer was now wholly turned into praise, and I could do little else but try to adore and bless the living God. The wonders of his grace displayed in gathering to himself a church among the poor Indians here, were the subject matter of my meditation, and the occasion of exciting my soul to praise and bless his name. My soul was scarcely ever more disposed to inquire, What I should render to God for all his benefits? than at this time. Oh, I was brought into a strait,

a sweet and happy strait, to know what to do: I longed to make some returns to God; but found I had nothing to return: I could only rejoice that God had done the work himself; and that none in heaven or earth might pretend to share the honour of it with him. I could only be glad that God's declarative glory was advanced by the conversion of these souls, and that it was to the enlargement of his kingdom in the world; but saw I was so poor that I had nothing to offer to him. My soul and body, through grace, I could cheerfully surrender to him; but it appeared to me this was rather a burden than a gift; and nothing could I do to glorify his dear and blessed name. Yet I was glad at heart, that he was unchangeably possessed of glory and blessedness. Oh that he might be adored and praised by all his intelligent creatures to the utmost extent of their capacities! My soul would have rejoiced to see others praise him, though I could do nothing towards it myself."

The next day he speaks of his being subject to some degree of melancholy; but of being somewhat relieved in the evening.

June 6. "Discoursed to my people from part of Is. liii. The divine presence appeared to be among us in some measure.Several persons were much melted and refreshed; and one man in particular, who had long been under concern for his soul, was now brought to see and feel, in a very lively manner, the impossibility of his doing any thing to help himself, or to bring him into the favour of God, by his tears, prayers and other religious performances; and found himself undone as to any power or goodness of his own, and that there was no way left him but to leave himself with God, to be disposed of as he pleased.

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June 7. "Being desired by the Rev. WILLIAM TENNENT to be his assistant in the administration of the Lord's Supper, I this morning rode to Freehold to render that assistance. My people also being invited to attend the sacramental solemnity; they cheerfully embraced the opportunity, and this day attended the preparatory services with me.

"In the afternoon I preached from Psalm lxxiii. 28. • But it is good for me to draw near to God,' &c. God gave me some freedom and warmth in my discourse and I trust his presence was in the assembly. Was comfortably composed, enjoyed a thankful frame of spirit, and my soul was grieved, that I could not render something to God for his benefits bestowed. O that I could be swallowed up in his praise !

Lord's day, June 8. "Spent much time in the morning in secret duties, but between hope and fear respecting the enjoy ment of God in the business of the day then before us. Was agreeably entertained in the forenoon by a discourse from Mr.

TENNENT, and felt somewhat melted and refreshed. In the season of communion, enjoyed some comfort; and especially in serving one of the tables. Blessed be the Lord! it was a time of refreshing to me, and I trust to many others.

"Most of my people, who had been communicants at the Lord's table, before being present at this sacramental occasion, communed with others in the holy ordinance, at the desire, and I trust to the satisfaction and comfort of numbers of God's people, who had longed to see this day, and whose hearts had rejoiced in this work of grace among the Indians, which prepared the way for what appeared so agreeable at this time. Those of my people who communed, seemed in general, agreeably af fected at the Lord's table, and some of them considerably melted with the love of Christ, although they were not so remarkably refreshed and feasted at this time, as when I administered this ordinance to them in our own congregation only. A number of my dear people sat down by themselves at the last table; at which time God seemed to be in the midst of them. Some of the by-standers were affected with seeing those who had been aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers to the covenant of promise,' who of all men had lived without hope and without God in the world,' now brought near to God, as his professing people, and sealing their covenant with him, by a solemn and devout attendance upon this sacred ordinance. As numbers of God's people were refreshed with this sight, and thereby excited to bless God for the enlargement of his kingdom in the world; so some others, I was told, were awakened by it, apprehending the danger they were in of being themselves finally cast out; while they saw others from the east and west preparing, and hopefully prepared in some good measure, to sit down in the kingdom of God. At this season others of my people also, who were not communicants, were considerably affected; convictions were revived in several instances; and one, the man particularly mentioned in my journal of the 6th instant, obtained comfort and satisfaction; and has since given me such an account of his spiritual exercises, and the manner in which he obtained relief, as appears very hopeful. It seems as if He, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, had now shined into his heart, and given him the light of,' and experimental knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.'



"In the afternoon God enabled me to preach with uncommon freedom, from 2 Cor. v. 20. “Now then we are ambassadors for Christ," &c. Through the great goodness of God, I was favoured with a constant flow of pertinent matter, and proper expressions, from the beginning to the end of my discourse. In the evening I could not but rejoice in God, and bless him in the manifestations of grace in thday past? Oh it was a sweet

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and solemn day and evening! a season of comfort to the godly, and of awakening to some souls! Oh that I could praise the Lord!

June 9. " Enjoyed some sweetness in secret duties. A considerable number of my people met together early in a retired place in the woods, and prayed, sang, and conversed of divine things; and were seen by some religious persons of the white people to be affected and engaged, and divers of them in tears in these religious exercises. Preached the concluding sermon from Gen. v. 24. "And Enoch walked with God," &c. God gave me enlargement and fervency in my discourse, so that I was enabled to speak with plainness and power; and God's presence seemed to be in the assembly. Praised be the Lord, it was a sweet meeting, a desirable assembly. I found my strength renewed, and lengthened out even to a wonder, so that I felt much stronger at the conclusion than in the beginning of this sacramental solemnity. I have great reason to bless God for this solemnity; wherein I have found assistance in addressing others, and sweetness in my own soul.

"After my people had attended the concluding exercises of the sacramental solemnity, they returned home; many of them rejoicing for all the goodness of God which they had seen and felt so that this appeared to be a profitable as well as comfortable season to numbers of my congregation. Their being present at this occasion, and a number of them communing at the Lord's table with other Christians, was, 1 trust, for the honour of God and the interest of religion in these parts; as numbers I have reason to think, were quickened by means of it."

On Tuesday, he found himself spent, and his spirits exhausted by his late labours; and on Wednesday complains of vapoury disorders and dejection of spirits, and of enjoying but little comfort and spirituality.

June 12. "In the evening enjoyed freedom of mind and some sweetness in secret prayer. It was a desirable season to me; my soul was enlarged in prayer for my own dear people, and for the enlargement of Christ's kingdom, and especially for the propagation of the Gospel among the Indians, far back in the wilderness. Was refreshed in prayer for dear friends in New England and elsewhere. I found it sweet to pray at this time; and could, with all my heart say, 'It is good for me to draw near to God.'

June 13. "Preached to my people upon the new creature, from 2 Cor. v. 17, If any man be in Christ,' &c. The presence of God seemed to be in the assembly. It was a sweet and agreeable meeting, wherein the people of God were re



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