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tion, 717— Postscript, 847.
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scene, as if betwixt a traveller and a
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lation of Faust, reviewed, 223.

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of England, 253_his Hymns of a Her- the Trial, 593- Part IV. the Disco -
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Aytoun, 689.
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Faust, reviewed, 223,

land, lines on them, by R. M. Milnes,
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lation of Faust, reviewed, 223.

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Casuistry, 260_Case I. Health, 262-

Case II. Laws of hospitality in colli- Goblin lady, the, a comedy by Calderon
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giving characters to servants who have Goethe's Life and Works, reviewed, No.
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Hints of History, or a Glance at the Dark

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combat, 277-Chivalry, 280 - Joan Opium Question, the, considered, 368,
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tures and statues at the University of,
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[ocr errors]

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Gaelic of the Song of the Aged Bard, weather, and comports herself gallantly,

193— Trip the Second, wherein the
Malachi, a passage in one of his Prophe- Lily proceedeth in quest of what seem-
cies, paraphrased, 355.

ed from the shore to be a shipwrecked
Martineau, Miss, her story of Deerbrook, mariner, 194— Trip the Third, wherein
reviewed, 177.

the Lily coasteth four miles to the west-
Menzel Wolfgang, his character

ward, and cometh home again, 196_
writer, considered, 154.

Trip the Fourth, wherein the Lily visit-
Milnes, R. M., his lines on Sir Walter eth a stranded ship, 197.

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his short poem of Breton Faith, 30 sung at the Symposium in the Saloon,
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3d January 1840, 175-of the Veto,
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ed, 691,

tion of the Non-intrusion Committee,
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Alfred Pike of Arkansas, 354

Faust, reviewed, 223.



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Edinburgh : Printed by Ballantyne and Hughes, Paul's Work.

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