Letters about the Hudson River: And Its Vicinity. Written in 1835 & 1836 ...

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F. Hunt & Company, 1836 - 209 oldal

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168. oldal - Whatever argument may be drawn from particular examples, superficially viewed, a thorough examination of the subject will evince that the art of war is at once comprehensive and complicated ; that it demands much previous study ; and that the possession of it, in its most improved and perfect state, is always of great moment to the security of a nation.
168. oldal - The institution of a military academy is also recommended by cogent reasons. However pacific the general policy of a nation may be, it ought never to be without an adequate stock of military knowledge for emergencies.
170. oldal - That the said corps, when so organized, shall be stationed at West Point, in the State of New York, and shall constitute a military academy...
35. oldal - Army, on his return from the American lines in the Character of a Spy ; and notwithstanding the large bribes offered them for his release, nobly disdaining to sacrifice their Country for the sake of Gold, secured and conveyed him to the Commanding officer of the district, whereby the dangerous and traitorous conspiracy of Benedict Arnold was brought to light, the insidious designs of the Enemy baffled, and the United States...
171. oldal - The idea suggested by him of removing the institution to this place is also worthy of attention. Besides the advantage of placing it under the immediate eye of the Government, it may render its benefits common to the Naval Department, and will furnish opportunities of selecting on better information the characters most qualified to fulfill the duties which the public service may call for.
124. oldal - I have no where met with instances of friendship more tender and generous, than that which here subsisted between the slaves and their masters and mistresses. Extraordinary proofs of them have been often given in the course of hunting or Indian trading, when a young man and his slave have gone to the trackless woods together, in the cases of fits of the ague, loss of a canoe, and other casualties happening near hostile Indians.
35. oldal - Nearly half a century before this monument was built the conscript fathers of America had, in the senate 'chamber, voted that Isaac Van Wart was a faithful patriot, one in whom the love of country was Invincible, and this tomb bears testimony that the record is true.
122. oldal - One of these was in my time inhabited by a hermit. He was a Frenchman, and did not seem to inspire much veneration among the Albanians. They imagined, or had heard, that he retired to that solitude in remorse for some fatal duel in which he had been engaged ; and considered him as an idolater because he had an image of the virgin in his hut. I think he retired to Canada at last ; but I remember being ready to worship him for the sanctity with which my imagination invested him, and being cruelly disappointed...
34. oldal - Church, who died on the 23d of May, 1828, in the 69th year of his age. Having lived the life, he died the death of the Christian.
83. oldal - Gates' right occupied the brow of the hill near the river, with which it was connected by a deep intrenchment ; his camp in the form of a segment of a great circle, the convex towards the enemy, extended rather obliquely to his rear, about...

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