Tylney Hall, 2. kötet

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A. H. Baily, 1834

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2. oldal - But, ladies, there is an old and true proverb, that you may bring a horse to the water, but you cannot make him drink.
83. oldal - There was a listening fear in her regard, As if calamity had but begun ; As if the vanward clouds of evil days Had spent their malice, and the sullen rear Was with its stored thunder labouring up.
102. oldal - Or, Diggon her is, or I missay. Dig. Her was her while it was day-light, But now her is a most wretched wight.
283. oldal - Bacchus will preach to us out of a barrel, instead of the methodist Bundy. We'll drink to the King in good strong ale, like souls that are true and loyal, And a fig for Mrs. Hanway, camomile, sage and penny-royal ; And a fig for Master Gregory, that takes tipsy folks into custody, He was a wise man to-morrow, and will be a wiser man yesterday. ***** Come fill a bumper up, my boys, and toss off every drop of it...
57. oldal - Feasts as of people being put to the sword ; and the ravings of despair, which seemed to arise from an actual foretaste of torment, were strangely blended with rapturous shouts of
1. oldal - May fawn and sport, but never leave his nature. The jars of brothers, two such mighty ones, Are like a small stone thrown into a river, The breach scarce heard ; but view the beaten current, And you shall see a thousand angry rings Rise in his face, still swelling and still growing...
249. oldal - Item. An immense Macedoine of all the fruits of the season, jumbled together in jam, jelly, and cream. Such were some of the objects, interspersed with Serpentines of sherry, Peerless Pools of port, and New Rivers of Madeira, that saluted the eyes of the expectant guests, thus untimely reduced to the feast of reason and the flow of soul. The unfortunate hostess appeared ready to drop on the spot; but, according to Major Oakley's theory, she refrained from fainting among so many broken bottles ; whilst...
1. oldal - The sun, above the mountain's head, A freshening lustre mellow Through all the long green fields has spread, His first sweet evening yellow. Books! 'tis a dull and endless strife: Come, hear the woodland linnet, How...
248. oldal - ... Glasse again. Item. A large pound crab, sitting upright against a table, and nursing a chicken between its claws. Item. A collard eel, uncoiled, and threatening like a boa constrictor to swallow a fowl. Item. A Madeira pond, in a dish cover, with a duck drowned in it. Item. A pig's face, with a snout smelling at a bunch of artificial flowers. Item. A leg of lamb, as yellow as the leg of a boy at Christ's hospital, thanks to the mustard-pot. Item. A tongue all over
212. oldal - ... of humour. Mrs. Twigg scolded and wept by turns, and threatened to faint, but had not time to spare for fits; and the cook fumed and broiled at her mistress's culinary interference. The coachman sulkily helped in the kitchen, to whip cream instead of horses. The butler quarrelled with the footmen; and the housemaids among

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