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? Is by the stern Lord Clifford done to death.] Done to death for killed, was a common expression long before Shakespeare's time. Thus Chaucer :

And said, that if ye done us both to die.
And Spencer mentions a plague which many did to dye.

JOHNSON. The expression is according to the French idiom — faire mourir.

A. B.


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Though I kill him not, I am the cause
His death was so effected : better 'twere,
I met the ravin lion when he roar'd,
With sharp constraint of hunger.

Alls well that ends well, A. Ž, S. 2. ,
Call me their traitor !--thou injurious tribune !
Within thine eyes fat twenty thousand deaths,
In thy hands clutch'd as many millions, in
Thy lying tongue both numbers, I would say,
Thou lieft unto thee, with a voice as free
As I do pray the gods. Coriolanus, A. 3, S. 3.

All comfort go with thee! For none abides with me: my joy is--death! Death, at whose name I oft have been afraid, Because I wish'd this world's eternity.

Henry VI. P. 2, A. 2, S. 4. Oft have I seen a timely-parted ghosts Of ashy seinblance, meagre, pale, and bloodless Being all descended to the labouring heart; Who in the conflict that it holds with death, Attracts the same for aidance 'gainst the enemy, Which with the heart there cools, and ne'er returns, To blush and beautify the cheek again.

Henry VI. P. 2, A. 3, S. 2.

Beware of yonder dog;
Look, when he fawns, he bites; and when he bites,
His venom tooth will rankle to the death :
Have not to do with him, beware of him;
Sin, death, and hell, have set their marks upon him,
And all their ministers attend on him.

Rich. III. A. 1, S. 3.
Have I a tongue to doom my brother's death,
And shall that tongue give pardon to a flave?
My brother kill'd no man, his fault was thought,
And yet his punishment was bitter death.


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