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Now 'tis the spring, and weeds are shallow-rooted;
Suffer them now, and they'll o'ergrow the garden,
And choak the herbs for want of husbandry.
The reverent care, I bear unto my lord,
Made me collect these dangers in the duke.

Henry VI. P.2, A. 3, S. 1.

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This line, I think, should be pointed thus :

.“ To wake, and wage a danger profitless." To " wage war” is to engage in war. To “ wage danger" will therefore signify to engage in an hazardous exploit. A. B.


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John, A. 3, S. 4.

The sun is in the heaven; and the proud day,
Attended with the pleasures of the world,
Is all too wanton, and too full of gawds,
To give me audience.- K. John, A. 3
On this day, let seamen fear no wreck,
No bargains break, that are not this day made.
This day, all things begun come to ill end;
Yea, faith itself to hollow falsehood change.

K. John, A. 3. S. 1.

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And he doth sin, that doth belie the dead;
Not he, which says the dead is not alive.

Henry IV. P. 2, A. I, S. 1.
In few, his death (whose spirit lent a fire
Even to the dullest peasant in his camp)
Being bruited once, took fire and heat away .
From the best temper'd courage in his troops.

Henry IV. P. 2, A. I, S. I. I am a tainted wether of the flock, Meetest for death; the weakest kind of fruit Drops earliest to the ground, and so let me.

Merch. of Venice, A. 4, S. 1. Your father was ever virtuous; and holy men, At their death, have good inspirations.

Merch. of Venice, A. 1, S. 2. Young Arthur's death is common in their mouths, And when they talk of him, they shake their heads, And whisper one another in the ear; And he, that speaks, doth gripe the hearer's wrist; Whilft he, that hears, makes fearful action With wrinkled brows, with nods, with rolling eyes.

King John, A. 4, S. 2.

- Without this match,
The sea enraged is not half so deaf,
Lions more confident, mountains and rocks
More free from motion ; no, not Death himself
In mortal fury half fo peremptory,
As we to keep this city. King John, A. 2, S. 2.

Oh amiable lovely death!
Thou odoriferous stench! found rottenness!
Arife forth from the couch of lasting night,
Thou hate and terror to prosperity,
And I will kiss thy detestable bones.

King John, A. 3, S.4.

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