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Priam's fix-gated city
(Dardan, and Thymbria, Ilias, Chetas, Troyan,
And Antenoridas) with maffy staples,
And correfponfive and fulfilling bolts.",
Sperrs up the fons of Troy. Prol. Troilus and Cresda.

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- - Wisely, good fir, weigh Our forrow with our comfort. Tempest, A. 2, S. 1.

If hearty sorrow Be a sufficient ransom for offence, I tender it. Two Gentlemen of Verona, A. 5, S. 3. · When it pleaseth their deities to take the wife of a man from him, it shews to man the tailors of the earth; comforting therein, that when old robes are worn out, there are members to make new, and, indeed, the tears live in an onion”, that should water this sorrow. Antony and Cleopatra, A. 1, S. 2. Sir, you have done enough, and have perform’d. A faint-like forrow : Do, as the heavens have done ; forget your evil With them, forgive yourself.

Winter's Tale, A. 5, S. 1.

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