Instructs you how to adore the heavens, and bows.
To morning's holy office. Cymbeline, A. 3, S. 3,
This morning, like the spirit of a youth in
That means to be of note, begins by times.

Antony and Cleopatra, A. 4, S. 4.
The grey-ey'd morn fmiles on the frowning night
Checkering the eastern clouds with streaks of light;
· And flecked darkness ? like a drunkard reels
From forth day's path-way, made by Titan's

wheels... Romeo and Juliet, A. 2, S. 3, See, how the morning opes her golden gates, And takes her farewell of the glorious sun ! ! How well resembles it the prime of youth, Trimm'd like a yonker, prancing to his love!

- Henry VI. P. 3, A. 2, S.,

MOT H E R. ..

Who might be your mother, ? That you insult, exult, and all at once, Over the wretched ? As you like it, A. 3, S. 5.


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STEEVENS Flecked” is undoubtedly spotted. But flecked, in this place, should be flick'ring, i. e. Auttering. Darkness, or night, is always represented with wings. To say, therefore, that night went on slowly (“ flickering"), or hesitatingly, like a drunkard, is beau. tiful, and perfectly just. The text is certainly faulty, for if flecká ed, or spotted darkness, be likened to a reeling man, where is the truth of the comparison?

- A, B, 22 That you infult, exult, and all at once.) By examining, the crime of the person accused, we shall discover that the line 18 to be read thus :.' '

“ That you insult, exult, and rail at once.But the Oxford editor improves it, and for rail at once, read

reads doo mineer.



Within this bosom never enter'd yet !
The dreadful motion of a murd'rous thought,
And you have slander'd nature in my form;
Which, howsoever rude exteriorly,
Is yet the cover of a fairer mind
Than to be butcher of an innocent child.

King John, A. 4, S. 2. God, which this blood mad'st, revenge his death! O earth, which this blood drink'st, revenge his death! Either, heaven, with lightning strike the murderer

' dead, Or, earth, gape open wide, and eat him quick.

,, Richard III. A. I, S. 2.

The great King of kings
Hath in the table of his law commanded,
That thou shalt do no murder ; wilt thou then
Spurn at his edict, and fulfil a man's ?

Richard III. A. 1, S. 4
Perjury, perjury, in the highest degree,
Murder, stern murder, in the dir'it degree;
All feveral fins, all usd in each degree,
Throng to the bar,
Methought the souls of all that I had murder'd
Came to my tent, and every one did threat.
To-morrow's vengeance on the head of Richard.

Richard III. A. 5, S. 3.

I'll have these players Play something like the murder of my father, Before mine uncle: I'll observe his looks;

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