D tion of Original Compositions by celebrated composers. Price Four


Poetry by

Music by
No. 1. “Welcome, Heavenly Peace" .. Charles Mackay .. Frank Mori.

“The Bud is on the Bough" .. Frances Bennoch .. Frank Mori. Price One Shilling each number.

3. “And were they not the Happy } Charles Mackay Frank Mori.

4. “Beauty is Dead" "

Charles Swain

Frank Mori, 5. “Who shall be Fairest"

Charles Mackay Frank Mori. FIRST SERIES" SATANELLA."

"O spare my tender Flowers"

Charles Mackay Frank Mori, "Ripe Strawberries"

W. S. Passmore J. L. Hatton. 1. The Power of Love. 3. Our hearts are not our own,

8. "Smile, 0 Heaven! upon the Day" E. Falconer. 2. The Slaves' Chorus,

M. W. Balfe. 4. Oh would she but name.

“Sancta Maria"

H. F. Chorley

Meyerbeer. A Legend of the Rhine"

Henry Smart. "The Hostess's Daughter"


Henry Smart

“The Rover' ..
.. . E.M. S. ..

Henry Smart,
13. “The Three Wishes"
13. “The Three Wishes" . .. J. Ellison ..

Dr. Pech. 1. The Shadow Air.

8. Fanciulle (canzonet).
2. Santa Maria,
4. Hunting Song.

To be continued.
The above are supplied to the Profession and Societies at the rate of 13 as 12 at

3d, each, or 50 copics at 2d, each, Any number post-free for 4d.
1. M'appari tutt' amor.

Boosey and Sons, Holles-street, London.
3. Servants' Chorus
2. Drinking Song.
4. Finale to First Act.



Bradfor! Festival, 5s. 1. Beautiful Star, and Ring de Banjo, 4. Nelly Gray.


5. Hard Times,

ERIN, on Irish Airs . . 4 01 CALEDONIA, on Scotch Airs.. 40 3. We are coming Sister Mary, and

Composed expressly for Miss Goddard, and performed by her throughout

6. I'm off to Charlestowy, Wait for the Waggon,

England, Ireland, and Scotland.
NE PLUS ULRA. by WOLFFL.-A new edition of this celebrated Sonata as

performed by Miss Goddard, with a very interesting Introduction by J. W. FIFTH SERIES-DANCE MUSIC.

Davison, Esq., containing an account of the Composer's Life and Conpositions,

Price 58. 1. Maud Valse,

3. Satanolla Quadrille.

THALBERG'S THREE FANTASIAS on "Home Sweet Home." "The Last Rose 2. Königsberg Polka. 4. Pantomime Galop.

of Summer," and "Lillie Dale," in one book (large size), prioo 28. 6d.

Boosey and Sons, Holles-street, London.
Boosoy and Sons, Holles-street.

To be ready in a few days, a Second and Cheaper Edition of the celebrated

In crimson cloth, price 128.
The original edition, with illustrations, and superbly bound, may still be bad.

This unrivalled collection of operatic music contains 100 Gems from the whole BOOSEY & SONS' beg to announce that they will publish in the coursc of next of the best Modern Operas, including, Martha. La Traviata, Il Trovatore, week, an entirely

Louisa Miller, Rigoletto, Eruani, Les Vêprus, Sonnambula, Norma, Puritani,

Don Pasquale, Lucrezia Borgia, Lucia di Lammermoor, Linda, Elisire, Fille du NEW AND COMPLETE EDITION OF THE

Régirnent, Robert le Diable, and Les Huguenots, all arranged for the Pianoforte

Solo, by Nordmann. CELEBRATED M A ZUR KAS

Boosey and Sons, Holles-street.



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MUSICAL INSTRUCTION.--Clarke's Alphabet of

Boosey and Sons, Holles-street. 141 Music, 6d.; Clarke's Catechism of the Rudiments of Music, 60th edition, 1s. ; Clarke's Exercises on Harmony anıt Thorough Pass, 24 numbers, each 1s., IT AURENT'S BELOVED STAR VALSE (companion complete 15.: Hamilton's Dictionary of 3500 Musical Terms, 60th edition, ls.;

U to the Maud Valse). Illustrated in colours. Price 4s. From the Liverpool Hamilton's Modern Instructions for the Pianoforte, enlarged by Czerny,245th edition

Mail:-"Reichardt's beautiful Lied ('Beloved Eye'), deservedly one of the most 4s.; Hamiltou's Modern Instructions for siuging, 15th edition, 53,-London :

charming and popular songs of the day, has been transformed by Mr. Laurent Robert Cocks and Co., New Burlington-street, Regent-street, W., Publishers to

into a most suave and well-marked waltz, which we mey naturally hope to find the Queen,

in scores of ball programmes this and succeeding winters," Booscy and Son's,

Holles-street. MUSIC,--To all PROFESSORS and TEACHERS, 11 and the RETAIL TRADE in general.--In consequence of important altera THE SERPENTINE QUADRILLE, by Burchardt, on tions in terms, Professors. Governesses, and the Trade, are invited to apply for 1 the most popular melodies of the day, with a comic illustration of skating ROBERT COCKS and CO.'S NEW CIRCULAR of TERMS. A Card must on the Serpentine, in colours by Brandard. Price 3s. From the Liverpool Mail : accompany such application.

*The Serpentine Quadrille' (which is, by the way, illustrated with much humour and spirit), coutains some two dozen of the most popular airs of

the day, and so aimirably have they been blended that the result is a “ VOICE OF THE WESTERN WIND." —A New Song

melange which will at once set feet in motion and call up most pleasant V by J. R. THOMAS; (Poetry by EDNUND C. STEDMAN); 28. Lists of Mr. reminiscences, for though the car is tickled every few minutes with a new Thomas's latest ballads and songs gratis and postage free,

-or rather old-tune, the whole of the quadrillo is eminently dansante." London : Robert Cocks and Co., Now Burlington-street, W., and all musicsellers. Boosey and Sons, Holles.street.





Poetry by Jessica Raskin.
Composed by M. W. Balfb.
Price 2s.
Oh! take mo to thy heart again t
I never more will grieve thee :,
All joys are fled and hopo is dcai

If I indeed must leave thee.
Forgive the wild and angry words

This wayward heart hath spoken;
I did not dream those cherished chords
So lightly could be broken.

Oh 1 take me to thy heart again.
I think how very sad and lono

This life would be without thee;
For all the joys my heart hath known

Aro closely twined around thee.
Oh ! toach me to tutbduo the pride

Thnt wounded thee so blindly;
And be once more the gentle guido
Who smiled on mo so kindly.

Then take me to thy heart again.


Sung by Mr. Bantley.
Composed by BntNLBx Richards.

Price 3s.
Rouse ye PalikarL
Men of Suliote, rouse yo,
See on yonder mountain's brow,

Glows the beacon light I
Warlike songs are singing,—
While the trumpets xiugiug
Call The valiant Falikan,
To the coming Fight.

What though f<>cs surround us,
Though their chains have bound us.
We will live as freemen live.
Or die as warriors die.
Como with weapons gleaming—
Come with banners streaming,
Raise your glorious battlo cry,
Suliote shall be free.


Poetry By Ellis Bell,
Composed By £. Acuilar,
Price 2s.

Thero should be no despair for you,

While nightly stars are burning; Wliilo evening pours its silent dew,

And sunshine gilds the morning. There should be no dospair, though tears

May flow down like a river i Aro not tho best-beloved of years

Around your heart for ever.

They weep, you weep, it must be so;

Winds sign, as you are sighing. Ami winter sheds its grief in snow,

Wh«re autumn's leaves aro lying.

Yet, these revive, and from their fate,

Your fate cannot be parted; Then, journey on, it not elati?,

Still, never broken hearted.


Poetry by the Rev. D. T. K. Dromxond.

Composed by Maurice Cobitah.

Price 2s. 6d.

Awake, little pilgrim, the day is at hand,
The rays ot the morning appear on the land;
O, haste with thy burden to life's Borrow gate.
Ere the night, shadows falling proclaim thee too late

Knock, little pilgrim, it shall not Ins vain,
Thy f cubic entreaties admittance shall gain;
Thy Saviour is watting to bid thoe God speed.
He turns none nway irom bis door iu their need.


Poetry by Isabella Hampton.

Composed by Q. A. Osborne. Price 2s. 6d.
A dew-drop reclined on a beautiful row,

Aud whispered soft vows of his love.
When near that sweet flower, to seek soft Tcposc,

A sunbeam felt down from above!

The dew-drop instinctively felt then hod como

A rival—his loved one to prove,
A shelter he sought next the heart of tho roso,

And whispered soft vows of hia love.
Still nearer came that sunbeam gay,

As bo called the rose his bride,
Those words the dew-drop beard him say,

Then drooped his hi ad and died.


Poetry by M. A. Stodart.
Composed by Lovell Phillips. Price 2s. Cd.
N The Christmas Roscl Tho Christmas Rose I
'Mid wintry frost and snow it blows;
And opes its portals pure and fair,
When winds have swept tho gay parterre.
Just like a true and constant friend,
Whose faith no storms of life can bend;
Not the mere friend of summer day.
But firm when joy hath passed away.

This flower is like the joys that whine,

In sorrow's hour aud life's decline,

When youth hath passed and pleasuro flown,

And sad the apiiit sigh* alone;

Then marvel not that thus I twine

My thoughts around this gift of thine.

And muse on hopes and joys that last,

And bloom through lifu'd most piercing blast."


Poetry by Jessica Rankin.
Composed by M. W. Balfe. Price 2s.
Prithee tell mo, gentle air.
Why my heart is full of care,

And why no pleasures charm me?
It is not Love torments me Bo:
I scorn tho wily urchin's bow,
His arrows cannot harni me I

I try to sing—my voice Is sad!
I sleep 1 tmt theu 'tis just as bad—

Such gloomy things 1 dream on t
Can jfon not tell T nor you/ nor yo* t
Oh ttien I know not what to do

To charm away tho demon.

I sometimes think, if '* / know Kko"
Wero here, ht'd tell me what to do,

To bid the demon slumber 1
Could I but hear his voice again,
I'm tare 'twould cheer my heart—but then

MI'm not in lovo, remember ("

I'm not in love, remember.


Poetry from the Polish.
Composed by A. Reich Audi. Price 2s. 6d.

Arc thev meant but to deceive me,

Those fond words that tell of love;
Ah I ibr ever it would grieve me

If their falsehood I should prove.
Though my heart would trust them gladly,

Though belief, alone, is bliss,
Yet I still must ponder sadly,

Ah! what bitter pain is this.

All my inmost soul concealing,,

Shall!sternly answer "No?"
Or each secret wish revealing

Shall my words unfettered flow.
Ever lingering, never speaking;

Hero my thoughts shall I express
Pur my bean if you are seeking,
Strive to And it by a guess.





Sung By Sims Reeves.
When I was in my toens,

I loved dear Margaretta,
I know noi what it means,

I cannot now forget her.
That vision of the past,

My head is ever crazing,
Tet when I saw her last

1 could not speak for gazing.
Queen ot rural maids,

My dark-oyed Margaretta,
The heart the mind upbraids

That struggles to forget her.

My love I know will seem

A wayward boyish folly;
But, ah ! it was a dream,

Most sweet, most melancholy.
Were mine the world's domain,

To me 'twere fortune better,
To be a boy again.

And dream of Margaretta.
. Oh! mcm'ry of the past.

Why linger to regret her?
My first love was my last, ,J

And that is Margaretta,



It was fifty years ago

In tho pleasant month of May,
In the beautiful Fays de Vaud,

A child in its cradle lay.
And Nature, the old nurse.

Took the child upon her knee,
Saying. '* Hero is a story-book

Thy Father has written for thee."
"Come, wander with me," she anid,

*' Into regions yet unt rod;
And read what is still unread

In the manuscripts of God."

And he wander'd away and away

With Nature, the dear old nurse,
Who sang to him night and day

The rhymes of the universe.
And whenever the way aecm'd long,

Or his hcitrt begau to fitil,
She would sing a more wonderful song,

Or tell a more marv'lous tale.

So she keeps him still a child,

And will not let him go,
Though at times his heart beats wild

For the beautiful Pays de Vaud;
Though at times he hears in his dreams

The Raudezvaches of old;
And the rush of mountain streams

From glaciers clear and cold.
And tho Mother at homo says, "Hark 1

For his voice I listen and yearn
It is growing late and dark,

Ana my boy docs not return."

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Stjng By Miss Louisa Vinsikg.

In truth, I think he loves me,

For I have often seen
The blush mount to his temple,

When wc alono have been;
His voice, too, often trembles,

As sweet the words do flow;
But if ho really loves me,

Why don't he tell me so?

Why don't, Ac,

Methlnks he is too bashful.

Or, p*mpshc'3 half afraid
I might scorn to hear the words,

Ho hath ho long delayed!
Thoy tell mo "that he lovos me,"

My friends all seem to know;
But if it Is the truth they spo ik,

Why don't ho toll me sot

Why don't, A:c.

Tbcro is a little bird that sir„
"Sweetheart! sweetheart! sweetheart 1"

I know not what his name may be;

I only know he ploaseH me,

As loud ho sings—and thus sings he—
"Sweetheart! sweetheart I Sweetheart!'*

I've heard him sing, on soft Spring days—
*'Sweetheart I sweetheart! sweetheart!"
And wbon the sky was dark above.
And wintry winds hod stripp'd the grove,
He still poured forth those words ol love—
'Sweetheart! sweetheart! sweetheart!''

And like that bird, my heart, too, sings—
"SweetheartI sweetheart 1 sweetheart!'*

When heav'n Is dark, or bright and blue,

When trees are bare, or leaves are new.

It thus sings on, and sings of you—
"Sweetheart! sweetheartt sweetheart!"

What need of other words than these—
"Sweetheart! sweetheart! sweetheart!"

If I should sing a whole year long.

My love would not be shown more strong,

Than by this short and simple aong—

"Swoetheart! sweetheart! sweetheart!"



You're wasting time, most precious time,

In dangling daily here, Sir,
Qoseek elsewhere your lady fair,

And learn to bo siucere, Sir.
The damsel pert with whom you flirt.

Will suit you best, I see. Sir,
So keep away I hnmbly pray.

And don't come teasing me. Sir.

So keep away, *fec

I've growl) quite tirM of being ndmir'd.

By fickle swains like you. Sir;
For all you say to mo to-day.

Is neitbor new, nor true, Sir.
Your oft-told tale is old and stale.

Your actions don't agree, Mr,
In short, you find I've changed my mind.

So don't come teasing mo. Sir.

So keep away, &c.

The heart in thrall li captive all,

And can't divide allegiance;
It yields to one who shares with none,

It's full and prompt obedleuce,!
True love deals fair, nor seeks to shore

A heart that is not free. Sir,
Wins all or none, as 1 have done.

So don't come teasing roe, Sir.

So keep away, Ac.


St/kg By Mb. Lookey.

The maid I love hath many a grace;
How fair her form, how sweet her nice!

And con'st thou tell me, Mariner,

Fast sailing o'er the sea,
If ship, or sail, or eveniug star,

Were half so fair to theo!

The maid I lore, £c.
And cau'et thou tell me. Cavalier,

Whose arms are gleaming bright.
If steed or arms be half so dear

As hor fond eyes of light?

The maid I lovo, &c.

Or can'st thou toll me. Shepherd Boy,

Watching thy flock with care,
If herds, or sunlit valleys green,

Or skies be half so fair?

If herds, <fcc.

BOOSEY & SONS, Musical Library, Holies-street.

Published by Johb Boosev, of Castlebar-hiU, in the parish of Ealing, in tho County of Middlesex, at28, Holies-street.
Printed by William Spihckr Johmsok, "Nassau Steam Press," AO. St, Martin's-lane, in the Parish of St. M»rtin-in-ttie-Fielde, in the County oi

Saturday, February 11, I860.


SUBSCRIPTION:—Stamped for Postage, 20s. per annum—Payable in advance, by Cash, or Post Office Order, to B00SEY & SONS, 28, Holies Street, Cavendish Square.

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HER MOST GRACIOUS MAJESTY THE QUEEN, H.R.H. THE PRINCE CONSORT, THEIR ROYAL HIGHNESSES THE PRINCESSES AND PRINCES OP THE ROYAL FAMILY, The Most Worshipful the Grand Master of Ireland, His Grace tho DUKE of LEINSTER, And Several other Distinguislud Freemasons: His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, the EARL of EGLINTON and WINTON, The LORD BISHOP OP MANCHESTER, The Right Worshipful the MAYOR OP MANCHESTER, rVIE MACK1E. Esq. His Worship the Mayor of Salford, W. HARVEY, Esq. 8IR FREDERICK GORE OUSELEY, Bart., Director of Music at tho University of Oxford. Azl many of the Nobility, Gentry, Clergy, and distinguished Families of the Empire



J in 1S4S, and developed at THE ROYAL COLLEGE OF MUSIC : STREET, MANCHESTER, established by him expressly as a Great "nstitution to facilitate the Encouragement and Promotion of NATIVE _ TALKNT, and the GENERAL ADVANCEMENT OF MUSIC THE RISING GENERATION, upon his new and effective system, also u a Normal School for tho training of masters to conduct Cosseevatoires or Music to be established throughout the United Kingdom, for Little Children, the whole comprising an entirely new scheme of NATIONAL EDUCATION, by blending music with general instruction, so that the study of music shall become a branch of education in the humblest of schools of this country. To illustrate and to rouse an interest in every town and city for these imitations, Dr. Mark travels with a number of his pupils occasionally through theconntry—giving lectures, and introducing his highly approved and pleasing Mtisial Entertainment, entitled DR. MARK AND HIS LITTLE MEN, who somber upwards of Thirty Instrumentalists, and a most Efficient Chorus, the wbole forminxr a most unique and complete Juvenile Orchestra, composed of LITTLE ENGLISH, IRISH. SCOTCH AND WELCH BOYS. FROM FIVE TO SIXTEEN YEARS OF AGE, who play Operatic Selections, Solos, Marches, Quadrilles, Galops, Ac, and sing Songs and Choruses in a most effective manner.

to whom Dr. Mark, gives a gratuitous General and Musical Education. APPOINTMENTS OP MASTERS AND ARRANGEMENTS OF CLASSES IN THE ABOVE INSTITUTION. Principal of tho Royal College of Music; Director, Composer, and ) Conductor; Lecturer to both Private and Public, Theoretical >Dr. Mark. and Practical Instrumental and Vocal Classes .. .. .. )

Haster of the General Educational Department: \ w_ p0WgLL Writing, Reading, Arithmetic, Grammar, Dictation, ( and Two kKpu?'Geograplly' Practlcal Geometry, and Book-j Assi5tant Toaohers.



^ , ta^0TM'

Violoncello, Double Bass, and Viola j J^T.^JS^f"

flute. Piccolo, Oboe, and Clarionet Sig. Cortesi.

Cornet and other Brass Instruments Mr. H. Russell.

Concertina (German and English) Mr. Elder.

Vocal Classes { Mes8TM EPI°I,^L aud

Dr. Mark has also made provision, for the Orphans of the Musical Profession Pf-***Hng musical talent, who will find the above institution a happy homo, and rae^e a most effective general and musical education, board, and clothing, free « all expense.

Little Boys, iron, five to nine years of age, apprenticed for three, fivo, or seven Jttl by paying a modorate entrance fee to cover the expenses of instrument and books.

Twelve appointments ready for Masters, ror Prospectuses, apply direct to the Roynl College of Music, Bridge-street, 'ascbesfcer.

*Jr. Mask is also open to Engagements with his Littlo Men.

.Dr. MARK bcgB to invite the Parents and Friends, and all those interested in 'a Enterprise aud in the Education of the Youths of this country to visit his establishment. Visiting hours:—From Nine to Eleven, a.m., and Two and 'wir, p.m. Saturdays and Sundays ex cepted.


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HERR MAURICE NABICH has the honour to announce that ho will give an EVENING CONCERT, at the above Rooms, ou Tuesday. 21st February, I860, commencing at 8 o'clock, when he will bo assisted by The Islington German Gesang-Verein, and tho following eminent artists :—Vocalists, Madame RudersdortT and Madame Weiss, HerrWeissaud Herr do Becker.—Instrumentalists,,pianoforte, Herr E. Pauor; Clarionet, Herr Pape*; Flute, Herr Svendsen ; and Trombone, Herr Nabicb. Conductors,Signor A.Randegger and Herr Wilhelm Ganz. Reserved seats' 7s. 6d., Unreserved seats, 5s. Tickets to be had of Messrs. Chappell and Co., New Bond-street ; Messrs. Cramer and Beale, Regent-street: and all the principal Musicsellers. Programme, Parte Prima, Das Deutsche Vateriand, Reichardt; performed by the Gesang-Verein. Septuor, from Lucia, expressly arranged for Herr Nabich, for trombone and piano, by Julius Stem; Herr E. Pauer and Herr Nabicb. Der Wanderer, Schubert; Mr. Weiss. Aria, Non jo ne veux pas chanter, Nicolo Isousrd • Madame Rudcrsdorff. Spinnlied, littolf; Herr E. Pauer. Recit. e Aria, Deh vieni tardar, Mozart; Madame Weiss. Grand Duetto for piano and Clarionet, C. M. von Weber; Herr Pauer and HerrPape* Aria, D'Egitto, (Nabuco) Verdi ; Herr de Becker. Concertino, for trombone, composed and oxprossly arranged for trombone and piano, F. David; Herr Pauer and|Herr Nabich. Parte Seconda. Im Wald, Haeser; performed by the Gesang-Verein. Solo, for flute, Boehm; Herr Svensden. Irish Melody, Denis, G. B. Allen; Madame RudersdortT, Salut a la Havannc, E. Pauer; Herr E. Pauer. Duetto, La ci darem, Mozart; Madame and Mr. Weiss. Song, Scenes of my youth, J. Benedict; performed on the trombone by Herr Nabich. Canzone Espagnola, No vayaia al bosque, ninsa, Goztambide; Madame RudersdoriT. German Song, Keller; Herr de Becker. Solo, for trombone; Herr Nabich. Galop, MShring; performed by the Gesang-Verein,

THE MUSICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON.—THE FIRST CONCERT, on Wednesday ovening, Feb. 29th, at ST. JAMES'S HALL. Programme—IN MEMORIAM—Spohr's Symphony, "The Power of Sound;" Scerndale Bennett's Overture, "The Wood Nymphs;" Schumann's Overture, "Genevieve;" Rossini's Overture, "Tho Siege of Corinth." Ernst, Concertina. Violin—Mr. H. G. Blagrove. Vocalists—Mdlle. Parepa and Signor Belletti. Conductor—Mr. ALFRED MELLON. To commence at half-past eight. Doors open at eight o'clock.

CHARLES SALAMAN, Hon. Sec. St. James's Hall, 28. Piccadilly. 36, Baker-street, W.

MISS LAURA BAXTER has the honour to announce to her pupils and friends that she will give a Grand Vocal and Instrumental Concert, the particulars of which will be published in future advertisements. Communications to be addressed to Miss Laura Baxter's residence, 155, Albanystreet, Regent's-park, N.W.

ST. JAMES'S HALL.—NEW PHILHARMONIC CONCERT, Monday evening, Feb. 20th; and Public Rehearsal, To-morrow (Saturday) afternoon, Feb. 18th. Conductor, Dr. WYLDE. To commence at 8 o'clock. Programme :—Part I. Overture, Abeuceragen—Cherubim; aria, Signor Belletti—Mozart; concerto in E. minor, violin and orchestra: violiu, Mr. H. Blagrove—Spohr; chorus, Ruins of Athens—Beethoven; air with chorus, "Calm is tho glassy ocean," Idomeuco, Mdlle. Parepa—Mozart; symphony in B. flat, adagio, allegro, andante, minuetto, finale—Beeihovcu. Part II. Concerto in G. minor, pianoforte and orchestra, Mdlle. Mario Wieck—Mendelssohn; aria, Signor Belletti—Rossini; fantasia, violoncello, Signor Piatti—Piatti; madrigal, "In going to my lonely bed "—Edwardes, A.D. 1560; aria, Mdlle. Parepa —Rossini; overture—Weber. The subscription for five grand concerts and fivo public rehearsals is £% 2h. for a reserved sofa stall. Tickets at popular prices, viz,:—For the concert on Monday evening, Feb. 20, areaand gallery, Is.; balcony, 2s., 3s., 5s., and 7s. ; area stalls, 5s.; sofa stalls, 10s. f>d. Tickets for the public rehearsal on Saturday afternoon, Feb. 18 :—Area and gallery, Is. ; balcony 3s.; area stalls, 5s. Messrs. Cramer and Co., 201, Regent-street; Chappell and Co., 50, New Bond-street; Keith, Prowse, and Co., 48, Cheapside; and at tho hall.



CHOIR.—The next CONCERT will take place on Thursday, February 28, to commence at half-past 8. Stalls, 4s.: gallery, 2s.: area, is.—Addison, Hollier, aud Lucas, 310, Regent-street; tho Hall; and at Keith, Prowse, and Co.'s, 48, Cheapside.

IVfR. THOMAS (Basso) finding that mistakes are

J-T_L tinually occurring^rom the fact of there being others in tfic musical
fession of the same name, requests that all communications to him bs^pjfe
"LewisThomas, 19, Hampshire-terrace, Camden-road Villas. N.W. ^ pt

WANTED, A GOOD TUNER—For particulars^dii
M. N., caro of Messrs. Boosoy and Son,

3 =


MISS EMILY GEESHAM, Soprano. — Letters reporting engagements for oratorios and concerts, to be addressed, 30, Alfredterrace, Queen's-road, Bajswater. W.

MR. LEONARD (Ba&s) accepts engagements for Concerts, cither in London or the Province* (see notices of Mr. Leonard's performances in The Musical World and The Press newspapers of the 4th of February). Address, No. 8, Pomeroy-terraco, Old Kcut-road, BE.

MR. BEINLEY EICHAEDS will return to London for the season on Monday, February 27th. All letters to bo addressed to him st his residence, 4, Torring ton-street, Russell-square, W.C. Graham's Hotel, Edinburgh, February 16th.



OYAL VOLUNTEER BALL.—Under the immediate

Patronage of

Her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen.
His Royal Highooss The Prince Consort.
His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales.
His Royal Highness The Duke of Cambridge,

Commander in Chief. Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge. Her Royal Highness The Princess Mary of Cambridge. Tho Royal Volunteer Ball will take place on the evening of Wednesday March 7th, the day on which Her Majesty will hold a Court specially to receive the Officers of the various Volunteer Corps from the different parts of tho kingdom. The Ball will take place in the New Floral Hall, Co vent Garden. The list of the Ladies Patronesses through whom the tickets will be issued will be completed and announced, together with the details of all the arrangements, in the course of a few days,

THE LEEDS MADEIGAL SOCIETY.—On Saturday' February 25, will be pei formed (for the first time in Yorkshire) at the Town Hall. Leeds. P. von Lindpatnttier's Oratorio, THE WIDOW OF NAIN. Principal vocalists: Madame Weiss, Miss Hodgson, Mr. Inkersall, and Mr. Weiss, with tbe Society's powerful Cnorus and an efficient Orchestra. Conductor Mr. W, Spark.

TO THE MUSIC TRADE—"LUELINE."—Wallace's New Grand Opera "LURLINE," now in rehearsal at Covent Garden Theatre, will be ready for delivery, complete, or in single pieces, tho morning after thu first performance. Also various arrangements of *' LURLINE," as solos aud duets for thu pianoforte. Cramer, Beale, aud Co., 201, Regent-street. e

WANTED, in the Country, a Pianoforte Tuner. On that can tune the Concertina and Harmonium preferred. Write, and State age, reference, aud salary required, &c, to B., Musical World Office.

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a medium for employing and improving Large or Small Sums of Money, is connection with Government Securities. Tuo Stock is issued by tbe Consol Insurance Association, 429, Strand, London. Incorporated pursuant to Act of Parliament. Investments bear Five per Cent, per Annum Interest, receivable Monthly, if desired.

Full particulars may be obtained on application at the Chief Offices, 429, Strand, London, to

THOMAS H. BATLI3, Managing Director.

CHORAL SOCIETIES, PRINTERS, and others, are hereby informed that the English words of Mendelssohn's "Elijah," "Athalie,"and "Lauda Sion,'' also otOoe'a's "Eli," and of a version recited with the music of Beethoven's "Egmont," are all Copyrights; and that tbey Cannot legally be printed for sale, or otherwise, without the written permission o„ their Author, William Bartholomew, 31, Brunswick-place, City-road, London, N.

IMPORTANT.—To be disposed of, immediately, a wellestablisbed Music Practice, including New Organ at good salary, in a Town of upwards of 40,000 inhabitants, and surrounded by large population*. The Advertiser is about to leave the kingdom. Apply, by letter only, to the care of Messrs. Addison imd Co., 210, Regent-street, London, W.

WANTED, immediately, a Pupil in a Musical Establishment, where he will have an opportunity of acquiring a th rough knowledge of the profession in all its branches. Apply to Horr Winuer, Newcastle, Staffordshire.

THE ARION" (Eight-Part-Choir).—The members of this Society will meet until further notlco erery Thursday evening, at 8 o'clock, at 13, Bcrocrs-street, Oxford-street. Conductor, Mr. ALFRED GILBERT.

F. F. REILLY, Hon. Sec.

Persons desir us of joining the choir uro requested to address tho Secretary.

JUST PUBLISHED.—" There's nothing like a freshening breeise," new song by Alberto Rundoggcr. efbiposcd lor and sung with tho greatest success by Mr. Thomas, when on his last tour, and always encored. Boo.*cy and Sous, US, Holies-street.

OH, DENNIS, DEAR. New Song. By G. B. ALLEN. Price 3s. Boosey and Sons, Hollcs-strcct.

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In presenting this prospectus, the projectors of this Association deem it worthy of remark, that a great want is felt by a countless number of amateurs possessing musical knowledge and capability of a society which would afford them ample opportunity of ayqulring, at a moderate coat, a complete knowledge of the beauty nud grandeur of the choicest and recognized orchestral compositions of this aud previous periods.

The object of this Association is to bring together the amateur instrumentalists of London and its suburbs, for thu practice and performance of oratorios, massescantata*, symphonies operatic selections, and overtures, including composite'18 but little known to tho general public, with other chef-d'eeuvres of the gr&it masters, suitable for band and chorus conjointly or separately.

For the benefit of the aiuatour department, weekly rehearsals will be hell on overy Saturday Evening, at Eight o'clock, at tho Architectural Gallery. 9. Conduit-street, Regent-street, and during tho reason, concerts will be given at one of tho large theatres or concert-rooms, with tho important assistance of the honorary professional members, and iu conjunction with tho chorus, as soon as tho necessary proficiency is nttaiued.

In tlic profess onal department there are still vacancies for honorary members for tho following instruments:—Four tin»t violins, ono second violin, and two violas.

All communications to be addressed to the Honorary Secretary of tho London Orchestral Association, 0, Conduit-street, Regent-street, W.

H. J. BRAHAM. Hon. Sec

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