Index. Sentiment of family antiquity, the, 403. Ayres, 717-the erratic and undisciplined Sexton's Daughter, the, a poem, 1.

method of conducting the foreign affairs of Sketcher, Sonnets by the, 157.

this country clearly described, ib.-duSonnets by the Sketcher, 157-on the ring this period of concerted supineness Coronation, 402.

on the part of the Foreign Secretary, Sophocles, Trachiniæ, translated, 400. France is taking the advantage of inStark, John, on the food

the herring,

creasing her ships and commerce and vendace, and salmon, 175.

extending her conquests, 718min that Strollers, tale of the, 94_Chap. II. 96- grasping spirit she bas established the Chap. III. 99-Chap. IV. 101.

blockades of Mexico and Buenos-Ayres, Thoughts on Orpheus, 21-Thoughts and 719_the circumstances upon which the Images, by Archæus, 197.

blockade of Mexico has been pretended Tick on scientific principles, Chap. I.-of to be established, truly stated, and proved

many things, such as web spreading. In- to be unwarrantable, ib. et seq.—the pretroductory, 612-Chap. II. wherein ap- texts for the blockade of Buenos-Ayres pear the author and his preface, 614- proved to be equally frivolous, 723, et Chap. III. wherein the art is explained, seq.--the interruptions occasioned by 618-Chap. III. wherein the art is fur. them to the commerce of Britain, proved ther developed, 621.

to be of a serious nature, 727. Tomkins, his Letters to Christopher North, Warton, Thomas, a glance over his poetry, Esq. on the subject of the Bagman versus

553. Pedlar, 508.

Whig-Radical Corruption, 345 — proved Trachiniæ of Sophocles, translated, 400. clearly that patronage has been more Tranquillity in Ireland, 795—the pledges increased and more scandalously abused,

given by the Roman Catholics towards and the public money more lavishly and the safety of the Protestant Church, suspiciously squandered under the Whigs, with the view of claiming political rights, than at any period during the past fifty proved to have been hypocritical, 796.- years, on their dependents in the House The present bold attempt of the papists in of Commons, 346-by favours conferred Ireland to abolish tithes altogether, is at on their friends in the House, 347-by complete variance with, and clearly proves appointments given to their quondam the insincerity of their former protesta. friends in the House, ib.-on members of tions, 799.-- The dangerous conduct of the House whose relations have received the arquis of Headfort, a Privy Coun. direct appointments, 348_by grants of cillor, a Lord of Her Majesty's Bedcham- public money for commissions, &c., 349– ber, and a Lord- Lieutenant in presiding in the Colonial Department, 350—by apat the meeting for the extinction of tithes, pointments at home, ib. -on placemen in highly reprobated, ib.

the House of Lords, 351-by promotions Tupper's Geraldine, 835.

in the peerage, 352—-by elevations to the Tutor, the, a tale-Chap I. 480—Chap. British peerage, ib.-by increased ex

II. 483-Chap. III. 485—Chap. IV. penditure, 354 — by appointments of 487-Chap. V. 491.

young naval officers, relations of Whigs, Vases, our two, extracts from them, with- 355-by naval commands, 356_by noout comment, 804.

torious instances of nepotism, ib.—it is Victoria I., Coronation Ode for Queen, not easy to trace all their sinuous wind

June 28, 1838, by James Montgomery, ings, and embrace all extended and 140,

increasing corruption, 357. War in disguise-France--Mexico--Beunos

Edinburgh: Printed ly Ballantyne and Company, Paul's Work.

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