Printed by J. & E. Hodson, Cross Street, Hatton Garden, London.

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An Account of the Reasons which induced Charles the Second, King of

England, to declare war against the States-General of the United Pro-

vinces, in 1672. Printed in French at Paris, with the privilege of the

French king, in 1632. Licensed, March the 5th, 1689, by James Fra-

ser. London, printed in 1689. Folio, containing fifteen pages

The last Confession, Prayers, and Meditations of Lieutenant Jobo Stern,

delivered by him on the cart immediately before his execution, to Dr.

Burnet : together with the last Confession of George Borosky, signed

by him in the prison, and sealed up in the lieutenant's pacquet. Writ-

ten by Gilbert Burnet, D. D. and Anthony Horneck, D. D. London:

printed for Richard Chiswell, at the Rose and Crown in St. Paul's

Church-yard, 1632. Folio, containing twenty-eight pages

A short Account of the Siege of Bantam, and its surrender to the rebels

who were assisted by the Dutch, and their feet, in the East Indies.

London, printed for John Smith, 1683. Folio, containing two pages. 46

A brief Account of many memorable passages of the Life and Death of

the Earl of Shaftesbury, sometime lord bigh-chancellor of England,

who departed this life the twenty-first day of December, 1683. Print-

ed for J. Conyers, in Duck-Lane. Quarto, containing eight pages


The Loyal Observator; or, Historical Memoirs of the Life and Actions

of Roger the Fidler, alias, The Observator. London : printed for

W. Hammond, 1683. Quarto, containing twelve pages


An impartial and brief Description of the Plaza, or sumptuous Market-

place of Madrid, and the Bull-baiting there ; together with the History

of the famous and much adınired Placidos; as also a large scheme,

being the lively representation of the order and ornament of this so-

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Strange News from Plymouth; or, a wonderful and tragical Rclation of

a Voyage from the Indies; with the miraculous preservation of George

Carpinger, an English seaman, and the Dutch merchant's wife, now a-

shore at Plymouth. In a letter to Mr. D. B. of London, merchant.

Quarto, containing eight pages. Printed at London for J. Conyers, at

the Black Raven, in Duck-Lane, 1684


The She-Wedding; or, a mad Marriage, between Mary, a scamau's mis-

tress, and Margaret, a carpenter's wife, at Deptford. Being a full re-

lation of a cunning intrigue, carried on and managed by two women, to

bide the discovery of a great belly, &c. London, printed by George

Croom, at the sign of the Blue Ball in Thames-street, over-against

Baynard's Castle, 1684. Quarto, containing eight pages


A Diary of the Siege of Luxembourg, by the French king's forces under

the command of the Marsbal de Crequi; containing a full account of

all that passed in the siege and surrendry of the town. London, printed

by J. G. for D. Brown, at the Black Swan, without Temple-Bar ; and

are to be sold by W. D. in Amen Corner, 1684. Quarto, containing

fifty-six pages


The Method of passing Bills in Parliament. Written by Henry Elsinge,

Cler. Parl. Now printed from the original manuscript. London, printed

hy F.L. for Matt.Gilliflower, at the Spread Eagle and Crown in West-

minster-hall, 1685. Twelves, containing thirty-six pages

An Account of the Manoer of taking the late Duke of Monmouth, &c.

By his Majesty's command. London, printed by B. G. for Samuel

Keeble, at the Turk’s Head, over against Fetter-lane, in Fleet-street,

1685. Folio, containing four pages


The Arraignment of Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk, before the Earl

of Shrewsbury, lord high-steward of England. Also a brief deriva-

tion of the most honourable family of the Ilowards. With an account

of what families they are related to by marriage. Transcribed out of

ancient manuscripts, never before published. Printed by Nathaniel

Thompson, at the entrance into Old Spring Garden, near Charing-

Cross, 1685. Quarto, containing thirty-four pages


A true and perfect Account of the Eurl of Argyle's landing in the North

of Scotland: with the particulars of that whole transaction. London,

printed, and are to be sold by Randal Taylor, near Stationers' Hall,

1685. Folio, containing two pages


A Letter written to Dr. Burnet, giving an account of Cardinal Pool's

secret Powers ; from which it appears, that it was never intended to

confirm the alienation that was made of the Abbey-lands. To which

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