Feb. 10.

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Malaga, January 20.

Difte. He has brought likewise fome specimens

of gold and silver mines, which weigh abouc CONSIDERABLE mine of coals has been colb. and contain two lamina of metal of the

discovered at some miles from this city, purest kind. He discovered in Chili a mine of wbich, when worked, will be of great service mercury very rich, and a new species of pineto this province.

tree, 150 feet in height, of which the Spaniards Canflantinople, Jan. 25. The Ruffian Minif. make malts to their chips. His collection of ter had a long conference oa the 19th with the birds and insects very fine, and enriched with Reis Effendi; it is generally lupposed to have many species never known before. He has also beca relative to the hoftilities conimitted by the procured a series of ancient Peruvian vases, and different nations of Tartars, in the vicinity of other remains of antiquity, which ferve to throw the Caspian Sea, againit the Georgians, who are much light on the hiftory of the Incas, under the protection of Ruflia.

The funeral decoracions for the A few days since, a fresh change has taken late Duke of Orleans, at Notre Dame, were place in the Ministry: the Reis Effendi has been very grand and folemn. The service was perdeposed, and is fucceeded by Hoiri Effendi, who, formed last Tuesday, and the oration was delie during ibe Ministry of the Grand Vizier who was vered by l’Abbe Maury of the French Academy, beheaded, was promoted to the poft of Kiaja a young man who has made a rapid progress in Bey, but on that Minifi.'s fall lori his employ the way of preferment. He is certainly very rent. He had the reputation of being an

learned his diction éloquent, but his delivery able politician-Nazid Mustapha Effendi, a fac ungraceful.. Some of the Royal Family were vourite of the Grand Signor's, who was dismis- pielent; and tickets for admiflion were only dira fed last year from his office, to satisfy the peo- tributed to persons of rank. The scaffolding was ple, has been restored. But the most material löperbly illuminated, and the whole Cathedral change is that of the Grand Vizier, who has been hung with black cloth, with transparent paintdeposed merely for incapaciły, no crime being ings allusive to a future life, which rendered laid to his charge. His Acets, therefore, nor the ceremony, and the entrance iufelf, extremepapers, have been seized, but he has been sent ly aweful. under a strong guard to a country house of one

Lisbon, Feb. 4. The commercial confederacy of the Sultanas, till he is appointed to the go have relolved on a general attack of all luch vernment of some province. In the interim, cil! powers on the Barbary coaft; who refuse latila a new Vizier is appointed; the Capiain Pacha faction when any of our vessels are captured : icts in that capacity. Judsuppie Pacha, gover- two or three of the European courts who had cor of the Morca, and lately made a Pacha of been officially applied to join, have excused three Tails, it is expected will be appointed; theinlelves on an opinion, that the extirpation of who being a creature of the Captain Pacha's, the the renegadoes is impracticable, for which reason power of that Chief will be unlimited, as every they are renewing their treaties with them : this department of the State will, in that case, bé may hurt the caule in which her most faithful Filed by his dependants.

Majesty has to deeply engaged. 30. The declaration of the Porte against the Two valuable American vessels, the one bound Pacha of Scutati, has been sent to all the other from St. Ube's for Philadelphia, the other of Bora Pachas and Governors of the neighbouring pro- ton, have been captured by the Algerines. The vinces, with orders to attack him, and bring his Captains Stephen and Byron have fent letters to head, that it may be placed on the gate of the the American States, imploring redemption, but Seraglio.

to no purpose; they therefore share an equal The Grand Visier, in fending ministerial notice fate with others who have presented petitions to of this to the Resident of the Republic of Ver no effect. The Dey's demands are too exorbinice, inform him, that the Porte did not intend tant; his heralds in forın bave declared war ga to punish the Pacha as a rebel, but on account of gainit the States. the cruelties be had committed on the territories Stockholý, Feb., 10. A great commercial of the Republic.

house at Gottenburgt, under the firm of the 31. Nazid - Muftapká Effendi; one of brothers Alstromer, has stopped payment, for the favourites of the Grand Signior, who laft a sum estimated at a million of rix dollars of year had been dismissed from his employment to Swedish money. Two respectable houses ac satisfy the people who were displeased

with him, Anvers will suffer to the amount of 500,000 is restored, and appointed to the office of Nio forins. We know not as yet how far their chaozi Efendi, the function of which consists in foreigo connexions may be involved, particulare Igoing the order of the Sultan.

ly at Amsterdam. Paris, Jan. 29. Mr. Dombey, Medical Bo. Rome, Feb. 15. In coosequence of a meeting tapilt to his Majesty, is just arrived from Peru, relative to the affair of the Cardinal de Rchan, where he had spent fix years, for the purpose of the Pope unexpectedly called a conlistory on forming a curious collection of fubftancés belong. Monday latt, which astonished the whole city ing to all the branches of natural history, in the the confiftory was held at the appointed time, pursuit of this object, he has made several voy- and lasted an hour and a half; during which iges into the interior parts of Chili, and cowards time the affair of the above named Cardinal wat the river of the Amazons and Brazils. His col- debated, and it was resolved to allow him the lection of plants amounts to 2000 species, near space of six months to appear here in person, or 1300 of which are catirely unknown to bosa. so send a reprelculative to give an account of his Milesti, 1988.


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Historical Chronicle.

March, arrest, and if he does not clear himself in that morning after his arrival, the ministers of state time, the Pope and the holy College are deter- afsembxed very early. There are orders to pure mined to degrade him from the dignity of Cardi- chale 12,000 borfes with all expedition. His nal. We are curious to see the speech of the Majelly has caused to be made by the jeweller holy Father upon this occasion.

Mach, a pair of brilliant buckles, valued at Hague, Feb. 15. They write from Flushing, -622,000 forins. that during the late storni and the furious winds

Brussels, March 4. The marriage between which raged lalt week, part of the mole which Lord John Russell, brother to the Duke of Bedforms the harbour of that town gave way. This ford, and the Hon. Lady Anne Byng, daughter fatal event is attributed to the sensible encroach of the Earl of Torrington, his Majesty's Ambarments made by the waters of the lea, (which in sador to the Austrian Court, is expected to be stormy weather violently drive back those of the consummated here by the conclusion of the preScheldey on that part of Zealand, which have sent month-all matters being agreed on, and been so great, that the inhabitants are very ap- only wait the arrival of the writings from Lonprehensive of the consequences.

don-Mr. Montague, one of your Masters in Marcb 6 In order to aflift the East India Chancery, having been appointed to asign guar. Company, a lottery is to be establithed for two dians to his Lordihip, he being a minor, in order millions of florins under the direction of the to make a feltlement on the occasion of the mar. chamber of the said East India Company for the riage. His Lord'hip’s fortune, as left by bis department of the province of Holland.

grandfather, the late Duke of Bedford, was Berlin, Feb 18.' It is rumoured here, and in 50,000l. and a lite annuity of 600l. per annum, several parts of Germany, that the Landgrave of out of the estate during his minority, which, on Heffe has laid his claim to the Austrian Brabant, bis coming of age, is to be increaled to 1000l. and is preparing to produce his titles thereto. per annum. - The personal estate has been inThis may prove a pill harder of digestion for the creafed, by the care of the executors, to 68,cool. Emperor than his defeat in regard to the ex to which we have it reported here, the Dowager change, as there is not the least doubt but the Duchess gives a douceur of 20,000l. more on above Sovereign will be properly supported in this occafion.The Duchets Dowager had his claim by the King of krussia and other Prin- been expected, but is not yet to cross the sea. ces engaged in the Germaa League, the im- The young Duke, who was by the last accounts mediace purpose of which in to check the alarm- at Rome, is expected here by the twentieth of ing and over-grown power of the House of the prelent monih, in order to aflift at the celeAustria.

mony. We have now about 26 English nobility Vienna, March 1. A courier is arrived and gentry resident here, where provisions are within these few days from Berlin, who has plenty and cheap. has brought dit patches of great moment. The


LONDON, February 25.

This evening, orders were sent off from the Extract of a letter from Dominica, jon. 1.

Admiralty Office to the Commiflioners of the le

veral dock-yards, and withal with intructions APTAIN Marshall, of the 30th regi- for the immediate equipment of several tip,

ment with detachments from that which are to relieve the frigates, &c. on the corps, Captain Carret's and the Green Legions, Jamaica, Leeward Islands, and Mediterranean have been in pursuit of the runaway negroes for Itation, which are ordered to be ready to fail by some day; on the 27th of December they the latter end of next month. Two ships are reached their camp, which, notwithstanding also said to be ordered for the East Indies, but every precaution of secrecy, they found aban. their names or rates are not yet publicly known. doned. The troops marched on to another en 7.] This morning, several foreigaers of dircampment upon a hill which it was iinpofible to tination waited ou Mr. Pict, at his house in surround; and noewithstanding being exposed to Downing-street, to offer their service in the miall the fire of the enemy, got into the camp, litary line, and to be exempt from pay during under cover of a fire froin the rest of the detach- the continuance of peace, on proviso of their ment: the negroes, however, got all away to being admitted by aci of naturalization to be free the mountain, except one man and a girl. The subjects of Great Britaia. troops set fire to the encampment, afier fecur This day, the right hon. the Earl of Chester. ing a quantity of fine glazed powder, balli, sugs, field arrived from France, being called from his axes, &c. supposed to have been furnished by intended embally at the Court of Madrid, after the French The negroes seem very scarce of waiting in France about two years for his final provisions, having none but what is brough¢ in instructions to proceed on it. by their scouts."

The Mirquis of Caerparthen, it is believed, March 6.] Saturday last, a wager was rode will be appointed Ambassador to the Court of for by two tradesmen of this city, for 20 guineas : Madrid, and that a new Secretary of State will they were to go (wice from Lincoln to Newark be appointed in his room, (16 miles) and back again, which the winner Governor Penn is soon to go out to America performed in about five hours and 20 minuter, in the character of Ambassador and Plenipoteoiialthough he carried fx stone weight more than ary from the British Court. the other, to the aftonilhment of all present. 9). At one o'clock, the remains of the moch Many bets were depending.

lamented Doctor John Jcbb, were carried with

ceffion moved :

Doctor Jebb's carriage.

Among whom were,

The Bithops of Worcester,

Wr. Adame, the American Ambassador; Dr. formidable ships in our navý. Their metal is to Cents, and while the fulsomt flattery of the age stered up at the thrine of Johnson and Hencable with either that of the lace Di. Jebb. tony and to icience !--The Doctor was the the intend to Mi. Fox during the administration gun, 12 frigales and fix loops. Lad North, and lopported bis caule frequent

opene halling, at cicctions, and other mcet. tip of the inhabitants of Weltminilei --But the Coalition was a Itep his misd revolicd againlt, gun, 12 frigates and lix loups. 19d every allempt to dcfcnd' ji he considered as L. From that tinc he torlook that party, bai remained as betore, the leady friend to what guns; Il trigates from 44 to 24 guns; and 42 het conceived to be the people's caulc, our liber tloops and cullers from 10 to 20 guns. Erox, when the chairman communicated to the miles from Purbeck, where some part of the

16.) This day was held a general court at the has been found at Christ Church, nearly twenty papiictors the following interelung intorma- wreck hath alio floated on More.

That the directors had agreed to prolong the shocking intelligence, which was impaited in the Ild been lent to goveioment, upon condition suckling her youngest daughter, and had just time Mycot of the loan of two millione, which most tender manner by Captain Hammer, was Dass the lame should be icdcemed at half a mile and recollection fufficient to give the iniant loan The proprietors approved of the measure, and bas remained ever lince in a Gluation too dread.

That as the national debt had increased fo confoderably, the directors had agreed with the min hope of her lurviving this shock of Providence. militer, and undertake the management of the

at and after the rate of four buxured not ten years of age, and the youngest but fix

peat feneral solemnity, from his house in Par- and fifty pounds for each million, instead of five lineac-ttreet, through the city, to the burying- bundred and fixty-two pounds, which had hithersepuad, Bonhill-field, where the last tribute to to been paid for it. This circumstance made a bumanity, the funeral'obsequies, were perform- saving to government of five and twenty thousand ed by the Rev. Mr. Lindsay. The noble and pounds per annum ! releedable personages who attended the hearse The proprietors approred also of this measure, their departed friend, will best convey to the and it was likewise agreed to. Die, a duc sense of the intrinsic merit and un.

Private letters from Halifax, in Nova-Scotia, eged patriotism of the deceased; the qualities dated February 12, mention, that the French * whole truly independent and liberal miod, have lately landed a large body of troops on the *Te like the curious enamel, the closer they were land of Miquelon and St. Pierre, and that great swesithe more beautiful they appeared. In numbers of French fishing smacks, protected by bie, by the Doctor's decease-liberty has lost a

four or five frigates, had taken great quanrities salons defender his country an ornament and of fish from the coal of Cape Bonavilta to Cape Easkiad a friend. — Eternal bleflings crown his -St. John, in contradiction to the fifth article of tapoy thade!

the definitive ticaty, signed at Versailles che 3d The following is the order in which the pro

of Sept. 1783.

The Americans and French have both en

croached upon the boundaries of the British fishery Sir Richard Jebb in his carriage, chief mourner. in America. Government have resolved on re Twenty-five other carriage', 'with four gen- monstrating immediately again't their proceedings tlemen each;

in the strongelt manner.

Lord Howe has constructed a draught of a Hi G. ace the Duke of Richmood,

third race ship of war to carry 80 guns, which

he has communicated to the Navy Board, to be Landaff, and

Sent by them to the different King's yards, to

have a new set of 80 guos ships built. They Weds. Griby and Martin, Members of Parlia. are to carry their guns upon two decks, which

Sir Walkin Lewes, and Alderman Pickell; will make them the most uleful as well as most Dt. Towers, and Dr. Diiney; Mt. Temple, Mr.

on a new conitruction.

The ordinary of the navy, as it appeared by bi bilo. Rev. Mr. Lindiay, Mr. Baticy, Mr. the accounts from the commißions and builders "Scarpe, and Secretary Adams, &c. &c. &c. at the King's Yards on the ift inftant, was as Men should ever meet with due acknowledig- follows:

At Deptford, 72 frigates, and fix Noops. toa, let us not forgci a chaiacter equally va

At Woulwich, two ships of the line, 17 frigates, and nine iloops.

At Chathamn, 26 fail of the line, five of 20
At Sheernels, four ships of the line, two of 50

Ai Portimouth, 50 thips of the line, two of 50
guos, 28 trigates and nine Noops.
Ai Plymouth, 36 ships of the line, two of 5

of war, of which 114 are of the line; 11 of 50

The body of the unfortunate Captain Pierce
The widow, at the time of receiving the

Casei Loll,


Wes, and constitutional rigtits.

ka pee annum.

attendaot ere the lunk litelets on the floor : the

**as agited to

The chairman next proprietor,

proceeded to inform the

ful for description

The unfortunate Mrs. Pierce has not been able to quit her bed since the melancholy tale bas been unfolded to her; at present there is little

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-Sho has five infants around her, the oldest




robbery acar the same place a duurt time tince. 164 Domestic Intelligence:

March, months. We sincerely with that the same heroic Pierce, that in het most frantic fits the frequently virtue which induced the father to perilh with his declared her distraction would never abate till ehe daughters, may rouse the unhappy mother to body of her husband was found. As soon as that this great charge.

news was brought to her, her griets grew calm, lc is remarkable in the distressful case of Mrs. and have continued to ever Goce.

Montrath, February 8.

“ The inhabitants have petitioned the Lord

Lieutenant, begging that redress which the laws ordinary affair happened at Alex. Thomp- the lowest, all have equal claim to protection, son's, in Clonen, near Montraih, by a sudden These and many other Gmilar circumitance, and violent clap of thunder, with lightning : 'all concur in giving us a sufficient testimony, how the family were in bed, but a servant girl, who necellary it is that the civil power should ever was in the room with her mafter dod mistrels; have the dominion over the milicary." me had an earthen vessel in her hand, which was Newtownbarry, March 3. This day a duel corn from her all þuy the handle'; almost every was fought between Mr. Robert Freeman and article of furniture in the house was broken; not Mr. H. The former received a bali in a pane of glass remained whole but one ; a sword his fide, which passed through the vital parts, with a scabbard on, had the blade destroyed, and and afterwards lodged in a wall fome paces de the scabbard not hurt ; Tome of the partitions hind him, in consequence of which be fell dead ipoved several inches; an oul-house was thrown upon the spot. His hilarity of temper, and madown, by which an horle was hurt, and yet not ny amiable qualities, render his death greatly one of the family received the least injury what- lamented. In juttice to the gentlemen who actsoever.”

ed as fecoods upon the occasion, they used every Montmelick, Feb. 25. This day a duel was argument to open the door to reconciliation, but fought between Counsellor P-, and Ensign unfortunately in vain. B-ld-n. The unhappy cause of quarrel was Beltoft, March 6. Saturday and yesterday, à dispute about the pronunciation of a Greek the Dublin mails arrived here, which had been word. After some l'arcastic oblervations on each relarded on account of the depth of foow lying olher, they agreed to retire to a rootn, and decide between the Man of War and Newry; they the difference with pistols across a table. They were obliged, we understand, to be carried by were suffered to do so, when Mr. Plore- perfons on foot' greatest part of the above road, ceived a ball under the left breast, and died in a which was totally impañable by horles, and a!! few seconds. - Such is too fregucotly the tribing the stages were itopped.--It is remarkable that cause of offence, that modern honour deems sufo scarce any Inow lay for several miles round this ficient to be atoned for with blood. It is men town lait week, nor was travelling at ali ime cioned, that these gentlemen went into company peded. in perfect friendship, and afterwards dradk rather It is not remembered by the oldest inhabitant freely. Was there no considerate man prefent, here, that the Dublin post was ever detained chat by the prudent and lenient balm of wholeć three day by stress of weather until lat werk. fime advice, would persuade the unhappy com Cork,' March 6. This morning ehe joihard batants to postpone settling their difference until 45th regiments of foot marched from Kintale or the morning, when realon might have resumed Monckitown, to embark for the Wett Indies, her seat, and reflca ion Mewn the ablurdity of An affray happened at Bailydailcen, near Mol. such a dripute ?

low, between 'feverai peitons, when Edmund Ballysarnın, Feb. 28. This day a moft lock. Sheehan, shoe-maker, or Mallow, received to ing affa'r 'happened here : The foldiers of violent a blow with a candieitiek, that he lingerihe th regiment, in number 45, after dispulo ed until yesterday, when he died. John Nokke ing with the country people about seizing private bas been apprehended and lodged Mills, went into the barrack, and having opened Bridewell, by the Mallow Independents, for bethe windows, fired leveral 'th is at every perlon ing conceineil in jaid riot. pailing and repafling on the bridge; and are con Queen's County, March 6. This moting, ient with this sode of gratifying their intentions, about eight o'ciuch, ilire highwaymen tiempo feat four or their body iotes the Itreet', who were ed co rob lome palicogers in a carriage between supplied weh loaded guns, until they hadira. Ballybriteas and imo, in this county. Being obyeived the whole town, broke several wisu wk, ferved, though at a contiderable diftance, by a by firiog into the boules; killed one man and servant of Caprain Larius, be communicued his wo women; there are above thirty wouoded, fülpicion of their employmeni to his master, upo naoy, it is feared, morcally; and so dismayed on which ehat gentleman, fortunately joined a were the inhabitants, that there was not a crea- ctie moment by Colonci Archdall and Mr. Geo. Lure to be seen. What makes it more horibie, Faucitt, mineviately purived the freebooter, and requires the more speciiy interposition of juie two of unum ihey secured and lodged in Ma: tice is, that these miicreants were headed by one ryborough jail; the third, for that uime, effects of their oven officers, whose conduct, it is hoped, ed his cfcape. One of the fellows now in prio will meet with it just reward both from the ci fon, is the noted Moran, who has been a terror vil and military law, otherwile the fearful inha- to that quarter, and ieader of those marauders, bi ants ne l'isis county must remain subje&t to the (probably the 'above gang) who committed lalult gati savages we che soldiery.

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Thole gentlemen, therefore, to whom the pub- that no instance could be produced of any Attorlic are indehced for their apprehension, delerve ney General proceeding in such a manner : That very encomium for their ipirit and activity, in if this was law, it lelt every man's liberty at the defti oying a knot of villains to long formidable to discretion of the officer of the crown, who might Ex: sed the adjoining parts of the country. mark writs againlt obnoxious persons, in sume Moran has fince turned King's evidence.

for which it would be impoffible they could ever Exis, March 9. Mr. Campbell, affifted by procure bail, and consequently would reduce this a party of the litt regiment from Clare Castle, kingdom to a state of Mavery. It was also menråder the command of Lieutenant Grant, made Lioned, that the proper mode was by informatie a excursion into the county Galway, in search on, upon which no bail was ever given, of private ftill, when they arrived at a complete On the other hand, it was contended that the eftillery in the parish of Beaghagh, which they act making it optionable, either to sue by inforeffectually destroyed, breaking a number of tine mation or action of debt, the Attorney General velicis, ipilling between 4 and 500 gallons of pote had his choice : That the doctrine laid down on ale, upwards of 60 gallons of linglins, and bring the other lide, only applied to cales between iog off a large worm, which they lodged in his man and man, over which chat court had assumed Majesty's ttores in this town. The ftill was re, a jurildiction, and might very properly declare moved.

upon what terms it would entertain a cause ; but Malingar, March 11. On Sunday two com thai his Majesty luing in 'bis court of revenue, panies or the 62d regiment arrived at Cafterça could not be reitrained by such rules, and that in from Galway, a troop of horse from Athlone, no instance whatever had the King's debtor been cae company of the 48th from Mullingar, and discharged without bail, unless by leave of the another from Granard. Nothing but the falle Attorney General, which was always entered and mai cious report of a pretended rebellion in upon the record : That this wric was the only that neighbourhood, could 'cqual the furprize of process to bring the party into court; it was in bath officers and pr vates, on lecing the walls of the naçure of an original writ, upon which the the old calle ct Ba 'iocubber, inttead of finding party might be outlawed; and being in the nais anocner Gibraltar, surrounded by morasses, iure of an original writ, it required bail : as to a with heary cannon, and leveral thouiaod troops Judge's fiat, it would be highly improper to to deterd it, the garrison only, of an owl (old Tender that necessary, because there might be no as 'citor) iwo ravens, fome jackdaws and pi- Baron in town, and from the delay of procuring genas, who fu'rendered at discretion, though, a fiai, the King's debtor might elcape ; neither they were in the ouiet and peaceable pillefion of could it be supposed that the Attorney General once cerered and solitary hàbicativo many years. was bound to inake an affidavit ; besides it would,

in fact, be leaying it to the discretion of she Ba? DUBLIN, March 1.

fons, whether the King should fue in his own, Laer Intelligence-Court of Excbequer.

court for the recovery of his own debt.

Many authorities were cited on both sides, in During the term before laft, Mr. Bennett, as support of the argumeats, and on few cales have -nuoci for Carian Fitzgerald, moved the court, more legal knowledge and greater abilities been ta: the said Captain might be d: Icharged froni diiplayed. priloo, spon a common appearance. This mo. The Court were then pleased to order Mer. zion wa grounded upon an affidavit, Itating, ihat Pizgerald to be ditcharged on common bail, and she said Fitzgerald vias arretted, upon a writat a iublequent court the latt cerm, the Judges marked for scol. which writ' was issued" upon à gave their opinions feriarim. fat trom bi Majesty's Attorney General, direct They were unanimouilly of opinion, that in helg the preper officer to illue the same, upon a this cale special bail ought not to be required. charge that the said Captain Fitzgerald had ia. The Chiet Baron, with great learning, catered curied a forfeiture of that rum for having quite into the institution of the court, and retured the fed his vellel within 40 days aiter the laid vellel arguments urged in favour of the arrest; after was duly put under a quarrantine.

which bi Lordship concluded with this emphatiMr. Benael was lupported by Mr. Curran,, cal expreflion.

God forbid that this court and the man was oppoled by the Attorney fuould ever imprison a man for debi, beio. e core General and Solicitor General, and Mr. Pon viction that the debi was due-it would be to sopby.

punish him first, and try nim atier Wards." The principal points in the case were, first, as

Mr. Baron Hamilton cited many cases in the act of pariiament only gave a right or lui, support of the determination ; and Mr. Baron but a no abiolue debe incurred until the verdict Metge, with great ipirit demonftrated his regard of a jury, whether the party ought to be held to for the bleflings of the constitution, and the ija bail? And, fecondly, whether a writ could pro- berry of the subject. He declared he loved the perly be sued; to nold a party to bail, withouc conftitution, becaute he considered it as free; buc a fiat trom a judge, and an afidavit: On the it this arreft could be supported by law, his oiher side it was inliited, that in no cale could love for the constitution would be much abated, man be held to special bail, without an affidavit

as it would be found grot lý deteclive-it would of an abiolute debe, tona fide, due at the time, leave the liberty of the subject in the power of and that the debt was above rol. or upon a fiat the officers of the crown, and would be even marked by a judge: That in the present calc, more dangerous than that of general warrants. where so affidavit was made of Mr. Fitzgerald

Mr. Baron Power concurred with his brethren, having iøcurred the penalty, no judge would though he was inclined to think that Mr. Ficze have been authorised co giant such fras; and gerald should bave been discharged entirely from

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