In my first edition of this work, in 5 vols. 8vo., 1831, besides endeavouring to elucidate the many obscurities which Mr. Boswell had designedly left or which the lapse of time had created, I hazarded the experiment of inlaying upon the text such passages from the other biographers of Johnson as seemed necessary to fill up the long and frequent chasms/ which exist in Boswell's narrative. This plan afforded a more complete view of Johnson's life, though it gave, I must own, a less perfect one of Boswell's work. It had, also, as I originally feared, “a confused and heterogeneous appearance” — with the further disadvantage of not completely fulfilling its object, — for the materials turned out to be too copious to admit of a thorough incorporation. On the whole, then, the publisher thought it better in a second edition, 8 vols. 12mo., 1835, to omit from the text all extracts from other works; which were either distributed into the notes, or collected into two supplemental volumes (the 9th and 10th) under the title of JOHNSONIANA — Boswell's Tour to the Hebrides, Johnson's own Letters, his Notes of a Tour in Wales, and extracts from his correspondence with Mrs. Thrale, being only excepted. That edition included some corrections and many additions of my own; but it was carried through the press by the late Mr. Wright, (editor of the Parliamentary History, the Cavendish Debates, &c.) who selected the Johnsoniana, broke the narrative into chapters, and added some notes, which I have now marked with his name.

The present edition is formed on the same principle, for, in addition to every other motive, its shape and size required as much compression as possible. Boswell's text is, therefore, uninterrupted; but I have retained the most important biographical extracts from the Thrale correspondence, and have even found room for a few more original letters. I have also added several new notes, and have abridged, altered, and I hope improved, many of the old ones. I do not flatter myself that I have corrected all former errors, but I have at least diligently endeavoured to do so. As I think I may venture to say that my original edition revived, and in some respects extended, the public interest in Boswell's delightful work, I can desire no more than that my present revision may tend to maintain it.


September, 1847.


CHAPTER X. 1752, 1753.

Progress of the Dictionary. Conclusion of the Rambler,

Death of Mrs. Johuson. Prayer on that Occasion. In-
scription. Epitaph. Francis Barber Robert Levett.
Sir Joshua Reynolds. Bennet Langton. Topham Beau-
clerk. Johnson's Share in " The Adventurer" Page 74

CHAPTER II. 1716–1728.


Johnson at Lichfield School. Boyish Days. Removed to Johnson's “Life of Cave." The Dictionary. Lord Chester-

Stourbridge. Specimens of his School Exercises and early field. His alleged Neglect. Letter to Lord Chesterfield.

Verses. He leaves Stourbridge, and passes two Years Bolingbroke's Works. Johnson visits Oxford. Warton's

with bis Father -

- 7 Recollections. Sir Robert Chambers. Letters to Warton.


- 84

CHAPTER III. 1728_1731.

CHAPTER XII. 1755_1758.

Enters Pembroke College, Oxford. His College Life. The

* Morbid Melancholy "increases. Translates Pope's Mes Johnson M. A. by Diploma. Correspondence with Warton

siah. Course of Reading. Quits College . • 12 and the Authorities of the University. Publication of the

Dictionary. Remarkable Definitions. Abridgment of the

Dictionary. The Universal Visiter. The Literary Ma-

CHAPTER IV. 1731–1736.

gazine, Desence of Tea. Pulpit Discourses. Proposals

Death of his Father. Gilbert Walmesley. Captain Garrick. for an Edition of Shakspeare. Jonas Hanway. Soame

Mrs. Hill Boothby. “Molly Aston." Johnson becomes Jenyns. Charles Burney

- 91

Usher of Market-Bosworth School. Removes to Birming-

ban. Translates Lobo's Voyage to Abyssinia. Returns

CHAPTER XIII. 1758-1759.

to Lichtield. Proposes to print the Latin Poems of Poli.

tian. Offers to write for the Gentleman's Magazine. | “ The Idler." Letters to Warton and Langton. Johnson's

His juvenile Attachments. Marries. Opeos a private Mother. Letters to her, and to Miss Porter. Her Death.

Academy at Edial. David Garrick his Pupil. Commences “Rasselas." Miscellanies. Excursion to Oxford. Francis



- 19 Barber. Wilkes. Smollet. Mrs. Montagu. Mrs. Ogle.

Mylne the Architect

. 110

CHAPTER V. 1737-1738.

CHAPTER XIV, 1760_1763.

Johnson goes to London with Garrick. Lodges in Exeter

Street. Retires to Greenwich, and proceeds with " Irene."

Miscellaneous Essays. Acquaintance with Murphy. Aken.

Projects a Translation of the History of the Council of side and Rolt. Mackenzie and Eccles. Letters to Baretti.

Trent. Returns to Lichfield, and finishes “ Irene." Re Painting and Music. Sir George Staunton. Letter to a

moves to London with his Wife. List of Residences. Lady soliciting Church Preferment for her Son. John.

Becomes a writer in the Gentleman's Magazine

son's Pepsion. Letters to Lord Bute. Visit to Devon-

shire with Sir Joshua Reynolds. Collins

. 119

CHAPTER VI. 1738_1741.

"Landon, a Poem."


Letters to Cave. Endeavours to ob-

taip tbe Degree of M. A. Recommended by Pope to Lord

Boswell becomes acquainted with Johnson. Derrick. Mr..

Gower. His Lordship's Letter on his behalf. Begins a

Thomas Sheridan. Mrs. Sheridan. Mr. Thoinas Davies.

Translation of Father Paul's History. Publishes “ A Vin Mrs Davies. First interview. Johnson's Dress. His

dication of the Licensers of the Stage," and " Marmor

Chambers in Temple Lane. Dr. Blair. Dr. James Fordyce.

Norfolciense." Pope's Note to Richardson concerning

Ossian. Christopher Smart. Johnson, the Equestrian.

hin. Characteristic Anecdotes. Parliamentary Debates 33

Clifton's Eating House. The Mitre. Colley Cibber's Odes.

Gray. Belief in Apparitions. Cock-Lane Ghost. Churchill.

Goldsmith. Mallet's “ Elvira." Scotch Landlords. Plan

CHAPTER VII. 1741-1744.

of Study

- 131

" Irene." Review of the “ Conduct of the Duchess of Marl-

borough,** Lives of Burman and Sydenham. “Proposais


for Bibliotheca Harleiana." Projects a History of Parlia- Suppers at the Mitre. Dr. John Campbell. Churchill.

ment. Dispute between Crousaz and Warburton. “De. Bonnell Thornton. Burlesque “ Ode on St. Cecilia's

dication to James's Dictionary:""Friendship, an Ode." Day." The Connoisseur. The World. Miss Williams's

Extreme Indigence. Richard Savage. Anecdotes. “The Tea Parties. London. Miss Porter's Legacy. “The

Life of Savage." Countess of Macclesfield. “Preface to King can do no wrong." Historical Composition. Bayle.

the Harleian Miscellany"

. 45 Arbuthnot. The noblest Prospect in Scotland. Rhyme.

Adam Smith. Jacobitism. Lord Hailes. Keeping a

CHAPTER VIII. 1745–1749.

Journal. The King of Prussia's Poetry. Johnson's

Library. “Not at Home." Pity. Style of Hume. In-

Observations on Macbeth," and " Proposals for a new Edi equality of Mankind. Constitutional Goodness. Miracles.

ti o of Shakspeare," "Prologue, on the opening of Drury ! Acquaintance of Young People. Hard Reading. Me-

Lane Theatre." Prospectus of the Dictionary. Progress lancholy. Mrs. Macaulay. Warton's Essay on Pope.

oi tbe Work, Ivy Lane Club. Tunbridge Wells. "Life Sir James Macdonald. Projected Tour to the Hebrides.

Of Roscommon." “ Preface to Dodsley's Preceptor." School-boy Happiness

. 142

* Vision of Theodore.” “ The Vanity of Human Wishes."

* Irene" acted at Drury Lane

. 53


CHAPTER IX. 1750_1751.

| Table-Talk. Influence of the Weather. Swift. Thomson.

Burke. Sheridan. Evidences of Christianity. Derrick.

"The Rambler." His Prayer on commencing it. Obliga Day at Greenwich. The Methodists. Johnson's " Walk."

tops to Correspondents. Adversaria. Success of the Convocation. Blacklock. Johnson accompanies Boswell

Rambler. Collected into Volumes. “Beautiesof the to Harwich. The Journey. “Good Eating." " Abstinence

Rambler. Prologue for the Benefit of Milton's Grand and Temperance." Johnson's favourite Dishes. Bishop

dagghter. "Life of Cheynel." Lauder's Forgery. Mrs. Berkeley “refuted.” Burke. Boswell sails for Holland

Anna Williams

• 62


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CHAPTER XVIII. 1763–1765.


Boswell at Utrecht. Letter from Johnson. The Frisick | Sir A. Macdonald. Choice of Chancellors. Lord Coke.

Language. Johnson's Visit to Langton. Institution of Lord Mansfield. Scotch Accent. Pronunciation. Ety.

* The Club.” Reynolds. Garrick. Dr. Nugent. Granger's mology. Disembodied Spirits. Ghost Stories. Mrs. Veal,

“ Sugar Cane." Hypochondriac Attack. Days of Ab Gray, Mason, and Akenside. Swearing. Warton's Essay

straction. Odd Habits. Visit to Dr. Percy. Letter to on Pope. Pantheon. Luxury. Inequality of Livings.

Reynolds. Visit to Cambridge. Self-examination. Letter Hon. Thomas Erskine. Fielding and Richardson.

to and from, Garrick. Johnson created LL. D. by Dublin Coriat's Crudities. Gaming. Earl of Buchan. Attach-

University. Letter to Dr. Leland. “Engaging in ment in Families. Feudal System. Cave's Ghost Story

Politics." William Gerard Hamilton

Witches -

-. - Page 231

CHAPTER XXVII. 1772–1773.

CHAPTER XIX. 1765-1766.

Armorial Bearings. Duelling. Prince Eugene. Siege of

Acquaintance with the Thrales. Publication of his Shaks.

Belgrade. Friendships. Goldsmith's Natural History.

peare. Kenrick. Dedications. Boswell returns to England.

Story of Prendergast. Expulson of Methodists from

Voltaire on Pope and Dryden. Goldsmith's “ Traveller,"

Oxford. “In Vino Veritas." Education of the People.

and “Deserted Village." Suppers at the Mitre resumed.

Sense of Touch in the Blind. Theory of Sounds. Taste

“Equal Happiness." Courting great Men," Convents.

in the Arts. Francis Osborne's Works. Country Gentle.

Second Sight. Corsica. Rousseau. Subordination.

men. Long Stories. Beattie and Robertson. Advice to

“Making Verses." Letters to Langton .

- 169

Authors. Climate. Walpole and Pitt. Vicious Intromis-

sion. Beattie's Essay. Visit to Lichfield and Ashbourne

CHAPTER XX. 1765—1767.


Boswell's Thesis. Study of the Law. Rash Vows. Strea.


tham. Oxford. London Inprovements. Dedications

George Steevens. Goldsmith and Evans. Dalrymple's His.

Mrs. Williams's Miscellanies. Mr. William Drummond.

tory. Action in Speaking. Chesterfield and lyraw ley.

Translation of the Bible into the Gaelic. Case of Heeles.

The Spectator. Sir Andrew Freeport. Burnei's Own

Dr. Robertson. Cuthbert Shaw. “Tom Hervey." John-

son's Interview with George II.

Times. Good Friday. Easter Day. A Dinner at Johnson's.

Visit to Lichfield.

Wages to Women Servants. Keeping a Journal. Luxury.

Death of Catherine Chambers, Lexiphanes. Mrs.


. 179

The Stuarts. Law Reports.


“The Gentle

Shepherd." Whigs and Tories. Sterne. Charles Towns-

hend. " Happy Revolution." "She Stoops to Conquer."


Short-Hand. Dedications. James Harris. The fiddle.

Duelling. Lord Chatham's Verses to Garrick. Savage

State of Johnson's Mind. Visit to Town-Malling. Prologue

Life. Suicide. Budgell. The Douglas Cause

Boswell's “ Ac-


to Goldsmith's Good-natured Man."


count of Corsica." Practice of the Law. Novels and

Comedies. The Douglas Cause. Reading MSS. St.


Kilda. Oxford. Guthrie. Hume. Robertson. Future

Dinner at Beauclerk's. Boswell elected of the Club. Gold.

Life of Brutes. Natural History. Bell's Travels.

smith in Company, and in his Study. His Roman History.

Chastity. Choice of a Wife. Baretti's Italy. Liberty.

* Talking for Victory.”
Kenrick. Thomson. Monsey. Swift. Lord Eglintoune.

Pilgrim's Progress. Monuments

in St. Paul's. Pope. Milton. " The Whole Duty of
Letter on the Formation of a Library. Boswell at the

Man." Pups. Lay Patronage. The Bread Tree. Savage
Stratford Jubilee. Johnson's Opinion of his “Corsica"

Life. Reasoning of Brutes. Toleration. Martyrdom.
Doctrine of the Trinity. Government of Ireland. Invoca-

tion of Saints. “Goldy." Literary Property. State of


Nature. Male Succession. Influence of the Seasons on

the Mind. Projected Visit to the Hebrides

• 257

Boswell at the Jubilee. His Account of Corsica. General

Paoli. Observance of Sunday. Rousseau and Monboddo.

Love of Singularity. London Lile. Artemisias. Second


Marriages. Scotch Gardening. Vails. Prior. Garrick's

Johnson sets out on his visit to the Hebrides. Sketch of his

Poetry. History. Whitfield. The Corsicans. Grod

Character, Figure, and Manner. He arrives in Scotland.

Breeding Fate and Free-will. Goldsmith's Tailor. The

Memorabilia. "Law of Prescription. Trial by Duel. Mr.

Dunciad. Dryden. Congreve. Sheridan, Mrs. Monta-

Scott. Sir William Forbes. Practice of the Law, Emi.

gu's Essay. Lord Kames. Burke. Ballad of Hardyk-

gration. Rev. Mr. Carr. Chief Baron Orde. Dr. Beattie

nute, Fear of Death. Sympathy with Distress. Foote.

and Mr. Hume. Dr. Robertson Mr. Burke. Genius.

Buchanan. Baretti's Trial. Mandeville -

- 198

Whitfield and Wesley. Political Parties. Garrick - 267

CHAPTER XXIII. 1769 - 1770.


“ Foote." Trade. Mrs. Williams's Tea-table. James Fer-

Edinburgh. Ogden on Prayer. Lord Hailes. Parliament

guson. Medicated Baths. Population of Russia. Large

Ilouse. The Advocates' Library. Writing doggedly.

Farms. Attachment to Soil. Roman Catholic Religion.

The Union, Queen Mary St. Giles's

Conversion to Popery. Fear of Death. Steevens. “Tom

The Cowgate.

The College. Holyrood House. Swift. Witchcraft. Lord

Tvers." Blackmore's “Creation." The Marriage Service.

Monboddo and the Quran-Outang. Actors. Poetry and

“The False Alarm." Percival Stockdale. Sell-examina.

Lexicography. Scepticism, Vane and Sedley. Maclaurin,

tion. Visit to Lichfield -- and Ashbourne. Baretti's

Literary Property. Boswell's Character of Himself.

Travels. Letters to Mrs. Thrale, Warton, &c. . 207

They leave Edinburgh -


- 275

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Dr. Maxwell's Collectanea. Johnson's Politics, and general Frith of Forth. Inch Keith. Kinghorn. Cupar. Com.

Mode of Life.Opulent Tradesmen. London. Black position of Parliament. Intluence of Peers. St. Andrews.

letter Books. " Anatomy of Melancholy." Government Literature and Patronage. Writing and Conversation.

of Ireland. Love. Jacob Behmen. Established Clergy. Change of Manners. Drinking and Smoking. The

Dr. Pritstley. Blank Verse. French Novels. Père Bos Uvion. St. Rule's Chapel. John Knox. Retirement

covich. Lord Lyttelton's Dialogues. Ossian. The Poet from the World. Dinner with the Professors. Subscrip.

ical Cobbler. Boetius. National Debt. Mallet. Marriage. tion of Articles. Latin Grace. Sharpe's Monument. St.

Foppery. Gilbert Cooper. Homer. Gregory Sharpe. Salvador's. Dinner to the Professrs. Instructions for

Poor or England. Corn Laws. Dr. Browne. Mr. Burke. Composition). Supper at Dr. Watson's. Uncertainty of

Economy. Fortune-hunters. Orchards, Irish Clergy 215 Memory. Observance of Sunday. Trees in Scotland.

Leuchars. Transubstantiation. Literary Property.






- 280

“ Pamphlet on Falkland's Islands." George Grenville.


Junius. Design of bringing Johnson into Parliament.

Mr. Strahan. Lord North. Mr. Flood. Boswell's Mar- Montrose. Lawrence Kirk. Monboddo. Emigration. Homer.

riage. Visit to Lichfield and Ashbourne. Dr. Beattie. Biography and History. Decrease of Learning. Promo.

Lord Monbotido. St Kilda. Scots Church. Second tion of Bishops. Citizen and Savage. Aberdeen. Pro.

Sight. The Thirty-rine Articles. Thirticth of January. fessor Gordon. Public and Private Education. Sir Alex.

Royal Marriage Act. Old Families. Mimickry. Foote. ander Gordon. Trade of Aberdeen. Doctrines of the

Mr. Peyton. Origin of Languages. Irisb and Gaelic. Tripity and the Atonement. Johnson a Burgess of

Flogging at Schools. Lord Manstield. Sir Gilbert Elliot Aberdeen. Dinner at Sir Alexander Gordon's. War-


burton. Locke's Latin Verses. Ossian .

- 207


CHAPTER XLV. 1773–1774.

Adventures of the Pretender

- 326 Recapitulation of the Tour. Letters to Boswell, &c. Davies

publishes his “ Fugitive Pieces" without his Knowledge.

Writes his Tour. Religious Festivals and Pilgrimages.


Death of Goldsmith. Greek Epitaph .

• 409

Emigration. Dunvegan. Female Chastity. Dr. Cadogan.

Preaching and Practice. Good Humour. Sir George


Mackenzie. Burke, Johnson's Hereditary Melancholy.

His* Seraglio." Polygamy. Dunvegan Castle. Cun-

Dr. Johnson's Diary of a Tour into Wales. Chatsworth,

ning. "Temple of Anaitis." Family Portraits. Bacon's

Dovedale. Kedleston. Derby. Combermere. Hawke-

Henry VII. Pennant


stone. Chester. St. Asaph Denbigh. Holywell. Rhud-

lan Castle. Penmaen Mawr. Bangor. Caernarvon. Bod-

ville. Conway Castle. Ombersley Hagley. The


Leasowes. Blenheim. Beaconsfield .

- 415

Joboson's Birth-day. Languages the Pedigree of Nations.

The Laird of Muek. Choice of a Wife, Boswell's Jour-

CHAPTER XLVII. 1774–1775.

Dal. Lady Grange Poetry of Savages. French Literati.

Mr. Thrale's Political Position. Johnson's

Prize Fighting. French and English Soldiers Duelling.

“ Patriot."

Change of Manners. Landed and trading interests. Loval's

Death of young Col. Mr. Perkins. Hoole's Tragedy.

Charlotte Lennox. Baretti's “Easy Lessons." Case of

Pyramid. Ulinish. Lord Orrery, &c. &c. -

Dr. Memis. Lord Hailes's “Annals.” Mary Queen of

Scots. American Politics. Ossian. Letter to Macpher-


son. Personal Courage. Foote. Publishes “Journey to



the Western Islands."


Learning of the Scots.

Mr. Knox. Mr. Tytler. Mr.

Windham. Irish and Scotch Impudence compared. Ossian

Ship worse than Jail. Peter the Great. "Island Isa.”

Controversy. Visit to Oxford

- 425

Talisker. Scottish Clergy. French Hunting. Cuchillin's

Vell. Young Col. Birch. Percy. “Every Island is a

Prison." Corrichatachin. Good Fellowship - and Head-


ache. Kingsburgh's Song. Lady Marruret Macdonald.

Boswell revisits London. Peter Garrick. “ Taxation to

Tbreshing and hatching. Price of Labour. Ostig.

Tyranny.” Dr. Towers's “ Answer." Gerard Hamilton.

Shenstone. Hammond. Sir C. H. Williams. Burke.

Sheridan's Gold Medal to Home. Mrs. Abington, Cibber's

Young. Doddridge's Motto. “Adventures of a Guinea."

“Nonjuror.” Boswell's “ Surveillance." Garrick's Pro-

Armidale. German Courts. Goldsmith's Love of Talk.

logues. The Adams, Garrick's Imitations of Johnson.

St. Kilda

- 348

Gray's Odes. Lord Chesterfield's Letters. Johnson's


Diploma of LL.D. Abyssinian Bruce. Colman's “ Odes

to Obscurity and Oblivion." Mason's “Elfrida," and

Johason leaves the Isle of Sky. A Storm. Driven into Col. ** Caractacus." The Bath-Easton Vase. Fleet Street and

His Appearance on a Sheltie. Sea Sickness. “Burnet's Charing Cross


Own Times." Rev. Hector M'Lean. Bayle, Leibnitz,

and Clarke. Survey of Col. Grissipol. Cucumbers. In-


sular Life. Song, “Hatyin foam' eri." Breachaca. John-

son's Power of Ridicule. Happiness in a Cottage. Advice | Public Speaking. Statutes against Bribery. Cibber's Come-

to Landlords. Pretended Brother of Johnson. Carte's dies. Gentility and Morality. Charles II. George I.

Life of Ormond. Family of Col. Letters by Montrose Trading Judges. Christopher Smart. Twiss's Travels.

360 Addison's Italy. “Liliburlero." Gibbon. Patriotism.

Mrs. Pritchard. Happiness. General Oglethorpe, Mid-

dle-rate Poets. Patronage. Lord Bute. Good Friday.


London. Commerce, Value of Knowledge. Literary Fame.

Col. Blenheim. Tenants and Landlords. London and Infidelity. "Niladmirari.” Advantages of Reading443

Pekin. Superstitions. Coarse Manners. Bustle not ne-

cessary to Despatch. Oats. Mull. Addison. French

CHAPTER L. 1775.

Ana. "Racine. Corneille. Molière. Fenelon. Voltaire.

Bossuet. Massillon. Bourdaloue. A Printing House.

Dinner at Owen Cambridge's. Female Portrait Painters.

Erse Poetry. Music. Reception of Travellers. Spence.

* Good humoured Fellows." Isaac Walton's “ Lives."
Wiss Maclean. Account of Mull. Ulva. Second Sight.

Flattery. History. Early Habits. “The Beggars' Opera."
Mercheta Mulierum. Inch-Kenneth. Sir Allan Maclean.

Richard Brinsley Sheridan. Modern Politics. Sir Roger
Sunday Reading. Dr. Campbell. Drinking. Verses on

de Corerley. Visit to Bedlam. Sunday Consultations.
Inch-Kenorth. Young Col's good Qualities. Solander.

Gray's Letters. Alchymy. Johnson's Laugh. Letters
Barke. Johnson's Intrepidity. Singular Customs. French

to Langton, Mrs. Thrale, &c. Ramble into the Middle




Counties. Tour to France

. 451


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