Confronting the Storms of Life

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Xulon Press, 2004 - 176 oldal
Confronting the Storms of Life; is a book that clearly speaks the heart of a Counselor. This is a book for anyone as it deals with what affects an average person irrespective of faith and belief. It builds the faith of the believers to where they can just hold on to God; when there seems not to be any answer to their questions. It provides a comfort for the present and a vision of hope for tomorrow even when conditions appear intractable, hopeless or even terminal. Non-Christians will find it a valuable introduction to God and Jesus Christ. They will hopefully feel the power of God and the grace of Jesus. It will hopefully serve as an invitation for coming into the family of God, through Jesus Christ. The author confronts issues from a practical life experience. His admonitions are thoughtful, insightful, honest and unvarnished. This is a book that will strengthen the weak; comfort the discomforted; lift up the down-hearted; and put a new spirit in the readers' walk and relationship with God. The subtitled, in words and spirit is a catalyst for Finding Comfort in Times of Need, to those who believe.

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